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Monday - just embrace it

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    Monday - just embrace it

    Happy Monday folksies!

    This will be short and sweet since I need to run back down The Hill to be with the Moms . . .

    Have not been online this past week - well, that's a big fat lie - I just didn't have time to do more than try to open email; spent all week at Mom's and with the crazy weather we've had, wifi has not been strong enough at all to tackle more than a bleak off and on signal. That's what happens with pirated wi fi I reckon.

    Mom has given us all a wild ride the past few weeks and I am more than tuckered out. Not anything super seriously physically wrong, actually, she is doing quite well that way. She just has some other issues she is dealing with. She has been having panic attacks and then her gout flared up. Both are a work in progress and not a pretty thing. I was so happy I could finally take my big toe to work -_ and - work I did on Friday, big toe and all. It has been more than frigid here in my little corner of the world with more heading this way. We had a brief snow with close to 2 inches on my road, an inch or less around town. Nothing compared with what most of you have had - we southern gals do beach better than snow.

    Thanks to all for nice pm's and emails. I am a rotten correspondent not because my heart is, but because my time is not always my own. Be back when I can. Play nice and smile often.

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
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    Re: Monday - just embrace it

    Morning Blondie, Happy to see your smiling face and have you greet the new day for us. Been having some issues myself and know how that can affect your life by curtailing things you want to do. Sounds as if your Big Toe is healing and you've been able to work, your clients must be so happy.

    Thought everyone would get a kick at of this quick weight loss treatment. Oh, if it really was that easy.

    quick weight loss.jpg


      Re: Monday - just embrace it

      Hi Blondie! So glad to hear from you! I can just imagine the difficult days you've been having, with your injury and caring for mom. You are loved and missed when we don't get a little piece of you each day! Thanks for coming back to your quilty peeps and sharing a little smile with us.

      P.S. I will never understand why someone would berate you for NOT posting! That is shameful.


        Re: Monday - just embrace it

        Good morning....

        Glad to see you here this morning Blondie!! No one should ever be made to feel that they must post here...this is an optional part of our lives.

        It's cold out this morning and going to get much, much colder. I hear the wind out there so I'm worried about getting to work. DH leaves for work before I do so I will at least get a report from him before I head out (if I head out).

        Well need to start getting ready for work. Have a wonderful day! Prayers and hugs
        Shirley aka buckeyequilter
        I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


          Re: Monday - just embrace it

          Morning, Blondie! Glad to see your posted smile! You're in thought and prayer, sweetie with everything you're going through. Just always remember you have friends here in the forum who absolutely adore you!

          I was in bed all day yesterday, very under the weather. As bad as I do not want to, I'll drag my sick butt into work. Now, whether or not I'll stay at work is debatable.

          "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


            Re: Monday - just embrace it

            Good morning Blondie, Glad to see you posting and your smile, miss that when your not here. My thoughts are with you and all that is on your plate now. You were missed my many.
            the weather here will give us a heatwave today we may make it to the freezing mark. Have less then an inch of snow predicted. Hitting the Post office on my way home to get a box out to cyber elves and PICU, be watching for those ladies. Everyone have a great day.

            Hugs to all that need and want them
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              Re: Monday - just embrace it

              Hey Sis, glad to see you and to hear it's the WIFI issue and lack of time versus real serious health issues with Mama Ruth or yourself. Give Mama Ruth a dang, big hug from all of us here. Also for yourself and Luscious Larry. So wish we were closer to help you out with shifts.

              Love you all on The Hill.

              The Schmers and The Stegers!
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                Re: Monday - just embrace it

                Good morning everyone. Blondie, glad you got a chance to pop it. I think you already know how much you are loved and missed around here. Glad your big toe is healing and you got a chance to get back to work. Your Mom is so lucky to have you.

                I did manage to get a tote bag made that I promised a friend. Another WIP done. Today I need to finish up hand quilting a little quilt that I repaired for another friend. I want to get that out of my way.

                I have exercise class this morning of which I am looking forward to. Tomorrow is back to work, the hours are crazy, 10-12 and 3-5 but I am not far from Renfrew, Ontario and will get some grocery shopping done and maybe a hair cut if I have time. If not, there is always the rest of the week as I work until Friday. Thursday hours are 10-12 and 4-6. At least I don't have to work Saturday.

                I was invited to another retreat the first week of March, at the same place I was at two weeks ago. Thinking about it.

                That is about all I have to say about that.

