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Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

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    Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

    Happy Thursday Folksies!

    I was able to putz around with some blocks yesterday. Never got anything completed - just a work in progress there. I have an old old old quilt that my granny made and I have no idea what the pattern is even after spending loads of time looking online etc for it. I am going to try to replicate it. Not as easy as I thought. hmm. Math has never been my strong suit.

    Off to find the coffee cup. Then to read here a bit, peruse the gallery and then possibly gaze pinterest. Why oh why do I spend so much time on this computer? I am almost ready to go on strike!

    Have a wonderful day folksies. Smile. If you can't the below will cause a giggle. It did from me!

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

    Good morning. Yes it is me....I am still alive and kicking....just froze! It is a big 5* this morning.

    I haven't been on here much lately.. I do come in and lurk a bit now and then..just haven't done much posting. I guess dealing with life is a bit too much for my mind to think of something to say. I know..."What!!!!!! Donna has nothing to say?".... LOL. I promise I will get past this bump in my road and be back to my old self soon.. I think it is the winter blues mostly.

    Have a great day

    Hugs and prayers to all.
    MSQC: Where Strangers become Friends and Friends become Family!

    "The soul would have no rainbows, if the eyes had no tears."native American wisdom



      Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

      Morning girlees!

      Thursday Thursday...the day before Friday. As always I'm livin for the weekend!!

      Blondie, that picture did make me giggle. It also made me think of the Carol Burnett show and that made me giggle a little more. How I wish there were some good comedy on tv like that again!!

      Hey Donna. Nice to see you. I was on hiatus for a while also. I don't even want to think about going outside today but I gotta pay the bills so...... I think just about everyone I know is get tired of the cold weather. I usually come home from work and after taking care of the furbabies, change into my comfies and snuggle up on the couch just to be warm. I haven't even been working on my quilt lately. Boo Hiss to the winter blues


        Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

        Good Morning from frozen Missouri,

        It's -3 and dropping. We had snow pretty much all day yesterday. It was pretty to watch but it piled up a bit.

        Hey, Donna!!! Isn't this weather the pits!! Stay warm, Sweetie! I may stay in my jammies all day. Jeff has to go to work for training today or be placed on administrative leave without pay. Training is a requirement in your birthday month and today is the last day of training for February. He still feels lousy.

        The Girls want to know what in the heckfire shoot happened to their yard! They don't spend a spare second out there.

        I'm off to see the wizard and get Jeff off for his day.

        Be super careful out there everyone. Hugs....

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

          Good Thursday!
          "I will wake in the morning with a joyful heart, knowing my Jesus will help me do my part. I will JUMP out of bed with a schedule in my head, and start off my day with a smile.....!"
          Another little diddy I used to sing when I was younger. I took a class on home organizing and that was the theme song. I used to sing it in the kitchen of a restaurant when I did food prep and kept everyone entertained. Are YOU entertained!?

          It is FREEZING here today! My french doors in the bedroom were a sheet of ICE. YUCKO! The sky is clear and it's going to be another beautiful day (I think) but oh so windy and cold. Spring, you're out there, right?

          I don't have a ton of housework today, hoping to make it into the sewing room and get nearly done with a baby quilt. It's turning out cute and I want to see it finished! I haven't had a finish in awhile and I want!! I have so many other things I want to make, but have to get past this slump...

          Insomnia. Another thought on that subject. I think it takes discipline to combat it. You have to MAKE yourself stay in bed and find your mental happy place so you can drift back to sleep. No matter how bad you want to give up and get up, you have to make sleep happen. Anyone else experience this? Off the wall, off subject, weird I know, but still.

          Anyone see Seattle celebrate our football team yesterday? I'm gonna be brutally honest here and confess it made me emotional. It's pride. I'm proud of these young guys. This young group of draft misfits who won the world championship for Seattle. I think it's the beginning of a dynasty for Seattle and all I can say's about time! It's our time.

          Ok, off to make something of this morning. Got a fire going and it's getting cozy in here. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone, smile as often as you can and make someone's day. Hugs/Prayers all 'round for you if you want/need!

          Quilters make great comforters.

          Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.


            Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

            Good Morning, all!

            Good to see you back, Donna. Spring really is coming soon - hang in there. Time flies so fast it will be summer before you can blink an eye. Blondie, I am sooo guilty of wasting, uh, uh, spending too much time on the computer, too. If I spent as much time sewing everyday as I do surfing, oh the things I could accomplish.

