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    Monday Monday

    Happy Monday Folksies!

    Here's hoping that everyone had a marvelous weekend. I had one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had in a long long time. No stress, no worries, just fun with family. I spent most of the day Saturday with my DD, making valentine wreath and with silly movies on in the background. I carried a cutting mat and my rotary cutter over to make strips of various sizes out of cutesy fabric which she tied onto a straw based wreath. It turned out gorgeous. I then gathered all the left over fabric and made her a cutesy table runner. Hoping she takes a pic and sends it to me. Larry was called to drive over by Steve, our SIL, and we had delicious perfectly grilled steaks. Stevie is the bestest grill master.

    Yesterday, the couple came over and helped us split some wood - the weather this week is definitely going to be sketchy. Lots of wood cut but needed splitting. I made a big dinner and had Mom over too. She stayed by herself last night. Oh, yes, landmark weekend all the way around!

    I am off here to read and do some dreaming on Pinterest with a refilled cuppa and a chocky chip cookie.

    Count your blessings, not your bills, aches and pains, and SMILE!!!! If you can't find anything to smile about or at, why not go look at your fabric stash? I betcha that is your true hidden pleasure. now go on and SMILE!

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Monday Monday

    Blondie... Your weekend sounds so wonderful.... No wonder you are smiling.

    I got up early with the little dogs..... Spencer, the big Chihuahua, who has long legs ventured out, but my baby took one look at the door, ran back into the kitchen, and barked for breakfast.... His tiny feet can't tolerate the ice covered snow, so I put papers down for him....

    Monday.... The start if a new week.... I like that.... And I intend to smile as much as I can.... It will be sunny here, with a high of twenty. Having a sunny day always makes me feel matter what the temperature is.

    I decided it was time to begin cooking for myself....haven't used the stove in weeks..... So went go Kroger's yesterday and bought some very simple ingredients for very simple meals....along with a couple if Lean Cuisines... So today....a Monday....I hope to fire up the stove....

    Having a Monday, us like having a blank notebook...... There are possibilities.... Endless ones.....

    Today's plans are to work on Project Linus quilts....quilt group meeting is Thursday......, return a big can if tomato sauce for a big can of tomatoes (going to make chili), and most importantly, I will be taking Judy to a local Sew 'n Vac, to be fixed. I need her!
    My Jem Platinum refuses to wind bobbins.... The thread keeps going under the bobbin.... No matter what I do...

    I love that I am not working, or going to school.... I hope I use mine wisely...

    Oh yes... I succumbed to temptation this morning, and bought two of the DD. couldn't resist those luscious colors. Doing that definitely brought a smile to my face!

    Sandy from Cincinnati

    AKA Kermit


      Re: Monday Monday

      Good Morning, Blondie!

      Glad you had a well deserved nice weekend!

      I'm just checking in before I log off for the day and was hoping to hear some good baby news from Sandy. Been praying all night for a quick delivery.

      Sandy, my little ones refuse to go out if it's rainy and the ground is wet, don't know what they would do if it snowed!

      I will have to check out May on the link when I get to my computer. Will be nice to see and hear her, but sounds like a terrible story.

      Hope everyone has a Blessed day!
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        Re: Monday Monday

        Good Morning all.

        Didn't do a lick of sewing but we had a lovely weekend just the same. It actually started on Thursday evening when DH and I went out dancing with a wonderful group of friends. Our Friday night place closed, so we now get to start our weekend a day early - not too shabby!!! You can tell you're getting old when you're back home and ready for bed by 10 - LOL.

        Friday morning I had breakfast with my 3 sisters, and I took them all a little click bag filled with chocolates. We lost our eldest dear sis last year, so our time together is so much more precious now!!! Came home and did some more cleaning out, then had an early dinner with some friends from church.
        On Saturday we were a bit lazy...just a little house work and then DH cooked a lovely dinner, steak au-poivre, baked sweet potato and green beans ( I fixed the green beans) some nice vino - doesn't get much better than that!
        Spent Sunday with kids and gkids.....always a good time.