                Have a wonderful day everyone.
                Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                  Re: Monday - just embrace it

                  Good morning! Blondie, it's so good to hear from you and learn there is nothing seriously wrong. We get concerned about you and your mama when you're missing. Take care of yourself and your mom and rest whenever and wherever you can. (((HUGS)))
                  *~* Myrna *~*
                  *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                    Re: Monday - just embrace it

                    Good morning. It is sure great to see Blondie's smiling face again. Continued prayers for her Mom.

                    It is super windy this morning. I don't even want to think about the dogs waking up and wanting to go out! DH finally went to bed about a half hour ago. He is such and insomniac. I was awaken a little after 4 by him opening a bag of M&Ms so I started my coffee pot and then rubbed his feet and back to help him relax enough to go to sleep. Things are getting a bit better every day but we still have a long way to go to get back where we were.

                    I have lost 40 pounds but still have another 30 to go before I will be satisfied. I want to be able to get out my tub of jeans that I labeled "Jeans That Are To Small for My Fat A$$" and wear them again. LOL..

                    Hope everyone has a great day.
                    Hugs and prayers to all.
                    MSQC: Where Strangers become Friends and Friends become Family!

                    "The soul would have no rainbows, if the eyes had no tears."native American wisdom



                      Re: Monday - just embrace it

                      Good morning everyone......woke up around 4 to let the dog out and couldn't go back to sleep.

                      The weather reports say that we have a winter storm advisory for Tuesday........possibly sleet, ice & snow. We already had enough ice Friday to shut things done around here. You know you are an adult when the possibility of snow doesn't excite you any more.

                      I'll be sorting books & buying groceries today & staying home tomorrow.

                      Blondie........hope you are able to find a few minutes of rest during this busy time.

             the weight loss cartoon.......too bad it isn't that easy!
                      "I'm putting together a list of 100 reasons why I am NOT relentless!" - Sue Heck, The Middle

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                        Re: Monday - just embrace it

                        Blondie, so good to see your smile - it was surely missed, but we all understand. Glad nothing too serious is going on with your Mom, but I know from my Dad and his brother, gout is no laughing matter. I have a friend who swears by drinking 2 tbsp. of RAW apple cider vinegar in water, sweetened with raw honey three times a day to keep arthritis and gout away. Wouldn't hurt to try!

                        Off to the house to meet the movers. Everything from storage is packed in the truck - DS's and DD did that on Saturday, now it's time to unload. Unfortunately, the floors are not done, so we will be putting everything in the living room to be moved again later. UGH. Not what I had planned. Oh well. Yesterday we uncovered serious damage to the inside the exterior wall of DD room. So, now will be putting the floors on hold so that the handyman can tear those down, replace windows and put up new drywall. It never ends. It's raining here, but according to radar, it will end shortly.

                        Hope everyone has a Blessed day. It's raining here, but according to radar, it will end shortly.


                          Re: Monday - just embrace it


                          Welcome back! There had been all sorts of rumors circulating about you...
                          • Someone said you were big game hunting in Siberia.
                          • Someone else thought you had decided to set a new speed record for hot air ballooning across the Pacific Ocean.
                          • Another theory put forward was that you had purchased a Siberian tiger on craigslist and were taking some time to teach him to jump through a flaming hoop.
                          • I don't remember who said you were going back to college on a bass fishing scholarship?
                          • I even heard whispers that you were spending some time trying to cross breed Dromedary and Bactrian camels to make one with 3 humps. (They said you kept ending up with only a hump and a half.)

                          Glad to see your avatar and I hope things calm down so you can get some rest.
                          Loosely based on a true story.


                            Re: Monday - just embrace it

                            Good Morning,

                            It's grooming day for the Girlz so Jeff and I made a flying trip to Houston in the dark because they have to be there no later than 6 am! It was so cold and windy. Olive went into the shop okay, but Dottie tried to hide in the back of the truck. It took both of us to get her out. She really has her stubborn days.

                            I've been pooped since jury duty. I baked a German Chocolate cake yesterday for our anniversary. We were too tired to go out for dinner because we have to drive all the way to Rolla (40 Miles) just to get a decent meal. We ate at home and had cake and watched Godfather reruns.

                            I have lots on my agenda this morning while the Girlz are gone. Olive is scared to death of the vacuum and Dottie attacks it, so I get to vacuum in peace when they are gone.

                            Great hearing from you, Blondie...keep smilin' Hon.


                            Scottie Mom Barb


                              Re: Monday - just embrace it


                              Cold and windy here.

                              Grateful for my heated home.
                              SW Missouri

                              Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.