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    Re: Daughter update sorry you are having a rough time...I know that you are a wreck yourself...please do try to take care of yourself...the pain you are feeling is obvious and I feel for you. Hopefully your daughter will pull through this rough time. Depression is a difficult disease to understand, unless you have suffered it yourself, there is no way to really know how she is feeling. I will continue to pray for you and her...know that we are all here for you!
    LIVE well, LAUGH often, LOVE much

    Hugs, Pat


      Re: Daughter update

      I will continue to pray for peace and healing for your family.


        Re: Daughter update

        I can only say that I'll continue to say prayers and ask for peace for you and your family. I can't begin to imagine the stress you are under. Try to take care of yourself, so you don't end up in the hospital!

        As for your English - I sometimes forget that it isn't your first language! You do remarkably well, and even will all that is going on, I had no trouble understanding your meanings. Absolutely no reason to apologize as far as I am concerned.

        Huge hugs for you!
        Be who you are and say what you feel
        because those who mind don't matter,
        and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          Re: Daughter update

          Thank you for the update Annika. My thoughts and prayers for you and your daughter are still with you. Come here and vent all you want. No one will tire. From everyone's posts it looks like many of us have been where you are. There is no language barrier here.

          Do take care of yourself Annika and if you can, accept Renata's offer.



            Re: Daughter update

            Thank you all!!

            I am trying to keep it togheter but I am serious emotionell drained.
            The slightest thing can bring me to tears and that is not a small thing. I never cries normaly.

            My main goal at the moment is to take it easy and try to find a way to get back some strength and energy.

            I will need it tomorrow tuesday when I will meet up with the socialworker and Josefines contact person and Josefine at the place that she is right now.

            I just take it a day at the time and sometimes just hour by hour.

            Thank you all for lissening and thinking and praying for us

            Hugs Annika

            God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
            The stash to make a quilt to help me cope,
            A quilt to give to comfort those I love in times of hurt, fear and uncertainty.
            And the courage to keep on sewing when life itself seems held together by a single thread of hope.


              Re: Daughter update

              Dear Annika: No one can know the depth of your heartbreak, but we can offer our understanding and consolation. We wish we could reach out with our arms, gather you in and hug you as we pray. I am doing this in my heart and mind. God Bless and Keep you in His Loving Care.


                Re: Daughter update

                I will be thinking of you tomorrow, Annika. Update us after, if you have the energy to spare!
                ~ Anna ~

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                  Re: Daughter update

                  My thoughts and prayers are with you.