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What boosted your spirits recently?

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    Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

    Originally posted by quiltingtrish View Post
    I love reading all your blessings, everyone. That's what I call them. I suppose it all started when I found that saying "What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday?" So I decided to think about what blessing(s) I had received that day so when I lay down to sleep, I am sure to include that in my prayers.
    Today's blessings so far - the sun is shining and the snow is melting! The kitties were all waiting for me to come home. I got home early today - at 4. Hearing my DS#2 college kid say "HI MOM!" as I walked in the door as he is home on Spring Break. Some days there are more than others but I always find at least one blessing to make me smile.

    I really like your statement "What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday." That's pretty profound...thought provoking. Thank you for that.
    I have had several blessings lately that have boosted my spirits not the least of which are my 2 newest grandchildren. Son #4 and my DIL had a little boy about a month ago and daughter #3 and my SIL just adopted a little boy from China. Two precious additions to our every growing family. Additionally today I learned that my MIL will not be moving in with me. Now I know that sounds like I'm singing because I don't have to live with her, but that's not it at all. The reality is that she has a very hard time making decisions and has made many poor decisions lately that have adversely affected her health. When offered the opportunity to move in with one of her children (of which my DH is one) she chose to remain in the city in which she lives, but move into an assisted living community acknowledging that she needs help. That was a big step for her. My DH is visiting with her and today they were going to begin the search for the best living situation for her. It lifts my spirits that she is finally going to be safe and decided that for herself.
    One last thing that lifts my spirits? It snowed about 6 inches here today, but it is already beginning the slow melt and is supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow! My poor chickens have been cooped up for the last two days (they hate snow!) so I know their spirits will be lifted when I open their doors tomorrow and they get to run free!!! Nothing better than happy chickens!


      Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

      It is so great to read all of these. Sometimes it is so easy to filter out the good and remember the bad. So here are mine.

      Hubby always lifts my spirits and I haven't seen him all week, I work days and he works nights. The weekend is here so we can spend some much needed time together.

      I was laid off at my job that I HATED, back in October. My company does contract work for major airplane and helicopter manufacturers. I was unjustly laid off. The "nice" boss said he would try to get me in as a tech writer. The next day one of the "not so nice" bosses laid me off. I walked out with my head held high and I didn't cry (until I got in the car, that is). So when unemployment ran out and no prospects were on the horizon, I sent an email the the nice boss and asked if anything was open. Within days he had me in there talking to a woman in a different company than the original one I was in. She liked me, he (the nice boss) told her I was good and very meticulous. So I have been working on a different contract, love the office we are in, and the woman who I talked to is really nice and we get along great. Plus I went in with a raise. I take one day at a time but I am two weeks in and am happy there.

      I also had my spirits lifted because my son came home from Kuwait today. I haven't talked to him yet but he is the one I made the grinch quilt for.

      AND, this whole thread has lifted my spirits.

      There are no mistakes, only happy accidents. - Bob Ross

      A girl needs to surround herself with TONS of happiness.
      Happiness = fabric!:icon_woohoo:


        Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

        Originally posted by Trish04 View Post
        I feel very lucky right now. I got diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma of the kidney on dec 23, 2013, as I was talking to our daughter ( who has been fighting leukemia for 10 years) her doctor beeped thru with news she also had cervical cancer, took the wind out of our sails , we were crushed, I had kidney removed etc and pathology was sent to mayos and it came back all contained to,kidney and I just have to have tests every three months as it can show up in my bladder. But I was so happy as I was afraid I wouldn't be able,to,help,our daughter through this next step of her journey, her cervical cancer isn't as bad as they first thought, she is a great fighter and always positive and never complains and also the mother of 5 children. This site has saved my sanity and not to mention the daily deals and fun projects I see here on the forum. And Ryan your little guy and your posts always make my day


          Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

          Amen, amen, and amen, to all of you!

          For me, so many, many things can lift my spirits, but so often it is the simple little things that lift my spirits. . . Hearing birds singing again, blue skies and sunshine, seeing the first signs of spring pushing up through the soil.
          sigpicMiss Sheri

          For me, it's all about Love, . . . Always!


            Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

            What a wonderful thread!

            I took a few minutes out of a hectic work day today to stand in the sunshine out of the wind. It was heavenly! We still have snow on the ground, but it is melting. I think we hit 50* today - woohoo!

            Yesterday, my sis took her youngest who is 1 back to the doc - I met her there to keep the older one who is 3 occupied. He was so excited to see me - she was too busy being scared of the doc, but was happy to see me when they came out to the waiting room. I stopped by their house tonight and she got all excited when she saw me. We shared pizza, which surprised my sis - she says she won't eat pizza for them, but she always shares mine. Big brother was happy to eat some too.

            M*QC forum is full of the best people!

            I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

            A bad day in the sewing room is better than a good day at the office.


              Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

              lately my daughter (she is 23 and at home again) has been making a quite the effort to make more conversation with me and fill me in on some of the events in her life.this has always been difficult for her because she is such an independent soul.


                Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

                Love this post! Every evening as I'm tucking in my kids, I ask them what was their favorite memory for the day. We thank God for that blessing. I also make it a point as I drive them to school to exclaim about God's creation - what a beautiful sunrise, or look at the view of the mountain, or doesn't the rain make everything smell so clean and look so green! The other day I even pulled over so we could admire the most vivid, colorful, HUGE rainbow I had ever seen in my life, and as we were standing there thanking God for rainbows, a 2nd / double rainbow appeared. My non-morning, usually grumpy in the morning son got so excited to witness what he called God thanking us back for thanking Him! So double rainbows sure have boosted our spirits this week!


                  Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

                  I have talked about this in another thread, but will share here.

                  My spirits were boosted when my niece told me they were naming their 5th baby Samuel EARL....

                  Also... Today my son us tasking me to see a movie, and then we will be me eying my DIL and DGS
                  for lunch at a nice place....

                  Sandy from Cincinnati

                  AKA Kermit


                    Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

                    Several things have made me specially happy recently. I walked by a bush the other day and there was a bird sitting at the top singing his lungs out with joy, made me smile big. Then I won a drawing from our Project Linus group so I have a jingle in my pocket and my DS DIL and grand daughter are coming for dinner tomorrow. Altogether some nice small things happening to and around me.
                    Thanks for all the baby pictures Ryan, love to see his little self.


                      Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

                      What lifts my spirits today is that the sun is shining big time, the sky is blue and it is going to be 20°C today, a really wonderful springy day. I really do not like winter although we haven't seen a single snow flake here where I live (my apologies to everyone with those masses of snow, I would have taken some of it but you didn't send any over...).

                      This week, after being a research assistant for more than two years, my job was finally upgraded to being a research associate at our department. I know the reason for not being upgraded earlier was a lack of free spots but it feels really good to be an "adequate" staff member now. And it comes with a raise. The job is limited to a six month period because my professor officially retired last year and the new professor is yet to come and this upgrade also enhances my chances to be employed by the new chair of the department in October.


                        Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

                        My spirits were lifted yesterday because after a month in the hospital my husband is finally home! Now we can begin to get back to some kind of normal life, I hope.
                        And I still have 3 weeks before I have to go back to work. Yay!
                        May the road rise up to meet you...
                        May the wind be always at your back...
                        May you be in Heaven a half hour before the Devil knows you're dead...
                        Patt :icon_wave:


                          Re: What boosted your spirits recently?

                          I stayed home sick from church with a nasty head cold, and got a hearty laugh when DH walked in the door. Of course, it was his turn to serve communion. In front of the church.

                          I forgot about my head cold. This is going to make me smile all day long.
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