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    Thanks and sorry...

    Over the last couple of weeks so many people have offered me kind words of support and advice both in threads here and via private messages. I feel like I have been so busy that I have not really acknowledged how much all of this has meant to me and my wife as we navigated childbirth, a stay in the NICU, and bringing little man home. I feel like I'm so tired I end up talking at all of you rather than to you and that is not my intention. All the support you have offered has been very uplifting during a very trying time in our lives and has meant more than you'll ever know. I want to apologize for not being as prompt in responding to all of you as I should have been. I know I could probably use the "I'm tired because of a new baby" excuse and get away with it but I am a firm believer that people make time for what is important to them. You have all made time for me and my family so we must be important to you and the friendships I have made here are important to me and I should make time for them too. (Also, my son sleeps like 20 hours a day so it isn't like I can't find 5 minutes to get on a computer).

    As things settle down a little and we fall into a routine I hope to have more time to make quilts and more energy to be a more active participant on the forums here offering (often misguided) advice about quilting and ogling all the beautiful things the rest of you have made.

    Thanks everyone for being awesome!

    Here is little man with a rooster puppet that our neighbor got for him. They also keep chickens but they only have bantam (miniature) chickens which lay tiny little eggs.

    Here is little man in his "trucks" onesie hanging out in his bouncy chair.
    Loosely based on a true story.

    Re: Thanks and sorry...

    What a sweetie pie! You are blessed
    Have a Sewonderful Day,
    Mary T.


      Re: Thanks and sorry...

      You can absolutely use the I'm tired excuse, but no excuse is necessary. We are all so excited for you and Tabatha and your new family (I'm pretty sure I'm speaking for all of us). Baby Sawyer should be your main focus. Time goes by so fast, so don't blink.
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        Re: Thanks and sorry...

        Oh, Ryan... You don 't have anything to apologize for.... Really.... Most of us have bern where you are today, so we know how exhausting a newborn....even one who sleeps 20 hours a day....can be....

        I don't think anyone really expects personal replies to every post or PM.... We all just want to shower you and your sweet family with our love and admiration.... Little Man is, indeed, a darling baby.... We love to see pictures of him... He's kind if like " our " baby... He has tons of aunts and grammas out here....

        So relax....

        Sandy from Cincinnati

        AKA Kermit


          Re: Thanks and sorry...

          Ryan all is forgiven as soon as we get our "fix" of little man pictures. New babies change your whole life and routines. Just relax and things will even out.
          Dolores :lol::icon_heh:


            Re: Thanks and sorry...

            Ryan, feel no need to apologize! Any of us who have had children know what the first few weeks are like! I remember those 6 weeks after babies were born as fuzzy days of a time warp mainly around feedings, crying, diaper changes, trying to negotiate meals, caring for older siblings and catching some sleep when possible. Things didn't really form a routine until about 6 weeks out! And I never had a C section or a kid in the NICU!

            Keep us updated when you can! Love your photos!
            I drove past our city's Mini Cooper dealership today and of course thought of Sawyer!


              Re: Thanks and sorry...

              Bantam chickens! I played with the two my brother had when I was 4 like they were my dolls. I'd wrap them in receiving blankets and push them around in a baby buggy. I'd hold them like babies and feed them with my disappearing milk baby bottle. They didn't care. They'd ride around all day in that buggy and would fall asleep while I held them. Of course I always had crackers or something else to give them too. That used to tick my brother off to no end because his chickens were never in the coop when he went to check on them. I honestly don't remember having dolls at that age, but I do remember the chickens.

              Once your life falls into a routine, you'll be back in full force Ryan. I think everyone here understands why you are bit preoccupied right now.
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                Re: Thanks and sorry...

                No need for apologies - we've all been where you are right now. Just keep the pictures coming. My my my...Sawyer is a real cutie pie.


                  Re: Thanks and sorry...

                  Sawyer is such a cutie. No apologies needed. Most have been there and went through what you are . Keep the pictures coming and all is good. Take care of that adorable little man and his momma too.
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                    Re: Thanks and sorry...

                    Ryan, there's no need for an apology. We all understand that you're busy caring for your family...and that's exactly as it should be. Sawyer is such a cutie. Thank YOU for sharing him with us!
                    *~* Myrna *~*
                    *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                      Re: Thanks and sorry...

                      Ryan, the only thing you are required to do is to keep those wonderful pictures coming.

                      And, I won't tell what happened to my big Brother's bantam chick . . . but I have scars to prove it.
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                        Re: Thanks and sorry...

                        Mr Ryan . . more important than us here on the forum is your family . . . your son is as beautiful as his parents . .
                        now for a little bit of a suggestion -- well maybe two . . L*~ . . . Momma is VERY important . . DON'T FORGET A DATE NIGHT
                        and when someone offers to help . . take it

                        -- when I had my 1st child . . I wanted my little family all to myself . . I didn't want help :|

                        when I was preggo with my 2nd child - the hubby *at the time*~ was in a horrible accident
                        -- a dump truck cross the line on a curve and hit the hubby *at the time*~ head on . . .
                        when I needed help and asked - NO ONE was around -- no one offer to help

                        -- make every moment count -- enjoy every single moment --
                        they grow up so fast and before you know it - you wonder where time had gone -
                        my baby was just 36 a few days ago . . .
                        2015 is here
                        Be Bold and Bravely put one foot in front of the other :)


                          Re: Thanks and sorry...

                          Ryan, no need to apologize. We do know what it's like and we all understand. Just keep the pictures coming when you have time and cherish each moment. Babies grow so fast. Sawyer is so adorable.


                            Re: Thanks and sorry...

                            You HAVE made time for what is important. Little man takes presidence over anything else and there isn't a single person who would or should say otherwise. You have a precious little guy there that needs you both so don't feel bad. We are adults here and totally understand. I don't think anyone will argue that.

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                            A girl needs to surround herself with TONS of happiness.
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                              Re: Thanks and sorry...

                              Ryan, no need for apologies. You are taking care of the most important thing right now - your family. Many of us on the forum have been there with a new baby and the life changes he/she brings. Although they may sleep many hours, it is not all at once.

                              Enjoy him and your wife and don't worry about us. The forum isn't going anywhere, there will be plenty of time to post in the years to come. Although we do like to see his sweet face, we know the changes a baby brings.