        I'm gonna take Sandy's advice and try to use this new day wisely. Maybe even do a little sewing.


          Re: Monday Monday

          Good Morning Everyone,

          It's snowing here this morning. Miss Dottie hates putting her feet in the cold grass. Nothing seems to bother little Olive, she's a real trooper.

          I got up extra early this morning. Today I plan to change our bed, bake two batches of doggy cookies and clean the sewing room. I planned to go out this morning but now that it's snowing on top of the previous snowfall I think I'll stay in and stay safe. It's so-o-o cold.

          We watched the Olympics most of the day yesterday and had an easy dinner. It was a good weekend overall.

          The DD today is so pretty....I gave in and bought it! I think I'll make a PICU quilt with it.

          Blondie, glad you had such a nice weekend. You sure needed it. That's great that Mom was able to spend a night alone!

          Wishing everyone a good Monday.
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          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Monday Monday

            Good morning....

            It's cold here and had an icy drive to work, sure hope the roads are better when I go home.

            I got a lot accomplished over the week-end. I finished up my quilt and accessories. I need to get a double curtain rod so I can hang the valances. I put my maple leaf quilt on the frame and started the quilting. I packed up a baby quilt to send off and need to take it to the post office. I cut some of the squares for my Irish Chain quilt.

            Tonight I will work on the quilting on the maple leaf and then cut some more squares for the Irish Chain. But for now work need to get busy.

            Have a great day! Prayers and hugs
            Shirley aka buckeyequilter
            I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


              Re: Monday Monday

              Monday Monday huh? Ya...I'm the lady in the cartoon Blondie posted! Off to work soon...will have to have dh take it's snowing AGAIN! Sense my frustration! I'm sure I'm not the only one. Was suppose to have club tonight..but if the roads are not clear I won't be to far out to be out and about that late and don't want to make DH take and pick me up. Yesterday I worked on my wall a block of the week project. Then I took a luxurious 2 1/2 hour nap...then I watched Downton Abbey. Then since I had so much rest I made up one of the heart zipper bags. Turned out cute!

              Blonde sounds like a great weekend! Carol you too! Barb...avid Olympic watchers here! Hoping that great grand of sandy's is here soon!

              I better get moving, my bus will leave soon! Everyone have a great day!
              SW Missouri

              Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                Re: Monday Monday

                Blondie so glad you were able to relax and enjoy your weekend. I t was a boring week end for me. I am going through the waking up at night again. Not active enough I guess during the day.
                It is -5 here and feels like -22. We sure have had a very cold snowy winter this year.
                Sandy I give you credit for thinking positive. Your still going through the mourning stage and I think you will have very good days and very bad days but you will get through them I know you will.
                Hope everyone is able to have a pleasant Monday. Won't be long before we change the clocks again.
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                Hugs Ann


                  Re: Monday Monday

                  Good morning friends. Blondie, I am glad you had a spectacular weekend.

                  I finished the top of the square in a square quilt. Today I will add the borders. We watched curling last night. Team Canada won the gold, followed by Alberta and Manitoba. What a great game.

                  Hubby is off to work. I am supposed to go to exercise class but my leg is much too sore so I will go on Thursday instead. We had a light dusting of snow last night. It is a beautiful sunny day today which makes me smile.

                  Have a great day everyone.
                  Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                    Re: Monday Monday

                    Good Morning. The snow is done for now and we'll be returning to a warmer wetter week, which pleases me. I will drive in the rain all day long, give me a dusting of snow and I hover in the house like a shy dog. No thank you! Pretty to look at (in pictures!)

                    Lots to do in the house today, chores. I think I really need to be as active and busy as I can be during the day so I sleep better at night. Just another piece to the puzzle. I wake up after 3 or 4 hours of sleep and have to "find my happy place" to drift back to sleep.

