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Freaky Friday March 7

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    Freaky Friday March 7

    Hello Folksies
    It's Friday, it's late and I should be at work about now - but, just like plenty of folks we have received yet another round from winter. In my area we have have about 6 inches of snow and lots of ice, sleet, freezing rain. It is still coming down. The good news is tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 60's. That bad part is there is a lot of power outages in surrounding areas due to the ice. My area got more snow than ice, doing the happy dance. Don't expect me to make another another person. The last one was enough to last me awhile.

    So, last night we went to Mom's just in case the power went out. We didn't want the old gal to be powerless in more ways than one. I think the wifi that is pirated down at her house comes from the man who lives on the property next to Mom's. He married some kin on my Daddy's side and everyone calls him Doodle. I never asked him why. If you know him for a while, you may not need to ask.

    Have a wonderful weekend folksies. Say a prayer we don't lose power here on The Hill. I am off to make a big breakfast for The Man and Middle Son. SMILE! It's the weekend. And if that doesn't make you smile, then remember spring is right around the corner and SMILE

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    Re: Freaky Friday March 7

    You are not the only one getting a late start this morning - I should have been at work 15 minutes ago........I don't have any snow or ice to blame it on though. It is just one of those days! Hope you all keep your power and stay safe!

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      Re: Freaky Friday March 7

      Be careful going up and down the Hill Blondie! It's good that Doodle has a strong wifi signal that you can latch onto at your mom's. I knew a fellow called Doodle...he was a few years older than me and meaner than a black snake and, yes, he's now referred to in the past tense.
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        Re: Freaky Friday March 7

        Another day with snow and ice! Sun is shining and it is supposed to be warmer so that's good too.

        DS#3 is expected late this night, he is coming down with his new dog Stella. He's down to come to the conference with me on Sunday but also to take a run with Stella and some friends tomorrow morning. He'll be back next weekend with his kids for DH's 80th Bday celebration. DH didn't want anything big so it will be just family at our house with hero sandwiches, salads, coffee, tea and Bday cake. We will be 12 adults, a 2 1/2 yr. old and his 9 month old brother.

        Sorry no photos of the little ones as their parents don't want us to post any. I have no problem with their request but only wish they had said something to us before complaining to many others and making DH and I look uncaring. You know I had the same problem with this DGD's mom, she never said what she wanted or didn't want and was always upset with DH and I because we didn't follow her wishes. Sad to say she passed away a few months ago and her memory is a bit marred because of the unpleasant feelings that could have been avoided if we were clued in.

        Blondie, My brain must be on Slow today as it took me awhile to get a chuckle from the Spring photo.

        OK on with Friday's work, chores and/or fun.
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          Re: Freaky Friday March 7

          Oh, the names of the strange characters in our own little neighborhoods. May we elaborate on that?

          Shinney-Bo Riley (bought a new pair of overalls for Christmas every year - never washed them - took them off to put on a new pair the next Christmas)

          Smokey Roberson (yes, that was his name . . . lived in a tiny teardrop trailer next to my Dad's grocery store. Said he was going to vote for the 'levy' (school levy) because he was tired of moving his trailer every time the river flooded)

          Pinhead Staggs (had a pointed head, but no one called him that to his face until my Mom moved into the area . . . and she had no clue)

          Piggy Evans (actually looked like a pig . . . )

          And then there was my Dad who stood 6'4" and was called Runt by some, and Reverend by others . . . someone called him Reverend as he walked into a lumber store where someone was cussing and ranting and raving. The cussing patron shut up and the nickname stuck with Dad.
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            Re: Freaky Friday March 7

            Good Morning and Happy Friday! I could hear the rain all night and along with it the frogs are croaking out their happiness for Spring just around the corner! My trees all have buds and some are even beginning to bloom! This makes me VERY happy.

            LOL for all the good neighbor names. I only have one right now. We call him "weird neighbor". He was actually seen at O dark thirty one morning, naked as a jay bird, standing in his front yard staring at the moon. True story. When he realized he'd been spotted he sprinted around his house and in to his back door. Not a pretty sight. Oy. There are just some things you can never un see.

            Yoga today, and then taxes! Yay for taxes. (can you just feel my enthusiasm?) I'll get some cleaning done as well. Maybe. We'll see. My sewing room's been calling my name lately.

            Have a wonderful day. Remember to smile. Hugs/Prayers if you want/need are all right here. Reach out and grab em'!


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              Re: Freaky Friday March 7

              I'm waiting for the Spring to Sprung... It doesn't look very promising here as yet.

              OK- Why I've Been Missing excuse-- I had a bad reaction to my thyroid pill. Can't take generic and the pharmacy sent me out Generic...after 8 years they mess up?? I was not a happy camper and not easy to deal with when I get the wrong pill inside me. I went into tachycardia this time.. and had to take meds to slow it down.

              I think I am back to my normal self, but a note from the doctor to the pharmacy and a warning from me!!! If they do that again, I will be suing!! And they can pay for my treatment or funeral, which ever comes first.

              Then last night the dishwasher decides it won't work.... after I loaded it and got all the mess cleaned up. Now I'm back to hand washing til next Monday when a repairman can get to it. Yikes... That's over a week of doing dishes... maybe the dogs can help me out here.. they love to "clean the plates". JK.

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                Re: Freaky Friday March 7

                Good Freaky Friday People!!

                Unlike Judy I really don't have a good excuse for being absent lately. It was more a time control thing for me. I would find myself logging in and then not get anything done! But it's Friday and that what Friday is for. After getting my first quilt under my belt, I am now planning my next and have another one rolling around in my head. The quilt bug has bit. A friend of mine may be bringing her granddaughter's baby quilt that she never finished to me to work on. While I'm getting the materials together for my next quilt I'll work on her's. I've got it bad.

                We still have snow on the ground but it is slowly going away. Can't leave soon enough for me. I love winter and I love snow, but am so ready for springtime!!

                I enjoyed reading about all the characters everyone was remembering. Reminded me of fun nicknames I would hear my dad call different people. I would hear him talk about Fesser, Snowball, Joker and a Skeeter. He and his brothers had nick names for everybody it seemed. My brother called a buddy of his Shadrack. Haven't a clue where that came from. Then we have a most infamous "Checkbook" here in town. I couldn't even tell you his real name.

                At any rate, everyone have a good rest of the day!!!


                  Re: Freaky Friday March 7

                  We have wind and some snow on the ground. This afternoon and just now, we are getting hail.


                    Re: Freaky Friday March 7

                    Well, hope everyone had a great Freaky Friday. I forgot that I now have the M* app on my phone and could have easily checked in here this afternoon at lunch so I wasn't closing out Friday again.

                    I started the day off with our little Henry. His other set of grandparents live very close and on my way to work and they were watching him today so I got to go play before work. What a great way to start the day! He is such a happy little man. Unfortunately, dh didn't get to see him so I took a picture and sent it to him to brighten his day too.

                    Work was pretty good and then dh decided that I shouldn't cook tonight so we went out to dinner and then came home and got into our pj's and watched a Bob Dylan special on PBS.

                    A local nursery is having their Spring Flower show starting tomorrow so we may go there sometime over the weekend and get that "spring" feeling. Blondie, loved that little picture.

                    Sleep well everyone. See you tomorrow.
                    Ginny B



                      Re: Freaky Friday March 7

                      In Sweden we have a spring day today! It's wonderfully sunny, no snow left and I can se tulips poking up their green leaves.

                      If WE can do it, surely the rest of the world can too? Come on, spring!!!
                      ~ Anna ~

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