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Tuesday is always a good day to smile

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    Tuesday is always a good day to smile

    Hello Folksies!

    Are you ready for Tuesday? Big plans? Finishing up any projects? I am happy for February to be here, it has always been one of my favorite months. I don't know why that is; I don't think it is because of Valentines Day but it could be. It may be because it was the month of my Daddy's birthday and we girls always had fun making him various goodies, hoping for an extra word of praise - I just like February. Even if some of the worst weather for we here in my little area of NC comes in February, it make me smile to think that Spring is on it's way. Yes! Spring is coming. Yes. It is. Just as the tide swarms the shore, the stars are in the sky, Spring will be here with all the tulips, daffs, buttercups . . . I can barely wait.

    Have a wonderful day, full of delightful planning, pleasant memories and many smiles!

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
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    Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

    Hi Blondie! We are bracing for another snow event, which won't be here til afternoon. This makes " snow day" calls uncertain, so I might have the grandkids, or have to retrieve them from school early.

    My pretty irish chain quilt ended up way too big for a twin bed, so I constructed another set of blocks from extra fabric I purchased to just make another one. I just couldn't bear to rip the first one, besides, it will fit on my bed! If I don't have the kids today, I might get the second one put together, I have the blocks all made. Love making this pattern!

    Have a great day, all, whatever Mother Nature has in store for you! Spring will be here sooner or later!


      Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

      Good morning!

      I just should just come to the morning thread because you start it 10 my time when I'm a night owl. Are there such a thing as day owls? Wow Jean back to back. I don't think I could do that.

      I'm working on a scrappy quilt that's really fun and today I need to find a different embroidery stabilizer. I did a design three times and that's got to be the trouble maker. Plus they sold me bobbins that don't fit my machine. Grr.

      Wish me luck getting back to sleep
      🌺 Lorie


        Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

        Morning all! Today looks alright so far. We do have snow warnings in place for this evening around 10pm so that will put a kink in tomorrows activities. Looks like I will be home sewing as long as power stays. prediction is for 6 to 10 mixed with sleet and ice. Doing what I need to since I didn't get there yesterday , our 1 to 3 turned into 5 to 6 glad I didn't go yesterday. Have a great day all . Visions of spring are in my head. Hugs to all that need them.
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          Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

          I'll be looking out the window to watch for this next storm heading our way.. we have averaged 30 inches of snow this year when last year we only had 6 inches. (does that let ya know how bad our winter is to us??) I didn't want to freeze up by checking out the average temps this season. Let's just say - Brrrrrrr.

          Got to do some house cleaning.. the house is full of fur tumble weed things.. the dishes in the sink are yelling at me and my bathroom porcelain is turning yellow... The throne is not a pretty sight... gloves and bleach time.

          Me thinks my Hobbies get in the way of house keeping ...... LOL My latest punch art card making attempts.


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            Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

            The snow has started falling here...and wondering if the forecast will be correct...I sure don't want it to be! I will watching at work to see if I will need to leave early or not. The nasty we had last year on Feb 21, 2013 was pretty bad. I ended up walking home ad got dog bit. So, today should be interesting!

            "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


              Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

              Good Morning everyone. Today will be an overcast and rainy all day. But its okay because the temp is 40* and I can deal with that. Hope everyone has a great day. To those North of me, please stay warm.
              ~ Tracy


                Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                G'morning everyone

                the fur babies have had their morning Daddy cookies - now they're back in the beds -- I hear the morning birds just singing away . . it's suppose to reach into the 80's today . . *ugh*~ . . I am not ready for summer type weather yet
                Hubby has *hopefully*~ what is suppose to be his last 3 cancer Dr appts this week - CT scan today - stitches out from his last surgery tomorrow and the CT scan reading on Thursday -- blood work was done last week

                for the pass week or so - I haven't been able to sleep well -
                I think its be'cuz a friend has passed and his wife not telling anyone - dang I dislike it when people are like that *shaking head*~

                my take on the superbowl . . BORRRRRRRing . . I wonder who had their money pockets lined on that game -
                Broncos played like the Jaguars -- what a waste
                even the Budwiser commerical -- Puppy Love -- didn't come close to it's 2013 commerical - 2013 commerical was MUCH better . . JMO *ooo there goes a Canadian Geese fly by*~
                BUT . . I am sooooooo glad that Tebow got his diggs in - take that Denver and take that New England . . LOL*~

                well off to get another cup of Joe

                y'all - ''Make it'' a good day
                2015 is here
                Be Bold and Bravely put one foot in front of the other :)


                  Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                  Good Morning all,

                  Jean - you kill me! Your quilt was too big so you just whipped up another one? I think you should have a quilt-cam thing going, we could all learn from you I am sure. Just set up the camera and let us watch.

