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I fell for an infomercial!!!

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    I fell for an infomercial!!!

    I woke up crazy early this morning, and ofcourse the tv was on...and yes I was feeling fat! Could be the up comingtrip to the beach! Anyway, I saw the 6week body makeover, and ofcourse I got sucked in!! It looks amazing, as I know all things do on tv..but I read the reviews and found out what the program is all basically teaches you how to eat without the salt and the sugars!!! I think it would be great for my family to eat healthier altogether not just me! And dropping the weight is an awesome plus!!

    But anywho, has anyone heard of this program? Its a hit and miss with a few people but everyone agreed that they were NEVER hungry on this program! Its a life changing thing,and at this point I want my kids to grow up being healthy and never fearing be the fat kid like I was!! Cross your fingers and wish me luck!
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    Re: I fell for an infomercial!!!

    Fingers crossed and lots of luck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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