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Wow it can't be Thursday already!

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    Wow it can't be Thursday already!

    My goodness where is the time going?

    Not a whole new since yesterday. I did get to Denis' shop yesterday to spend that gift certificate. Today I have a four hour lunch so will head off to Pembroke for a little shopping.

    Have a wonderful day everyone. If you are stuck at home today, enjoy your time off. And don't forget to smile.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

    Not only is it Thursday, it's the end of January, already. It really is true what they say, the older you get, the faster time goes by.

    Didn't get much done yesterday - just didn't have it in me, and cool rainy weather didn't help. More of the same today. The new house is an official disaster area. We had to move all the contents of my storage unit in, even though the flooring is not done. Everything is stacked in my living room, family room and some in the dining room. We are washing and putting away kitchen stuff, and this kitchen is smaller with much less storage than my last one. I have a walk in closet in my quilting room that I have designated for extra kitchen storage, but the floors are down, but the baseboard isn't in that room and the shelves are waiting to be installed in the closet, so it makes it hard to know how much I will be able to keep and what has got to go. My handyman got sidelined with a rotten wood issue in DD bedroom and had to gut the room, replace the rotten (old termite damage and carpenter's ant infestation) studs and drywall the room, so there goes a week of working in the quilting room. Not to mention what this has done to the budget. I'm waiting on the baseboards, some trim, new light fixtures and electrical outlets before I can start setting that up. My washer and dryer are sitting in the dining room waiting on new flooring to be installed in the laundry room and kitchen (it's also rolled up in the dining room in the way). There's painting still left to be done - I haven't even chosen the color for my bedroom. Silly me, I thought that with nearly a month from closing to move date, it would all be done.

    Everyone have a Blessed Day and stay warm!


      Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

      Oh my goodness certainly have your hands full. Sending {{{{HUGS}}}} and prayers your way!!!!

      Had a pretty productive day yesterday. Got my upstairs dusted and vacuumed. Went over to church to check food supplies for our backpack ministry (we send meals home with 30 school children every weekend). Then did some fabric shopping and had lunch with DH. DH had to work outside in the afternoon, so I made a hot dinner of chicken picata, pasta and spinach salad.
      Then I curled up in bed with my Kindle.

      Don't have much on the agenda today except some more cleaning out in prep for the downsizing. MIght go dancing tonight - yeah that sounds good.

      Oh I forgot - yesterday I was able to get some carpenter's tape measures at Ollies for 2.79 3 of them - I see more click it bags in my future!!!

      Have a lovely day everyone.
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        Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

        Sick Day!

        Viral sinus infection complete with congestion and fever. Hope a day of rest will heal me up.

        On a much happier note: Today little man reached 36 weeks gestation! He is only a week shy of being "term" and if my sources are to be believed, roughly the size of a honeydew melon.

        Today I am going to take it easy. I have one more quilt top I need to get finished but the blocks are all done it is just a matter of sewing them together. This will be a gift for another friend who is expecting this summer.
        Loosely based on a true story.


          Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

          Good Morning,

          Whoa is me! I found out yesterday I have a viral infection. I'm supposed to go to the dentist today but I think I'll call and see if he wants me to reschedule so he doesn't get sick. He may want me to come in and he will wear a mask. My temporary filling is beginning to crumble and I don't want to have to go back to Springfield to the endodontist. My doctor wants me to check into a diabetes clinic for a thorough work-up. She said there's a good one in the Boston area. My insurance doesn't pay for things like this, so I don't see it happening.

          I hope the roads are better in Atlanta. Those poor folks really had a nightmare experience. I'm sure the real problem was the ice underneath the snow. I hate icy roads but we have to deal with them a lot. Ruby, I hope your household is reunited and things are getting back to normal. For the kids it must have seemed like a big adventure.

          GrannyAnn, I woke up in the middle of the night praying for your Jesse. I'm continuing to pray.

          Hugs All Around.....

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

            Monique, How many courses will you have for your 4 hr. lunch? Just kidding I know you'll have a 4 hr. break between shifts at work.

            Donna, You'll get there, not sooner as you thought but eventfully all will be in place and you can enjoy your new home.

            Ryan, Feel better and say Hello to your little honeydew for us,

            Bubby, Bummer getting all set for a dentist appointment and then having to cancel. I always liked when dentist called to cancel as it made me feel so free, but down side was I had to reschedule and get the work done. Not a big fan of going to the dentist, might be from when I was a kid and our dentist didn't numb you for drilling and that old dental equipment hurt.

            Carol, Wonderful thing your church is doing with the weekend meals kids take home. Keep up the Good Work. Wonder if you were in the same Ollies that we stopped in a few times on the way home from VA. It's fun to go through that type of discount store and find some good bargains.

            I'm going to finish reorganizing supply closet and then will have to find a place for the stuff that didn't make it back into the closet. Used to just put everything in a box and store it in the garage but garage is full so it's time to really discard stuff. Don't know why we call it a garage as it hasn't housed a car since the 1970's. Maybe we should remove the garage door, close the wall in with a nice window or door and gain lots of new space for storage. I would have to be quick about it or DH will grab the new space and expand his workshop.
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              Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

              Good morning, all. We were treated to a spectacular winter sunrise today. Love those colors, quite an inspiration for a quilter.


              Ruby's clan seems to all be home, sorry to hear your woes, Barb. And little Jesse needs a miracle right now. We'll keep praying.

