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May Flowers!

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    May Flowers!

    Hooray, hooray, the first of May!

    Already got the house picked up and ready to enjoy a sunny, but cool day. Busy today with flowers for my patio and BBQ with family!

    Take care all!
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    Re: May Flowers!

    Celebrating May Day by FINALLY getting the leaves up in the yard. First time we haven't been able to get them done before the azaleas bloomed. We live in deep woods, so we don't have a lawn and such to worry about - just mossy paths between the shrubs and ferns. Translated, that means a zillion leaf traps LOL. Oh well, good exercise, right? Doubt I'll see the sewing machine today but did get the ruffle made for the edge of my new cutting table, and it looks cute.

    Best wishes to everyone for a beautiful spring day!
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      Re: May Flowers!

      Looks like rain, but I won't let it rain on my parade today whatever that brings. I plan on hitting my 'plastics' cupboard area in the kitchen looking for yard sale things or even to straighten it out. That will finish up the kitchen area since I started on it yesterday. Will need to hit the basement for more things this week yet.
      I will also make time to sew something since I haven't done hardly anything since the beginning of March. Even if it's just one block, I will be one step closer to finishing something. Think I'll look up how to make those tissue holders, easy peasy, just have to find the pattern. Might make a bunch for the yard sale on the 14th.
      Then off to Dad's for my weekly visit. I told him last week to get the chore chart written up. We have curtains to wash, blankets to air out and general cleaning to get accomplished during this month. Windows need washed too, but if the rains would stop for a day that I'm there, it might happen. He has the old style of windows where one needs to be on the outside and one on the inside and it's a entire day job to get them all done.

      Well, you all have a great Sunday! Enjoy and seize the day whatever you may be doing.


      What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


        Re: May Flowers!

        We took 590 pounds of yard waste to the dump yesterday. My sister lives in the city and doesn't have a compost pile. So we loaded all of the weeds and brush trimmings into my truck and took them in. Thankfully they don't charge for yard waste recycle. They mix it with the sludge from the waste water treatment plant and resell it to the public as compost for their gardens. Ummmm, No thanks. I'll use my own compost from my own farm. I like to know exactly what is in there.
        I'm moving a little slow this morning. It looks like May brought some spring weather with it. I have my own gardening to do today, but I think I'll get some sewing in this morning.
        I found the zebra fabric for Em's quilt back, but not the black. So, I checked out the muslin and found some 108" wide Kona at Joann's! I used the 50% off coupon on that baby! And speaking of baby, my step-son found out that he & his girlfriend are having a boy. So, since flannel was on sale, I picked up two pieces to make over-sized receiving blankets. I had better get off of here and on to the machine before the lure of the sun is too much!
        Take care and have a great day! Cathy
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        and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          Re: May Flowers!

          Well, we got about 95% of our yard work done before Mike let us quit for the day :-). Our oldest son came over and helped us, which was remarkable - he's not one for yard work. Made a big difference in our progress for sure. Now we're getting Chinese food for dinner, so Yay, I don't have to cook!

          Pooped but pleased with the day so far - Deb
          There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


            Re: May Flowers!

            The good thing about DH not getting the okay to go back to work yet is that he's getting the yard work done. Yippee! I hate raking. But I do love seeing the green things growing. I actually got to kayak yesterday. Used my son's as ours were stolen a couple weeks ago. I did have a couple walks and a very brief bike ride but mostly spend the weekend inside working on my first real quilt. It's for my son's 30th birthday so I'm on a deadline. It's been a real bear working with the fleece (oh why did I pick fleece). But I got the top done; in time to take to my next guild meeting to get advice on what to do next, backing etc.

            I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


              Re: May Flowers!

              April Showers bring May Flowers. . . .boy, do I hope so. I'm so tired of rain that it isn't even funny. I finally got my veggie garden tilled and got my lettuce planted. I'm so late with everything. I going into the plant farm today and working my 8th day in a row. I'm pooped.

              My shade garden is coming along very well but I can't even get the sun area dug up and I have lots of plants to get in there. Maybe if it's not raining tonight, I can get my hubby to help me. LOL! That's a big maybe. He's not into gardening but he wants to see the hummingbirds. So far, he's seen them three times. I haven't . . . . I've been at work during the day. LOL!

              Happy May ! May is just the beginning of a beautiful favorite time.
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