            So, with that, I think I better get going. Got to take my little dachshund/Jack (or Crack, if you like) Russell terrier mix for blood work so she can have a dental next week. She of course needs her teeth cleaned, but the real reason I'm having it done now is to get her toenails trimmed while she is asleep. It is the only way and they are getting so long she can hardly walk. Then off to the house - kitchen floor was installed yesterday and today the baseboards will go back down after a fresh coat of paint, remove doors from fridge and jam it through the door, put the oven back in place and kitchen will be done! One room down, 12 to go. Hhm,, just realized my house has 13 rooms, hope that's not a bad thing.

            Everyone have a Blessed day - stay safe and warm.


              Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

              Good Morning all, Not completely awake as I only had a cup of tea around 6:30 and need coffee to really get going. Finally did some sewing yesterday and will continue this morning. I began a Star of Bethlehem quilt using a layout I found in a Utube. One star in the middle and each corner has a 3/4 star - it really looks nice. Quilt is for my guild's show in May, each member of my Story Weavers small group is making a quilt inspired by The Last Runaway, a novel we read last year. Main character does a lot of piece work and Star of Bethlehem is one of the blocks she often used. This is a small quilt around 36" and I was determined to make it from my stash. Couldn't find enough of the right fabrics in blues so I'm making my stars in a colonial red print and a cream small print with white for the background. beth star.jpg
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                Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                Good morning one and all. It is good just because I was able to wake up and get out of bed. There is school today so those kids are going to freeze waiting for the bus.
                My time is mine so I will find things to keep busy through the day when I feel like doing something.
                I sure miss my morning walks around the cemetery . I have put on some weight this winter so come spring I will have to get busy and get walking again. I am so ready to have this winter a distant memory.
                Have a nice day .
                Hugs Ann


                  Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                  Good morning everyone. I did not get up until 8 this morning. I worked on a little quilt I am repairing for a friend. I did get the binding on it last night and will get that finished up today. Another thing off my to-do list.

                  I am not currently working which is ok at the moment. I have some time to myself.

                  Have a great day friends.
                  Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                    Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                    Good Morning All.

                    It's a beautiful morning, a cold 4 degrees, but sunny and calm. I'm sitting in front of the window drinking my coffee. It's amazing what joy and peace a little sunshine brings to me.

                    I haven't been out of the house much this week but have gotten much accomplished in my sewing room. Today I am going to do a quick sweep of the house and wait for my sister to come visit. She is just getting into quilting and I want her to watch me do a quilt, start to finish. I'm going to have her go through my stash and pick the fabric, then pick a pattern and get started cutting. I think it's going to be fun, fun, fun.

                    Blessings and prayers to all those in need. My prayer list has gotten so long when I pray I have just started asking God to "Bless all those asking for prayer". I sure am counting my blessings.


                      Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                      Good morning all, it's cold here too.. Off work today and gonna stay in where its warm!! Blondie ...I did giggle at your funny...and myself when I looked in the mirror at all my hair standing on my head...and thought the same thing! Donna, stay warm down there and it was good to hear from you. Winter can get depressing that's for sure! other Donna...enjoy working at your new house today! May, I love the pattern! Robin enjoy your day with your sis! Sounds like fun and a lot if memory making!

                      Everyone have a great day!!
                      SW Missouri


                        Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                        IMG_2568.jpgI've been getting up earlier because of our sweet kitty cat. She was waking me up in the middle of the night to feed her. After putting up with that for a bit I decided it was time to place her in her own room. She now resides in a very comfy little kitty bed on top of our guest bed. She doesn't seem to mind one bit (often find she has put herself to bed). She gets lots of kisses and sweet talk and then the door gets shut for the night. Wonderful!!! Anyway, I get up each morning at 70 a.m. to let her out. For a while I was just going back to bed until 8. Rising at 7 gives me lots more time to spend on this dang computer without it cutting too much into my day. Also, no more guilt! There's always still tons of time to accomplish the day's activities. Blondie, you're not alone. I probably spend a couple of hours or more on here every morning - mail, Facebook, Missouri*, shopping, researching, etc.

                        Just have to share this. I laughed so hard. The other day I was sitting on a stool in my front yard priming the new glazing compound where Joe did some repair work to our office window. While painting, this little paw came through the plantation shutters. She literally opened the shutters so she could see what I was doing. Don't tell me cats aren't smart.
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                        Goodbye Europe! Hello California! Home sweet home.


                          Re: Thursday - it's gonna be a great day

                          It is a good day. No kids and going to get my nails done. Then work on taxes for us, DD, and one of her friends. Hopefully will get to start on one of the benefit quilts sometime today or tonight.
                          Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love