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Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

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    Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

    Well I am really an early owl again....don't wanna work tomorrow...but I need money for fabric.....

    Night all!!
    SW Missouri

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    Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

    I don't want to work tomorrow either, but got to pay for this addiction somehow! Heading to bed myself. Maybe once this next front comes through, my headache will go away?

    M*QC forum is full of the best people!

    I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

    A bad day in the sewing room is better than a good day at the office.


      Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

      I'm an early Night Owl too. DH couldn't eat dinner tonight because he had a tooth pulled late this afternoon so I skipped cooking dinner and has a cup of tea and graham crackers instead. That threw my whole schedule off because I feel asleep really early while I was watching Jeopardy, it is on 7 - 7:30 pm here. So now I'm wide awake and need something to do I've emptied the dishwasher, put some books away and next just might cook something for tonight's dinner.

      What did you have for dinner? I had tea and graham crackers.


        Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

        I'm night owling because my costuming partner wanted to work tonight and she likes to work late. Because of her, I got 70 irish chain blocks sewed together. It's a good thing those don't require much thought, but I just kept sewing and sewing and the pile kept getting higher. I'm not sure exactly how many I need, but I think I'm getting close to being finished. I'll lay them out tomorrow. Nitey night!


          Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

          I'd like to go to work tomorrow.
          The gal that has been employing me said the finances are a bit tight. The last time that happened, she owed me for a full month. Now, I am not going out more than a week, maybe two. I have a week on the books, and I have bills that need to be paid, not to mention the LQS I need to support. Ugh! I hate having to ask for my pay.

          I have been putting off looking for a different job, but I'm afraid the time is rapidly approaching where I'm going to have to.

          Hubby is home tomorrow, and that can put a crimp in the plans. Although it does sound like he wants to check out the new micro-brewery down in the harbor. It is right up the hill from the LQS! Honey, you go taste beers and I'll pet all of the pretty fabrics! Who Hoo!

          I'll be turning in shortly myself. I've been pretty tuckered lately. I should finish off the other projects I have on the table and get back to some sewing. That may give me the drive to stay up later and finish up some PHD's.

          It sounds as if the South is going to thaw and we are scheduled for the arctic breezes to arrive next week. Of course. I just put the tank heaters back into the "Goat Stuff" storage shed. Thankfully they aren't that hard to deal with!

          Good night and enjoy the last day of January 2014! (Where did the last 30 days go?)
          Hugs, Cathy
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          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


            Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

            I am always up late messing around on the computer, playing solitaire, doing a sudoku puzzle, reading, or working on a quilt; depends on my mood, really. DH had soup for dinner and I wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat. About a half hour ago I was hungry so I had a little bowl of seafood salad (from Sam's Club) and some tostidos. Very healthy meal-(not so much)-but it hit the spot! Think I will catch up on a few episodes of y&r and then call it a night!
            :icon_wave: Linda
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              Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

              Hello night owls,
              Fell asleep again early tonight watching TV, and now my eyes are wide open. Have to get myself back on a regular sleep schedule!
              May yum, graham crackers and tea, could go for some of those now. Must put graham crackers on my shopping list for tomorrow. I like the chocolate ones. Tonight I cooked a big dinner, hubby was probably shocked! We had roast pork with roasted white and sweet potatoes ( I like the combination of both), broccoli, a peach-mango applesauce, and biscuits. I don't usually cook big pieces of meat since it's just the two of us but it was on sale so I cut the roast in two pieces when I bought it one for roasting and probably the other one for some pulled pork in the future.
              Didn't get any sewing done today, instead sat and read a few chapters in my book, a very relaxing day. Well, off to read some posts and wait to see what the daily deal will be.
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                Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

                you must have some great power naps.if i wake up i always feel more tired.


                  Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

                  I would like to go to work, but got laid off a year ago after 25 years at a local college. So now I sit up half the night sewing, crocheting, watching tv and time on the computer.
                  Barbara :icon_bigsmile:


                    Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

                    I too have to get myself into an earlier routine. Being up late so much makes me never wanting to get up before noon. I am counting the days to retirement. I have 2258 days to retirement. Unless I can save enough in the next couple years and retire a bit early. Haha. Not with my quilting budget. But heck, gotta buy it now because my retirement budget will be somewhat tighter

                    Have a good sleep all. I am looking forward to a quilting weekend!
                    Life is short - Live everyday to the fullest


                      Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

                      I just got up.. bladder doesn't let me sleep all thru the night. Usually I can get back to sleep, but not tonight. I'm wide awake. Maybe I will get an early start on this Week End's Power Sewing or SEW A LONG.. Trying to get a top done...Dresden plates. I forgot how time consuming they can be.. making 48 that have 16 pieces.

                      I don't even want to think about the next phase.. applique to 14.5 inch block. Whew, that thought might help me get back to sleep.. exhausted just thinking about all the hand work.

                      I've been retired for years.. and I am having the bestest time. I can indulge in all the HOBBIES. Just have to budget a bit to get everything I want.. LOL. Work keeps you young!! And in FABRIC soooo--- work on!! You too, will be retired one day and can spend your whole day in PJ's. HUGS!!

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                        Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

                        Hahaha! That was cute Judy! I always say... Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go... right now I'm the only one working since DH was laid off from his job last April. He is shocked he has been out of work for the last 9 months. Never happened to him before, and he is a very busy guy, so he is going just about stir crazy... he constantly volunteers at the local food bank three days a week to keep himself busy and feel wanted/needed. They love him there! He had three interviews out of state last week, ended up being the #2 guy at two of them, still waiting to hear if the third company wants to hire him. We would be moving to Boise, ID if they do, and of course our last one at home, our 16 year old DD, is NOT happy about it. I get it, I really do, but sometimes in life you have to roll with the punches and take what ever card you are dealt and make the best of things. Of course RN's there make about $10 an hour less than I am currently making, but on the flip side, housing is cheaper. We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying hard that he gets this last possibility. At this point anything is better than nothing! I better get back to work, no labor patients tonight, but my mommy's and baby's are keeping me busy.... good night friends!



                          Re: Night owls don't wanna go to work tomorrow..

                          Everyone Hello! I too, am a nite owl! Married to a morning person though! Why is it, that seems to be the way? I am up late on the pc or in my play room (sewing room). A friend gave me a book for Christmas, I used to love to read, so I started reading the book last night. Reading, sewing, quilting, computers, are just some of my hobbies. Waking up to the early alarm is something I am not going to miss when I retire.