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Night Owls On Ice

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    Night Owls On Ice

    A couple things go with this one.

    One - It's danged cold in A LOT of places. I'm sure most of us would like a break to above freezing, even if only just above.

    Two - The Olympic coverage started tonight. Other than Bob's pink eye problem which made him look even dorkier than usual, what are your initial thoughts?
    I have heard a lot of stuff isn't finished, and the stuff that might be is really shoddily done. That is too bad. The views seem to be stunning.
    The venues look decent, and so far the athletes seem to be having good performances. Some of those crashes on the slopes looked pretty serious. I hope they are all going to be OK.
    We'll watch the opening ceremonies tomorrow night. According to the interview, it ought to be huge.

    Go Team USA!
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    Re: Night Owls On Ice

    Oh just noticed you were out there all alone last night. I would have joined you but it seems our cable was out since yesterday evening and it was still out around 6:30 am when I got up this morning.


      Re: Night Owls On Ice

      Sorry, I have not been a night owl this week - actually have slept this week!

      Have not started watching Olympics yet - mentioned it to DH last night who always has control of the tv and he just said oh? and went on watching some stupid reality show................then it was time for Bonnie Hunter's live quilt cam - I took my laptop and went to the sewing room, since my watching videos with sound bothers him......Need to get the tv back into a useable spot in the sewing room - it is still sitting on the floor since I finished painting. Hopefully this weekend i will get a few more things done in there.

      M*QC forum is full of the best people!

      I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

      A bad day in the sewing room is better than a good day at the office.


        Re: Night Owls On Ice

        This cold is killing me!!! My arthritis hates it and my husband hates it even more! When we got home after dinner last night, I turned on the fireplace and parked myself in front of it till I went to bed. It has become my best friend this winter, which is the first year we have had it. Makes the whole house so toasty warm.

        When I got out to the garage this morning and started up my vehicle, the temperature on teh dash said it was 37. I backed out and made it two blocks up the hill and it had dropped to 24! They say it 'might' make it to 30, but I'm not holding out much hope. Snow is predicted the next two days. At least it will be the weekend, so people can stay home!

        A friend from work got home last night, parked in her driveway, which had about an inch of snow. Went out later and her car had slid to the middle of her street! Luckily, the only people who drive thru there are ones who live there so it was still in one piece!

        Stay safe and warm!

        No rainbows!


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          Re: Night Owls On Ice

          Scary conditions when your car slides out of your driveway. It just is too scary out there to venture out unless it is Very Important. DH needs to go out today and is waiting until noon time as the sun melts a lot of the ice, he'll hurry back before the sun goes down and the ice forms again.

          Talked to a friend yesterday and of course the weather came up. She's said after hearing about so many getting major injuries from slipping and falling on the icy walks she is staying in, doesn't want to negate all the back PT she has had recently.


            Re: Night Owls On Ice

            Watched some of the Olympics and then news and Jay Leno. DH sometimes has trouble settling in to sleep, so he sat here with me while I watched a taped episode of Y&R. I knew that would put him to sleep in a hurry. LOL! Anyway, after that I just was not able to stay awake myself, so crashed on the couch. We had to be up earlier today for an appt., so it was a good thing I did that. Didn't even think of the Nite Owls.
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