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Tuesday is always a good day to smile

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    Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

    Good morning all! The ice sure does make people crazy, this winter stuff can quit any time soon! My daughter who moved to Atlanta this past fall is bracing for another go round by working from home. Hope her DH could do the same, he was the one that was 9 hours on the road last month getting home. Yuck!

    My friend and sewing buddy was still working on a big project, and today is the drop dead deadline. She still had a few things that needed to be done. She likes to work at my house because it is quiet, there's room to cut and lay out, and I have sergers! So she has been here most days, or at least part of days for weeks working on her project, a high school production of The Music Man. I made one set of outfits for the show for her, then got going on my quilt for my project. I'm finished with mine but she isn't finished with hers! The other day, she got the bad news that the 4 striped men's jackets she bought for her Lida Rose Quartet weren't coming, the Ebay seller had sold them out before she ordered, although the seller took her money for them. She wasn't notified about it, so she has to deal with getting her money back, plus she had to create something for the quartet to wear! We used curtain fabric from her daughter's room, and made vests! Did it sweatshop style, piece work, and they turned out so darling! I think they might be useful for our show this summer, The Wiz, since they are green plaid, and we are dressing all in green!

    I was feeling kind of crummy yesterday from a little cold, so after I finished her vests, I was done for the day! Got lots of sleep and feel better today.

    I hope to deliver my quilt today, and get to work on the other one for my client. I have 5 rows of my Xs and Os quilt done, need to do the other 10. They go together quickly, so I should be able to get them done this morning, before my energy leaves me!

    Hope you have a great day! Sandy's little grandson Ezra is so precious, so glad he is here safely, even if it took him a while to make his entrance to the world! Good luck to those in the way of Mother Nature's temper tantrum, don't fool with Mother Nature! It's not nice! (remember that ad in the 70s?)


      Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

      Morning, All. ss131018.jpg

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        Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

        Originally posted by aliaslaceygreen View Post
        REALLY want the snow. Everyone but us got it this year. Even VA Beach got triple the amt we got! I have some photos I REALLY want to take, that require snow... and I could use a snow day. ...although I know just about everyone else is against the idea!
        Have to really declutter this studio, and not leave spaces for Tatiana to crawl into... she is getting just a little silly with the hiding on the back of shelves...knocking things down as she goes at least, so I can locate her, but...
        Trish, I would ever be so happy if you would take what Kansas City has gotten over the past 10 days...snowmageden!!!! Bitter cold temps here! So much I could be doing at home...we're hoping to hear from Hubby's company about the move to Arkansas this week....I gets anxious not knowing what is to come.
        And RIP to Shirley Temple...wonderful woman!

        "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


          Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

          Good Morning, all!

          Don't hate me - it's 59 degrees and the sun is shining brightly this morning. That will change tomorrow, I understand. Just dropped by before getting into bed. I got very little sleep yesterday and could hardly stay awake all night. First, I am going to have a heart to heart with a certain pit bull I know. I must explain to her that I am the one who brings home the bacon around here and it's really not fair that I only get about an 8" x 42" space to hang on the bed while she stretches out and makes herself comfortable. Throw in my Chihuahua, dachshund and Roo on my pillow, it doesn't make for a very restful sleep.

          Got to get early to pick up my little Tasmanian Devil dachshund-JRT mix from the vet. She is getting a dental, but the real reason I took her is she must be under anesthesia to trim her toenails and they were so long she was starting to have trouble walking.

          (((HUGS))) and prayers to everyone who needs them and please stay safe and warm if you are in the path of this next round from Old Man Winter.


            Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

            SNOW in ATLANTA...Big ol' flakes here in Dallas/Acworth, Zander has no school, Matt is telecommuting today and tomorrow at least.

            Don worked 11 hours yesterday at Enterprise bringing in cars from outer areas, prepping for the need of rental cars from insurance company call ins.

            Got a great deal on a L-Shape desk on the Daily Deal,50% Off with a 20 Minute Make A Decision - Extra18% Off on Sunday. $120 ended up being $49.19 with Free Delivery! Did this after 4PM EST and it was delivered today at 8:16 AM EST! Yea Staples!

            Now to figure out if I can live with the faux wood color or if I need to whip up my satin texture chalk paint to match my studio d├ęcor. Would need to paint the wood table tops before assembly as they slide into the table/leg components.

            Matt found me a great site to hold the Online Fundraiser Auction - I can customize the page to make it look like CEGB's FB and future web site, folks can bid up to the last minute, even off their mobile devices. I don't have to buy an annual subscription and they only have one flat percentage fee per item!

            Some of items being donated are coming in or photos have been sent before they are being shipped...OMG folks are so talented and generous!

            Amazing! Is all I can say!!!

            Folks please be save out there...

            Huggers, Ruby
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              Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

              Well I'm about to go to work and we have a major storm coming. Already a inch on the ground and snowing to beat the band. Tomorrow is going to be ICE. My step mother is in the hospital and Dad had to go to the ER...he has the flu. Someone has to stay with him as he is on oxygen. We have enough tanks to last 60 hours if the power goes out. Understand here in the south snow is bad enough, ice shuts everything down. We simply don't have equipment to deal with it. Pray for my family.
              Keep the Faith




                Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                Good morning! I think all the ice and snow is going to miss us this time. I sure hope so! It's cold as whiz here, but the sunshine is bright for the first time in days. I've been needing me some sunshine.

                I went to the local Dollar General Store yesterday with a coupon on my phone for 50% off on housewares, including rugs. I wanted a larger rug in front of the studio door for wiping feet and thought I'd get new throw rugs for the kitchen too while they were on special. Got to the checkout and the coupon code wouldn't work...I came home, printed out a 50% off coupon from the DGS website that listed "rugs" and went back to the store (it's only a few miles from home). That coupon wouldn't work either but the manager gave me 50% off because the coupon had rugs listed on it. Saved me $30! It pays to be persistent.

                Have a good Tuesday everyone! Enjoy the sunshine if you have it and stay safe if you have bad weather.
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                  Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                  Good Morning. Chiming in a little late in the morning. I've found it is best at times to get somethings done before hopping on here. I've got chicken pot pie in the oven that I made from scratch. I've not made one of them in a long time and got hungry for one after seeing an ad for a Banquet one.

                  It is still cold today but warmer than it has been and suppose to start a warm up tread. Looks like I will be able to get some windows open to air out the house. Love to be able to have fresh air in the house.

                  Plans for today include ripping out 3 sets of white on the stripes of jelly roll. The only thing I don't like working with white solid is the which side is the front side. I'm looking forward to ironing, cutting, and sewing the blocks together.

                  Have a great day and stay safe for those who are dealing with snow and ice.