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Wish us luck

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    Wish us luck

    Little Mr. Ezra decided to break Momma's water about 10:30 this morning. Grandma and Grandpa are in the hospital with her along with one big sister and one baby sister. Last report she was about 3 cm and they are encouraging her to get around and walk, walk, walk - been there, done that one.

    I had said originally (and I'll stand by it) that Ezra would come on February 9th. Tomorrow would have been my Dad's 100th year birthday had he lived. I don't want to wish a long drawn-out labor on her, but this is what I foresee. Bet I would have been told wrong had the aliens not accosted me.

    Anyone offering prayers is thanked in advance.
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    it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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    Re: Wish us luck

    Oh, walking helped me a bunch to make the labor pains lessen.

    Good luck, best wishes and lots or prayers floating your way.
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      Re: Wish us luck

      Praying that all goes well for mother and baby. Here is a hug for you while you wait . . . (((((Sandy!)))))
      Love ya! ~Sheri
      sigpicMiss Sheri

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        Re: Wish us luck

        How wonderful that she is going on her own! Can still be a long time until he is here. Keeping all of you in my prayers.

        M*QC forum is full of the best people!

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          Re: Wish us luck

          Prayers for Mom and Baby.
          Bernice :icon_wave:


            Re: Wish us luck

            God bless mama & baby & the whole family.. I can empathize, I'm waiting for the call from my son, his first is due any day now. Yay!
            May the road rise up to meet you...
            May the wind be always at your back...
            May you be in Heaven a half hour before the Devil knows you're dead...
            Patt :icon_wave:


              Re: Wish us luck

              Yay! Sending many prayers for an easy delivery. Congratulations! So exciting to have a new little baby...and a BOY!
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                Re: Wish us luck

                best wishes for a speedy and easy delivery and health to mom and baby.
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                  Re: Wish us luck

                  Prayers for a safe delivery.
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                    Re: Wish us luck

                    Hope baby arrives soon. I was at the birth of my great nephew four weeks ago today. Once my neice's waters broke baby Max was out in three minutes!!!


                      Re: Wish us luck

                      Oh, Sandy, how exciting! Prayers for mom and baby -- and grandma, grandpa's and the rest of the family too as they wait.
                      Ginny B
                      Levittown, NY


                        Re: Wish us luck

                        Prayers and blessings!
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                          Re: Wish us luck

                          Sandy... I went to labor at 11 pm on the 10th and he didn't arrive till 1:20 am on the it's possible!! Oddly my dads birthday was the 11th and my DS was not gonna share! Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby!
                          SW Missouri

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                            Re: Wish us luck

                            Oh boy! First baby? She has her work ahead of her... Praying God will deliver her and help her bring on that baby! Bless her heart.

                            With my first, I went into labor on June 22nd, and momma was upset, her birthday was the day before on June 21. LOL... He didn't come until the night of the 23rd.

                            Hang in there!
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                              Re: Wish us luck

                              Sandy... I hope all goes well.... Can't wait to see a picture of Baby Exra!

                              Sandy from Cincinnati

                              AKA Kermit