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Poor Monkey Man....

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    Poor Monkey Man....

    Ding dong goes the doorbell! Since I was expecting my daughter and her girls to stop by, I let my husband get the door as I was resting my foot. Well, mere moments later he walks out with a package and a grin on his face. After commenting about the packages I have been getting, I told him it would be going on for a while as I had won second place in a sweepstakes and they send me something every week. Well, I figured he would remember me telling him about my sister telling her husband this same story and how he fell for it, but alas, no he didn't!! He did look at me with suspicion in his eyes and said he didn't know whether or not he should believe me.......we'll see what happens next week.

    I did get a nice jelly roll out of it.

    No rainbows!


    If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!