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It is Sunday indeed

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    It is Sunday indeed

    Okay, so our reprieve from the cold did not last long. It is -30C again this morning. UGH, will this never end. It did snow most of the day yesterday. I did not see a soul at work yesterday. I am off until Tuesday where I go replace at another post office.

    Today I will TRY and get a tote bag made that I promised someone. My get up and go is a little slow these days.

    Tomorrow I have exercise class which I don't want to miss.

    Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and stay safe and warm and don't forget to SMILE!!
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It is Sunday indeed

    Good Morning everyone. Spent all day yesterday shopping for my DD a homecoming dress. Found one! Not my thing at all "shopping" I never was a good shopper. But she is happy with it so all is good.
    I got up sick this morning. Sore throat and aching all over. The crud has been going around work and me thinks I have caught it Great.
    I thought all week my washing machine was on the fritz because it wouldn't sling out a hoody I tried to wash the other night. So I didn't do any laundry til I had time to check out the drain line. Late last night I threw in a load and it is working just fine...Now feeling sick,,, I gotta play catchup .. Geese it's gonna be a long day
    Yall enjoy your Sunday.


      Re: It is Sunday indeed

      Compared to you Monique, we're having a heat wave - it's 21 degrees out there this morning...WOW!!!

      We have our Annual Meeting at church today, so will be there most of the day. I have 10 click bags all cut out and ready to sew - might get to that when we get home.

      Tomorrow it's an emission test for my fun!! But there are a lot of little LQS's around there - so might turn it into a fun day after all.

      Oh and I was gonna say the smile is frozen on my face - but after seeing Monique's temps I thought better of it.

      Stay warm everyone.


        Re: It is Sunday indeed

        Good morning....

        It's 6° here this morning, but that is better than the negative temps we have been having. We're supposed to get some more snow and wind this afternoon and tonight. I don't know how much snow is out there right now but we are kind of snowed in.

        I need to get some laundry done today and then some sewing. I need to put two more borders on the quilt I'm making for myself and then I'm going to get the backing ready and put it on the frame. Maybe I'll have my quilt finished up before winter is over.

        Well going to go take some pills and get busy. Have wonderful day! Prayers and hugs.

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        Shirley aka buckeyequilter
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          Re: It is Sunday indeed

          Good morning. Not handling the cold weather this winter well at all. I hate even getting up and taking the dogs outside. And poor little Gator shivers for something terrible when he comes back in. I need to make him a coat.

          Did manage to get some cleaning done. But mainly I just want to lie down under a comfy quilt and nap. I need Spring.

          Have a wonderful day all
          Hugs and prayers.
          MSQC: Where Strangers become Friends and Friends become Family!

          "The soul would have no rainbows, if the eyes had no tears."native American wisdom



            Re: It is Sunday indeed

            Good morning. Well, after reading everyone else's temperatures, 16* seems absolutely balmy. I don't think we are supposed to go too much higher though. We got a bit of snow yesterday but dh and I went out and shoveled it after dinner. I don't have to go anywhere today so I'll be nice and cozy inside today. Will be doing a bit of cooking, some laundry (which I have already started - I put a load of towels in while I was making my tea) and fun in the sewing room. I am making a casserole carrier. I had a few different patterns for them and liked/disliked something on each of them so I sort of combined the "liked" parts of them and will put all the parts together today and see how they work.

            This week at work should be pretty busy -- and a full week. Loved the holiday and the snow day and early close last week but now we are really playing catch-up. We've gotten overtime approved so I will be going in earlier for a few days and hopefully make a dent in things. I'd rather go early than stay late. I just want to have quiet with no interruptions so I can actually complete something.

            Have a great day all and don't forget to SMILE.
            Ginny B
            Levittown, NY


              Re: It is Sunday indeed

              Good morning! It's 34* here this am. It's suppose to be 2* tomorrow we are to travel upwards of 60*...the roller coaster just makes everyone sick.

              I managed yesterday to mess up the setting if my block of the's in the first part of the setting.... So I did a lot of ripping...we will see how it goes now that I have put it back together. I trimmed when I should have waited....

              I did a couple of lace hearts on my embroidery machine ... They turned out cute.

              Feeling a bit icky this morning....have for the last few body aches...age...

              Today I am thankful for technology...the ability to connect with all of you wonderful people on here!!

              Everyone have a great day!!
              SW Missouri


                Re: It is Sunday indeed

                Monique, I had to look up where Ladysmith is. I had to get a very 'high up' view on the map before I could tell. You look like you're in the middle of nowhere so I hope you don't get cut off from civilisation when it's snowy! Brrrrrrrr it's cold up there.

                This morning was very grey here. The sky's grey, the roads are grey, my car's grey, the dog's grey. But a bit of colour's just appeared - my calico cat's on the windowsill wanting to come in.......she's in now.

                I did a lot of my accounts today and for a reward I wanted to make a start on either my Wintergreen JR or my Vin du Jour LC. But I can't find my Wintergreen. That's what happens when you tidy up!


                  Re: It is Sunday indeed

                  Yesterday's snow left some behind but not the kind that prevents you from driving. DS#3 was supposed to run with some of his local friends but went to the gym instead with another friend who doesn't run outdoors when it is this cold. He will be leaving for home in Mass. this afternoon after lunch. Been nursing a pulled muscle from my hip to my ankle and lying flat seems to help the most so after he leaves you'll find me reclining on the couch. Not even going to pretend I'm watching TV as my most comfortable position is facing the fireplace. The fire flames lull me to sleep. Well, to be truthful any thing lulls me to sleep. My problem is that I don't stay asleep at night so most nights you'll find here hanging with the other Night Owls. All up at nighters are welcome to hang with us., always an interesting topic to talk about.


                    Re: It is Sunday indeed

                    Morning Everyone,

                    It's super cold here this morning. Today is our 6th anniversary. I'm going to bake Jeff a German Chocolate cake from scratch. This is his favorite thing in the world to eat.

                    Rhonda, sorry you're getting the crud. Nearly everyone I was locked up with for jury duty had the flu or a bad cold. If I don't get sick it will be a miracle. I have a bit of a sore throat this morning.

                    Today seems to be laundry day for most of us. I know I have some catching up to do. Tomorrow the Girls have to go to the groomer, so I will be out of the house at 5:30 and then back at noon to pick them up. Then they will be mad at me for two days.

                    I wish everyone a good Sunday. Let's remember little Jesse (GrannyAnn) who is struggling to hang onto life. Hugs, Barb

                    Scottie Mom Barb


                      Re: It is Sunday indeed

                      Good Morning All!
                      Burned some midnight oil working on a quilt last night! Hope to finish quilting it today and will post a pic later. It will be named "the Carnival Alter Ego". LOL! It is the alter ego tutorial with Mardi Gras fabrics!

                      The weather is coming back to normal for us! Yeah! Currently 46 & sunny with a high of 70 today!
                      Last week it actually hit 30 in the wee hours of the night! Unheard of here, but would be a heat wave for many of you!

                      Night owl breakfast

                      Have a great day all!
                      Back to quilting!
                      Happy Quilting!


                        Re: It is Sunday indeed

                        That's going to look fantastic, I can't wait to see it.

                        I'm waiting for a Jefferson County LC, Charm pack and some yardage to come. Should be here on Tuesday. I ordered it before I worked out what to do with it. Then I saw the alter ego and wanted to do that but in king size (90x108" - for a 5' bed) and I'm 86 charms short. Rethink!


                          Re: It is Sunday indeed

                          Happy anniversary barb!!
                          SW Missouri