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Update on my life.

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    Update on my life.

    Hi there my dear quilting friends,

    I have not been on here a lot lately, sorry about that!

    I have been reading some, but some how I was a little absent.
    From now on I will do my best and post more often

    Tomorrow is a big day, Jan has his third interview at the same company so we hope he will get this job! Please fingers crossed and think about him a little tomorrow afternoon, this is the job he needs and he loves, he has had 2 interviews allready, do we are hoping and praying they will give him the job.......

    Roselique (youngest daughter) will be going to Belgium tomorrow, she will go there and orient for an internship for next schoolyear in Antwerp, she will visit lots of things during this day trip and who knows she will leave for Belgium next schoolyear for a few months, I just love it when kids like to travel and life and learn from other countries.

    I have been working on the violin case cover for my sisters daughter, I will bring it over soon and take pictures.
    Besides that I worked on the BOM blocks, and I love working on projects like that.
    I sold a quilt today, so that was good!

    Since I am out of my job in prison I am still looking for something to do next to my salon, it is hard to find something now a days, I hope it will get better soon with the economy, I have lots of time to quilt, but I rather had a job......makes me sad sometimes and not very active on here as well....

    My brother had his final test, and all the cancer is still gone, he is back to work and travels for his job again, he has been to the USA twice this past few months and he loves being able to do what he loves to do, he is happy and thankful and he looks awsome after all he has been trough.,

    All in all this post is way to long.............. sorry about that.
    Now you all know what is going on overhere, I wil try harder to be active and happy again!!

    Hugs to all and thanks for reading my wayyyyy to long story........
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    Re: Update on my life.

    Hi Klasien! Glad to see you posting! Keeping Jan in my prayers - 3rd interview is a great sign!

    Lot's of great stuff going on with your family. Hopefully, the job search for you will be fruitful soon or you start selling lots and lots of your beautiful quilts!

    M*QC forum is full of the best people!

    I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

    A bad day in the sewing room is better than a good day at the office.


      Re: Update on my life.

      You have a lot going on. Lots of good stuff in there. I will add a prayer that that special job pops up. Good to see you here
      Life is short - Live everyday to the fullest


        Re: Update on my life.

        Thanks for the update, Klasien! Good luck to Jan on the job interview tomorrow! We do miss you when we don't hear from you in a while!


          Re: Update on my life.

          If they are interviewing Jan again, they must be really interested in him. Good thoughts going out for a great interview! And extra hugs and good wishes for you too.
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            Re: Update on my life.

            Klaisen, I hope things start looking up for you...being in that "down and out funk" isn't any fun. With any luck Jan will come home with good news and a new job! I find it helpful to get lost in quilting when I'm in a funk. Of course you know you can always come to "us" for a shoulder to lean on or for a good laugh on occasion.
            LIVE well, LAUGH often, LOVE much

            Hugs, Pat


              Re: Update on my life.

              I'm so glad you posted today Klaisen,
              Now we know how specifically to pray for you and your family. We love you!
              sigpicMiss Sheri

              For me, it's all about Love, . . . Always!


                Re: Update on my life.

                I have been thinking of you Klasien. Sorry to hear that your mood is not so great. I will say some extra prayers for both of you to have much happier times! Take care Dear Friend!


                  Re: Update on my life.

                  Hi Klasien,
                  I will most definitely keep Jan in my thoughts tomorrow. And you too. I hope you will find something soon to lift your spirits and to keep you busy. (Not to mention the money).
                  Good news about your brother, I pray he continues to be cancer free.
                  How exciting about your daughter. Most of us in the US don't have the opportunity to travel to other countries. It is so far for us and that plane trip is murder it is soooo long. We have traveled to Europe a couple of times and I feel so claustrophobic. Can't fly first class which would be the way to travel. I'm sure you know what I mean about how long the trip is after your visit here last October.
                  Here's to good news tomorrow!
                  Shirley :icon_bigsmile:


                    Re: Update on my life.

                    Klasien, your post isn't too long at all. You are part of this forum family and we're here to support you. I'll be praying for Jan and for you. A third interview sounds very promising. I hope you can find something that you love to do as well. It's great to hear that your brother is cancer-free...wonderful news! I hope Roselique enjoys her travels and her internship. (((HUGS)))
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                      Re: Update on my life.

                      Wishing Jan Good Luck with his 3rd interview, they say the 3rd time is the charm so I pray that's true.

                      Wonderful if your DD can get the internship in Belgium, great opportunity for her. 2 of my DGDs went to school in Europe, one year my oldest DGD spent a school year in Austria and a few years later another DGD attended school in Paris which they both enjoyed thoroughly. My husband and I have travel a bit in Europe, Amsterdam, France, England several times once with 2 DGD. We would go again if our legs were up to it.

                      Good Luck to you also for finding a new job. May in Jersey


                        Re: Update on my life.

                        Hi Klasien,
                        Good to read your post, you've been missed! Will keep Jan in my thoughts tomorrow for a positive outcome. Sounds like they are very interested in him.
                        That sounds like quite an opportunity for Roselique. Once the stress of job hunting is over you may feel more relaxed to get back to sewing.Glad to hear you sold a quilt, your very talented and your work is always a pleasure to look at.
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                          Re: Update on my life.

                          Klasien... so good to hear from you!
                          Life does have it's up's and down's... Will be thinking "all things positive your way".. do the things that make you smile and keep you strong...we women are the "force of the family"... So happy for your brother..hugs..B
                          "Each day well-lived and Happy;
                          that's all there is to Life!"


                            Re: Update on my life.

                            Klasien...I too have been an absentee poster. Life can certainly throw you some lumps now and then. Best of luck to Jan...3rd interview is a very good sign. All crossables crossed for him to be successful! As for a job for you, at least you have a great career in hair's not like people ever stop needing haircuts! That's something! Glad to see you back and posting! (((HUGS))) xox


                              Re: Update on my life.

                              It's great to hear from you, Klasien! I'm really interested in the violin case cover you are working on, as my DD#10 plays and I would love to make one for her and one of her very good friends who also plays. Looking forward to seeing pics! Can you share a link for the pattern? Thanks so much.

                              Hope all goes well with Jan's interview; so glad to hear good news about your brother and Miss Roselique.

                              Blessings, ~ Sally \0/