                    I didn't make it into my sewing room at all this weekend, I spent some time just enjoying hanging out with the man. I love it when he's home, can't wait for him to retire! 2 more years, give or take. He's my best friend, and I've known him since I was 15. He's fun to hang out with!

                    My Cavalier Mollie went running down the hall Saturday chasing the big dogs and let out a YELP! She's been limping ever since, and I'm thinking a trip to the vet may be in order if she doesn't show improvement today. I gave her a clipping and a bath yesterday and the warm water seemed to help. We'll see. Breaks my heart when she's not 100% because she's my baby. I think she may have pulled a muscle, because upon close inspection nothing else seems apparent.

                    Blondie I'm so tickled you had such a good time this weekend! Love hearing that!

                    Today is Yoga and tonight is dinner with my cousins. So I better get this party started! Have a wonderful Monday, smile as often as you can, do something random and nice for a stranger, watch the Olympics, kiss a baby and pet a dog!

                    Hugs/Prayers all 'round!!!

                    Quilters make great comforters.

                    Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.


                      Re: Monday Monday

                      OMG, Atlanta is preparing for another sleet/snow arrival tonight. Stores are being raided and Kat/I are having to dive into that mess! UGH!!

                      Don got texted to work from 7 to 6 at Enterprise, they expect to check out all their cars today plus have to get extra cars in from outer locations and bring those in (wrecks means repairs means rental car needs).

                      Matt had 25 hour in his last commute, he already told them he's working from home Tues/Wed, he's not chancing it! lol

                      Stay safe, prayers for those who need it, huggers for all, Ruby
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                        Re: Monday Monday

                        Be Safe, Be Happy, and Have a Beautiful Day! Love and Hugs to all, ~Sheri
                        sigpicMiss Sheri

                        For me, it's all about Love, . . . Always!


                          Re: Monday Monday

                          Howdy do everyone!! Just doing a spot check before heading out to get my hair done. The shop should be open by the time I get thru this mornings routine. Gotta have my morning fix of caffeine and internet.

                          Not doin much except the bare necessities.. too cold to play outside.. But the Sun is shinning and I have another day here on earth to visit with all. Truly blessed!!

                          Congrats going out to Grandma Sandy-- or is it Great Grandma?? and Huggers to everyone else.

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                            Re: Monday Monday

                            Hi Everyone, Lots going on with everyone this weekend and hope the 'good stuff' continues all week long.
                            Cable co is getting a call this morning, 3rd night in a row that we've had no internet. The nerve of them shutting down for repairs, etc., don't they know I can't be a Night Owl with no place to talk about it? night owl w coffee.jpg

                            All day snow on Sunday didn't happen, yeah! It did snow part of the evening, haven't even bothered to look as I have no plans to go out the next few days. Couldn't have been much as DH left for his morning class but there still is ice everywhere.

                            Time for another cup of coffee, won't you join me?GoodMorning Share cup of coffee.jpg
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                              Re: Monday Monday

                              Monday keeps on going.... It seems like a lot of us have little dogs who are our " babies".... My guys are great company, and it's always nice to come home to their tail-wagging welcome.... Spencer, the larger one was Earl's dog... I love the little guru, but have to admit that little Finny is my baby.... Can you believe some people accuse me of spoiling him? No way.

                              Glad to bear of so many good weekends....

                              Ann.... You are so right.... Some days.,...are better than others,,,, a lot of days it's minute to minute... I was a bereavement Minister in our parish, so I know it is all a normal part if the grieving process.,,but it's still hard... Think God for my quilty friends!

                              I put in a call to the sewing machine guy, but have not heard from him... I guess I'll call him again.... I need Judy! My Jem, who I named Judy Junior, is OK, but I can't get the bobbins go wind, and I like sewing with Judy much better.... She has me spoiled....

                              Got to get off this vouch and move.... But, it's so comfy here.... Maybe I'll take an early nap,,,,.

                              Sandy from Cincinnati

                              AKA Kermit