              I decided to stop worrying about my missing fabric package from MSQC, and just get some coordinating fabric from Hancock to finish the blocks for my Xs and Os quilt. My client won't know it isn't from the same fabric line, it's all about color, and I've got that under control.

              Hope you all have a good day!


                Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

                Morning! Off today!

                Donna, your house sounds like it will be worth the wait!! Monique..I'd take a nap! away!! Ryan...feel bettr'll need your energy!! barb...Boston?? That's crazy..I have several diabetic family members and so far the state of Missouri has worked fine...that just sounds crazy. May...enjoy your de-cluttering! Jean here's a shot from the nws sunrise here this morning....image.jpg

                Have a great day!
                SW Missouri

                Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                  Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

                  Monique, you should post a photo of your shopping spree at Denis' shop. Always like to see what people's taste are like.

                  Donna, isn't homeownership fun! lol This always take longer and who ever said the estimate is 10-15% over is normally still off.

                  Carol, clip bags...another thing on my list for the Cyber Elves Fundraiser Auction the end of February. Yours are too cute.

                  Ryan, sure hope you feel better soon. Hate sinus infections, head pressure drives me crazy. That little honey dew is the only one I'll be happy to see 'cause I'm a honey don't.

                  Barb, you know my fear of the dentist! I have one temp that has come out and I'm nursing that puppy. Rather have surgery, shots you name it that go to the dentist. Now you not having proper diabetes follow worries me, that has so many other things that can go bad. Maybe you need to fight the insurance company on that one.

                  May, Don very happy that in this rental his '72 Conv Mustang in parked in the garage as well as our second car. lol I can tell you the only reason why. We came in March from Hawaii with 6 suitcases, one 4 cubic foot crate and 2 cars. 33 years of marriage accumulation missing, it was sold off in 2011. I say, call the contractor, get the permits and put that wall/window in before the hubby expands that wood shop! lol

                  Jean, yes...Matt made it home at 2:30 pm yesterday. 25 hours to go 35 miles from his office in down town Atlanta. The commute from hockey sticks! I think it was around 4 before Don returned from them retrieving Kat's van that was abandoned, dead of course from the hazard lights being on. It was heaven having all 9 of us in each of the 3 homes, safe and sound last night! Counted our blessing...and crashed early!

                  I'm sure your Xs and Os will turn out beautiful, you're very talented. The package from M* might be in the black hole of USPS - I've had 2 that way unfortunately. Good thing is you know that M* will make good on it.

                  I need to make one 36" Self-Binding Blanket in Pinks plus matching crayon roll-up for a Special Warrior 2 year Old Cora with a heart defect which requires multiple heart catharsis. Yet this morning I received another request for 4 year old Daya, she's battling Leukemia, I will pull some Hello Kitty from my special stash and create a PC and matching crayon roll-up for her. Will add the crayons and coloring book to the package and get them out this afternoon if the weather permits.

                  Everyone be safe and well.

                  Huggers, Ruby and family!
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                    Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

                    Good Morning - I worked late yesterday so I didn't get too much done last night. I did get the receiving blankets together, I just need to press them and sew around the boarders. I'm hoping to get the burp cloths done tonight so I can pack everything up for my new great niece and get it in the mail. She was three weeks early just like my granddaughter only a lot bigger than my granddaughter Our family just keeps growing by leaps and bounds.
                    Meet Lynnéa 20 inches long 6lbs 13oz Born 1-28-14 @ 9:21 PM

                    I'm still debating on new storage for the sewing room. I'll need to make up my mind this weekend because the clutter is driving me crazy. And don't get me wrong, there is always clutter in there lol, but it's so bad now that I can't find things quick enough lol.

                    Prayers to those in need, hugs to all and happy quilting!
                    Thank you,

                    Ginny K


                      Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

                      Thank you Bubby for your prayers. I was up around 20 am also. No news so far today on Jesse. I check their face book page several times a day.
                      More winter weather headed our way starting later today through the week end.
                      I finally got my thread catcher / pin cushion done and working on a purse now.
                      Have a great Thursday everyone.
                      Hugs Ann


                        Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

                        I hope that everyone gets feeling better soon. Donna hope the house finishes up quickly.

                        I'm trying to keep myself healthy but my high stress level is not helping that. Things should be better soon.

                        My game plan for the day is to get my husband's quit finished - it is larger than a lap but not quite twin size. I just have to finish tying then get the binding on. I got our son's minky finished last night so he was able to sleep with it.

                        Have a safe day everyone.


                          Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

                          Welcome to Ginny's new grand niece Lynnéa, she's a little cutie and will love her gifts from Great Aunt Ginny. May

                          PS: Stuck here in front of the computer because I sort of painted myself into a corner with all of the stuff I took out of our hobby, office and gift wrapping supply closet that I'm reorganizing. I was doing OK until I noticed one shelf was sagging. I put too many heavy items on it so I had to take everything off and begin again. Had been calling DH to come and move some stuff on the floor so I can get out of the trap I created but he doesn't seem to hear me. Hope he comes this way soon as I'm beginning to get hungry.


                            Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

                            Hi everyone...just popping in to wish you all a good day. Still very cold here...minus 32 with the windchill. I worry about my kid walking home from school and frost-bite but he seems to not care so much. Kids are so resilient.

                            Well I barely got that typed and was interrupted five times so I suppose I should concentrate on getting some work done eh? Only 17 more years until retirement! uhg


                              Re: Wow it can't be Thursday already!

                              Good to see you Wendy!!
                              SW Missouri

                              Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.