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Wednesday Greetings

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    Wednesday Greetings

    Hello Folksies!

    It's raining. Again. Thank goodness it isn't snow. But then, I understand the NE is getting a big huge blast of it after the Midwest took the first hit. All of you folks have my prayers for safety and warmth, while I admire your ability to live in the snow belt. I know that at least y'all are better prepared for it than Deep South folks, etc. but cold is COLD and a few inches is NOTHING compared to what y'all get. Stay warm!

    Since I've been down at Mom's for so long, I brought my favorite machine down there to stitch on. I was using her HUSQ and all of a sudden her tension got wonky. I didn't have patience to play with it and sent Luscious up to get mine. Now Mom and I can sit and sew in tandem. Yeah, don't ask how that is working. Yesterday was my last day at Mom's for a few days, it is Sis's turn, so I had my man carry my fav baby back home for me. My toe is much better but it is still too iffy to be going up and down the basement steps. Maybe by next week? I am just askeered of those steep steps. If you really knew me you would realize that I am not graceful or co ordinated - however! I am smart enough to delegate who does what. Delegate. Good choice of words for someone who is always accused of being bossy. I'm a delegater, not a bossy person. Ha! I am looking forward to getting some sewing in this morning while I watch all the rain fall outside. Perhaps even a nap. Everytime I think I am going to get one in, the phone rings or someone shows up at my door. Or the dog will start barking at invisible things lurking in the kitchen or walls!

    Off to make a few pillow slips for our Ruby's Cyber Elves and then stitch on a COC.

    Blessings to each one today. Smile!

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Wednesday Greetings

    Good Morning,

    I think today will be the day I try to rejoin the walking living. I'm still crouping but I can breathe through my nose again. We tried to take Jeff to the doctor yesterday be the Highway Patrol turned us back because the road was too dangerous. Jeff is going to try to go back to work today. Tomorrow is his birthday and he has to be in training all day, so he knows there's a load of work waiting for him. Poor guy..he's really got the crud.

    I've been doing nothing...not even talking on the phone. The house is a mess, I need to make laundry soap, the Girls need to be bathed and I'm still not!

    Take care and stay safe and warm. Hugs, Barb

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Wednesday Greetings

      Good morning girls!

      I love the giraffe picture Blondie. I feel like that most of the time

      I hope your Jeff can find some relief from the crud before he goes back to work. Sounds like he will have a lot on his plate upon his return. Seems like just about everyone I know has the crud.

      Going to make my way to office and hopefully it won't be too slick. I don't have to go very far. The DD is still in her funk so the office is lookin pretty good. Hopefully she will pull herself up soon.

      Have a great day everyone!


        Re: Wednesday Greetings

        Have no idea what's going on outside, rain and ice were predicted but since I have no where really important to go I don't care. Just hope all that have to be up and about today take it easy on the road and keep a lot of space between you and the other cars.

        Nothing much going on today, if roads are good DH will go to his class and I'll get some stuff done here. I really feel like taking a nap. Sort of feeling off, woke up with an upset stomach so I might be coming down with something,

        Sending the Good Witch Glenda to you to solve all your UFO problems, don't we wish it was that simple.
        wis of oz.jpg.
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          Re: Wednesday Greetings

          Good morning all! Yes we got our snow, it wasn't a major dump, but enough for the schools to be closed yesterday and today. So I had grandkids yesterday and will have them again today. So much for sewing.

          Speaking of sewing, I was trying to cruise through finishing up my quilt rows on the second irish chain, when the 7700 threw up its hands and shot out an E1 error code. I almost equate this to the blue screen of death computer owners fear, because I think it is a motherboard code. It will take a day or two to get out to the machine dealer to get it checked out. Thank heaven I have one or two ( or three) backup machines to use to finish my quilt. This macHine which I once loved has been making me strongly consider a "breakup" and perhaps divorce. Where do I go from here? Dang!

          Well, the kiddos will be here early, so I need to say goodbye and have a great day, whTever weather Mother Nature has to send your way!


            Re: Wednesday Greetings

            We got "dumped" on thru the night and everything has shut down... wind is blowing and the roads can't be kept clean.. So we hunker down and stay warm. Baking is a great way to keep extra warm, so I will be "working" in the kitchen.

            And sewing a few pieces together when I need to sit down for a few minutes. I really haven't been motivated to do much sewing as of late. Just a phase that corresponds with the weather we are having. I am thankful we got all the installation of insulation done last month... I am staying much warmer these days. But my ol bones feel the cold and I almost think I go into a hibernation state.... just wanna sleep and cuddle with a warm quilt or two.

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              Re: Wednesday Greetings

              Good Morning all,

              May please send her my way! Unfinished projects are the bane of my existence in a normal time, but now...Oy Vey! I just want to get ONE room put together. Is that toooo much to ask? Apparently. Discovered another lovely quirk at the new house yesterday. Appliances are typically 30" wide. Guess how wide the only door leading to the kitchen is? Yep. 29" What the ?????. SO to remove the fridge to put the new floor down, we had to take the doors off and then had to put them back on. When the floor gets put down tonight, we will have to take them off again, move the fridge back into the kitchen, scraping the door jambs as we go and trying not to rip the electrical cord off of the back of the fridge. Then we can put the doors back on, and repair and repaint the door jambs. (It's a pocket door so we can't just take the door jambs off.) What were they thinking when they put that door in there?? Oh for a fresh start from Glenda!