                  I just checked our forecast and looks like it could be a little rainy all week - temperatures in the 70-80's and then cooling off again next Monday. I just thought about it, of course it's going to rain. The Florida State Fair opens on the 6th and it always rains for the fair (and usually we get our coldest weather those two weeks, too). I don't care much about going anymore like I did when I was younger. When my youngest DD was into showing her dogs with her 4H group of course we went. I decided to go all by myself a couple of years back, just to look at the quilt entries and see the craft vendor section, so I might do that again this year.

                  Hope everyone has a Blessed Day. Stay inside and quilt if you can!


                    Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                    Morning....the snow is headed this way as well. No snow day for me...DH will drive me in so I don't get stuck...don't drive in the stuff. Too many crazy people out there for me! Today I am grateful for my DH! Everyone have a great day!
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                    SW Missouri

                    Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                      Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                      Good Morning All,

                      I am getting ready early today to run my errands before the snow flies. Actually, not so much worried about the snow, I want to run my errands so I can come home and sew the rest of the day!!!! I'm supposed to go out of town to have dinner with several friends tonight but I think that will be canceled due to weather. I had already informed hubby it was leftovers for him tonight so I'm not cooking. It's going to be a great day!!!!

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                        Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                        Last night it was pretty dark and cold when DH tried to clear our driveway but the snow blower didn't cooperate. Snow is heavy and wet so that could be the problem. He'll give it a try this morning while it's a bit warmer and sunny as more 'stuff' (snow, rain and/or ice) is expected overnight. DS#1 will be over for dinner tonight so maybe we'll ask him to bring his snow blower, he doesn't need to dig out as he lives very close to the ocean and they only got rain instead of the 10" we got.

                        Made a really nice and tasty soup for dinner last night. Thought I had all the ingredients for a creamy veggie soup recipe I saw online. Turned out only exact ingredients I had were the red onion and some limp celery. Threw seasoned chicken broth, left over veggies and spinach (didn't have the broccoli recipe called for) into crock pot for a few hours, pureed soup a bit and then added the 'cream' (milk thickened with flour and butter). Soup looked like loose chopped spinach and wasn't too thick so, threw in leftover rice with chopped veggies and some instant potaotes to thicken it up a bit more and a delicious soup was born. Went nicely with our little hamburgers. Too bad I'll never be able to make it again but a least I cleared the fridge out of those leftovers.

                        Tonight I'll roast a pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes, salad if the salad greens are enough for 3 or some peas. Think I'll bake the 2 Granny Smith Apples leftover from our Christmas basket while the oven is on, they are surprisingly still firm but I think it's time for them to go. DS#1 has been trying to have dinner with us every other week since his wife passed away in October. We took a break over the holidays and then again in January when we all went to his DD's wedding in CA so if the weather agrees he'll be here tonight. Afterwards he'll have dessert with his MIL and do it in reverse next week.

                        Since we're in for more bad weather tonight and again on the weekend I think while the oven is on for tonight's dinner I'll bake a few things like muffins and a veggie quiche for dinners during the week. I haven't done much sewing at all, if I don't have to stop to cook I can get some real sewing done and get a move on with projects that are due. Guild's quilt show is in May and I haven't begun the one quilt I planned to make. I usually made two quilts and the challenge quilts but thought by planning to do only one I'd get it done early, not so as you can tell.
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                          Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile


                          Jeff and I are still sick as two old dogs. We're waiting for the next snow "event" which is scheduled to arrive today with more promised for the weekend.

                          Stay safe and warm everyone.

                          Scottie Mom Barb


                            Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                            Good morning! There hasn't been any sunshine here in gloomy, but we don't have snow and ice right now and we're supposed to get only rain tonight. That's the bright side of this weather. Jean, you're a powerhouse! It was probably just as quick to sew up a smaller quilt than do all that frog sewing on the big one. And you get a great quilt for yourself in the bargain.
                            If you're in the snow today, I hope you stay safe and warm. Prayers for everyone who's sick or going through difficult times.
                            *~* Myrna *~*
                            *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                              Re: Tuesday is always a good day to smile

                              Good Morning! We've just waiting around for the snow to start- suppose to get upto 10 inches. All of the schools around have cancelled for the day. I'm not planning on going anywhere for the day, just stay home and sew.

                              I am planning on putting the Storybook 10 inch layer cake quilt into the quilting frame today. Hopefully, can get some of it tied. The other project is ironing the Kona new classic charm strips and finish sewing the strips into a quilt.

                              My sweet hubby will be fixing lunch. Then for supper is tomato soup with corn chips and grilled cheese sandwiches.