              Weather here is drizzly for the next few days, turning cooler tomorrow and then a cold front on Sunday. Did I mention yesterday that the State Fair starts tomorrow? It hardly ever fails that the Fair and rainy, cool/cold weather go hand in hand. If you want to come to Florida to escape the cold, the first two weeks of February is never the right time.

              Bubby, sure hope you and hubby are feeling better soon. I know it always helps when we have been sick for a long period to open the house and let fresh air in and germs out. I guess that's not an option for you at this time, but as soon as it is get some fresh air in the house.

              Jean, that is exactly why I can't ever imagine owning an electronic machine. As much trouble as I have with computers.... Hope it turns out to be something simple to fix.

              Everyone else have a Blessed Day as we remember those who need our prayers. Stay safe if you have to venture out in bad weather.
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                Re: Wednesday Greetings

                Good morning! Cold here today..but thankfully no more snow. Trying to decide if I need to ride in with DH or drive myself...should prolly watch the news. Today I am grateful for my home, that keeps me warm! Everyone have a great day!
                SW Missouri

                Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                  Re: Wednesday Greetings

         delegate Girl Friend, delegate away!

                  Barb, sure hope Jeff gets better soon, same for you. I say take it easy. The house mess will still be there tomorrow.

                  Jean...a "divorce" with a machine. It is bad then! Been there with Computers over the years but not with sewing machines! Bummer for sure.

                  Yesterday Don played chauffeur on his day off, post office to drop off "Special Warrior" package for Cyber Elves, Joann's for rotary blades (5 ea. pkg) NONE. ugh, looking for a L-shape desk...another bust, more stops, lunch at Zaxby's...delicious!

                  Time to sew up some NICU blankets for the Easter Drive today but I need finish cleaning up my sewing loft after pulling special fabric combos for the SW packages. Plus Miss Penny got into my thread spools and plays store, I have little bags with spools all over the loft and the master bedroom.

                  Have a great day and please be safe out there!

                  Huggers, Ruby
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                    Re: Wednesday Greetings

                    Good Morning!!! We had snow and blowing wind yesterday and last night. Today we have some wind blowing but the snow has stopped. We are headed to the city today for an appointment for dh. If it was not for the fact it takes 6-8 months if we reschedule we would have cancelled. But we are going to try to make it. We had planned to stop other places but are just going there and back home.

                    Blondie, glad that your toe is better. Bubby hope you mend quickly and sorry the HP made you miss your dh's dr appointment.

                    I wish it was that simple to make all my UFOs be gone - basically the main thing that I need done for about 8 of my quilts is for them to be quilted. Jean sorry about the sewing machine.

                    Have a safe, warm day everyone!!!


                      Re: Wednesday Greetings

                      Good morning everyone. We are back home after a mini vacation. We did not go far but it was nice to get away for a couple of days. We stopped at an antique show, did a little shopping and then spent our last day at Phil's so I could get me some baby loving. Laundry today and hubby is back to work tonight.

                      We were supposed to get a little snow today but it is not snowing just yet. A good day to stay in nonetheless.

                      Have a wonderful day friends, to all those not feeling 100%, I hope you get better soon.
                      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                        Re: Wednesday Greetings

                        Morning all! We so got dumped on with snow! I'm not sure just how much, but the drive way is deep and I do not think I will attempt to see if I can get out for whatever purpose!
                        I will be taking a vacation day, although I will be checking just to see if the office is closed for sure. I plan on catching up house chores and getting back to my sewing room. I am sure I will be also dealing with a very bored 13 year old who has been cooped up in the house now going on 5 days! UGH! Will I get much done...we shall see.
                        Hubby stayed in a hotel close to work last night thanks to his company mandating no muscle to clear the drive anyhow! Oh spring...when will you be here?

                        "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


                          Re: Wednesday Greetings

                          Good morning....

                          Got up early, looked out the window, called off work and went back to sleep. Now I'm up and probably going to work on my Irish Chain quilt this morning, since it's in the house. I did get my Ellie Ann quilt trimmed up last night and the binding made, but it's out in my sewing room and I don't think I want to venture out there yet.

                          I think I'll put a load of laundry in and then get to my sewing.

                          Have a wonderful day! Stay safe and warm. Prayers and hugs.
                          Shirley aka buckeyequilter
                          I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                            Re: Wednesday Greetings

                            I cannot praise the value of snowblowers enough, especially this year! I cleaned my driveway in less than 15 minutes. I cursed this machine more than once in past years, because I couldn't get it started. Luckily, my son in law got it started for the first time in December, and since then I've had numerous opportunities to use it, and it has started every time! I barely broke a sweat! No snow shovels or heavy expenses for this gal to clear the snow. So far this winter, it has been worth every penny I have spent on it!

                            Now, Murphy's Law dictates that the next time I want to use it, it will not work, since I praised it to the sky just now. Just to show the human owner who is really in control!

                            Of course, I must disclaim that I have a 20 foot long concrete double driveway. I know this is not an option on gravel or those long country roads. I had one of those at one time, and we just plowed through it with our monster trucks!
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                              Re: Wednesday Greetings

                              Honey, I am THE Delegater. I think I should have 'people', you know? Minions or some such to do all my great thinks.!

                              Hope your toe feels better. I am looking out the window at the blah.... I really need to vacuum, and clean and put the studio back together before work, because I am off tomorrow and REALLY should quilt!

                              Take care, all!!! ((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))

                              (I'm sarcastic. Breathe deeply, then laugh...)

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