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Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

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    Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

    Tell me about your pets. Dogs, cats, birds, other animals. Pictures welcome too!

    We don't really have any pets right now. We keep chickens but I think they are considered livestock.

    Growing up we had the usual stuff: Goldfish, Hermit crabs, a rabbit which was super mean and couldn't be handled, and a couple dogs (Brittney Spaniel then a Golden Retriever).

    After my (now) wife and I moved in together we had guinea pig and dogs (a mutt which died as a puppy of distemper, and a doberman pinscher). For a while I was really interested in bugs so I got some Madagascar hissing cockroaches (The big, slow moving ones you see in horror movies) and some African giant millipedes which looked like the regular millipeded you probably find under a rotten log except they were 10" long and the diameter of my thumb. To say my wife was not pleased that I was keeping all these creepy-crawleys in tanks in the basement would be an understatement so they were not kept for long.

    As fatherhood approaches I have been talking to my wife about our policy on pets as it related to little man. I think when he gets old enough it would be good for him to have a dog but I don't have the false idea that a child will be "responsible for" any animals so anything he gets will be my animal that he just gets to play with to ensure it is properly cared for. I figure he will probably do 4H and if he wants some sort of livestock I'd do whatever I could to accommodate. I really like pigs. My wife did her master thesis work with pigs and you have not seen cute until you've seen piglets that are only a couple seconds old! A goat could be neat too. We can't legally own cows because it is a conflict of interest with my wife's job (the work she does effects the value of cows so it would be sort of like insider trading because she has access to privileged information)

    Currently, we live out in the country but our backyard is only about 1/2 and acre once you subtract the house, garden, workshop, and driveway. I'm not sure how much space we have for pigs or goats or other larger farm animals. The kid can have as many chickens as he wants because although I have no use for "inside" birds like parrots, I like birds that can live in the backyard and make me breakfast!

    So, tell me about your pets, past and present or even future plans to get pets...
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    Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

    I don't own any pets and have never really had any. We had a dog when I was younger but he was an outside dog. I was bit when I was little and have been petrified of dogs since. Both my sons have dogs now and I am getting used to them but still scared shirtless of other dogs.
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      Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

      Oh Ryan, I wouldn't know where to start. I would have to sit and count how many dogs and cats we have had in our lives. We had a few turtles/tortoises, a rabbit or two when we were kids, a hamster when my kids were little and several birds over the years. Currently, I have a little white w/tan Chihuahua and a dachshund/Jack Russell terrier mix and two cats. My cat Roo is my best quilting buddy. He won't let me near the machine unless he is sitting on my shoulder or the table between me and the machine. Needless to say, I have to sneak behind his back (aka lock him in the bedroom) to get anything done. Oldest DD (who is moving with me to the new house) has a pit bull (sweetest dog on earth, I love her dearly), a boxer mix (beautiful, but goofy) and three precious dachshunds. My youngest DD has two Australian Cattle Dogs mixes and my sister has five dogs - a 100 lb Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, a pit bull, a bull dog, a three legged Cur dog (coolest dog in the world) and a big fat beagle. Currently, my youngest son's dog from his dad's house is here while they are in transition - she is supposed to be a golden retriever, I think she has some Visla in her. We also have six outdoor cats - three of which I consider feral and we feed them. So, I guess you could say I live in a zoo - literally and figuratively! My youngest DD would be mortified that I am telling you we have all these animals. She is so afraid of being labeled a hoarder, and probably most of you are already thinking that. But, no, we have ended up with some of these doing rescue work and for one reason or another they were not adopted. We have totally lost count, but over the last four to five years we have worked in rescue (primarily my youngest DD) we have fostered and adopted out about three hundred dogs. When I say fostered, we have had some here for just a couple of days before they were placed and some for several months. One we had for a year and a half due to the fact she was heartworm positive and had to be on total crate rest for several months.

      Future plans? I don't really have plans to get other pets. When these are gone, I will probably just stick to fostering for others to adopt. It is very rewarding knowing that you saved a wonderful dog or cat that would have been euthanized and helped to get it into a loving forever home.

      Forgot to add - I think all kids should have a pet. And I agree about birds, I just hate to see them caged.
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        Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

        I've had a long list of pets, from ponies, horses, ducks, chickens, and raccoons to cats and dogs. Each has been well loved and sorely missed when they have gone on to the rainbow bridge. Currently, I have a 10 year old Great Dane, named Vado who, although is starting to show his age, still has the personality of a sweet and cute 5 year old little boy. And then there's my elder-cat, Little Kitty, who is 19 and senile as all get out. They both are nearing the end of their life spans and I will cry rivers when they are gone. Not sure if I will have any more pets after they are gone, right now I say no, but .....


          Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

          I've always been a cat person. George, Spud, Ranger, The Blue Max, Roxie, and now Peaches and Opie! Here's a picture of crazy Opie with Peaches about to bite him in the butt. A closeup of Peaches is my avatar.
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            Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

            I can't think of a better place to raise kids. Out in the country. I have had so many pets it is staggering to think about. If you do decide to get little man a dog,please consider a rescue. I have had both and for obvious reasons the rescue dogs are far more loyal and just exude an ongoing show of appreciation. We have a rescued border collie now and I tell ya she is an absolute joy. We lost a rescued Border a couple years ago to cancer and she was my absolute favorite. She had been severely abused when we got her and it took every bit of the 8-9 years we had to get her to relax around us but she would look at us with that big blue and brown eye and just melt your heart. There is a picture of her somewhere in my posts about my dear Shelby. Look it up. It will get you right in the heart. We have 3 dogs,a cat,3 ducks,and a rabbit. Love love love chickens but coyotes and neighboring dogs are just not a good mix You should get you a pair of Silkie chickens as well. Very dosal little birds. I had several at one time and just love them. Pictures in my posts somewhere as well.
            Whatever you decide to get your family you will have fun watching the baby grow up loving it. PETS MAKE PEOPLE BETTER PEOPLE!!!
            Hugs from KY
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              Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

              Interesting topic Ryan! Well I will start with my baby boy Jake...he is a yellow lab...and the best dog we have ever loved! He literally is like our 3rd child. Both our kids are in college, and frankly...jake keeps us moving. We have had him for almost 2 years. When he was born he had a sickness called...well I can't remember what they called it but basically it affected his glands in his throat and they were swollen...untreated it would strangle him....that's what it was called stranglers disease. Anyway he got treated and is fine now but had to stay with mom and pop longer..,so when we got him...cheaper and it was a steal...he was already potty trained. He potties one time I our house and has never done it since. He likes to chew..but uses his toys...has never chewed shoes or furniture like some pups. He loves to play ball and will play with my great nieces and nephew...he literally throws the ball back to you. He's a wonder...wants to be loved and loyal as the day is long.....but he is a bit of a scaredy dog....if he is out in the yard and someone comes up....he turns tail and runs straight for mom or dad! When he entered our home we had a calico that we had had for years...not much of a socialist. Unfortunately Callie got run over in front of our house. Not long after we got our grays little tabby Sheldon. The two are best buds and fight and carry on like two kids....often you can hear me scolding both to settle down. Anytime jake has a new toy he takes it to Sheldon and shoves it in his

              Prior to having jake we had a min pin whom we loved to death, but as she aged...developed diabetes and lost and eye..she was our beloved baby girl..but she became incontinent and eventually it became very stressful...trying it give a dog insulin shots, and keep mats down everywhere. She lived a long life but often wonder if her last years were too miserable. I had sworn off dogs at her passing. We also had a lab chow mix for 15 years... He was a good pup too.

              I think animals are wonderful...if you make the commitment to them. I often remind kids at work when they tell me they are getting an animal...are they ready to commit to at least the next 10 years to the animal and maybe longer and all the dr bills that might come along. To spending time with them and loving them. I'm a firm believer that if you commit to owning a pet then you should be prepared for anything.
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                Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

                We have (actually DH has) a miniature Australian Shepherd named Jake. He is DH's faithful companion and goes everywhere with him (he even went to a funeral once but stayed with the truck, can you say Redneck!) Jake was supposed to become a cattle dog but he's a big pet instead. He's very smart and is well known in the community. LOL! Once upon a time we had two goats, one for each grand child, but we don't have any now. The only other critters around are a community cat and our beef cattle. We've had a newborn Angus calf in the farm shop since Thursday. She needed a little extra care, but she's much better now and getting ready to go back to her mama.
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                  Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

                  Great thread Ryan.

                  I never had a pet of my own growing up. We had lots of dogs around though..My dad was a big Coon hunter so there were always a few coon hounds. Mom had a parakeet. We also had a pet fox for a while. There is a pic of me with Rosie when I was 5 in my album "Life on Crazy Woman Mtn".

                  After growing up and getting married I have had the pleasure of having my own pets. When I lived in New York I had a Chow named Bear, He was a sweetheart. But he passed away 2 months after my husband died. I think because he missed him as much as I did. He just quit eating.
                  Now I have my sweet pug Gator Blue Ridge. And the Blue Heeler, TarButt. I have had a slew of cats, with 4 litters being born in my lap. What an amazing experience. I am now down to 4 cats. Verlow, Evinrude, MonkeyButt and Little Miss Peanut.
                  We still have the horses Pete and Jack and the mule Katie but they are now grazing on a pasture at our friend's farm, and not here with us.
                  When I first married my current husband he had a beautiful dog named Tucker, who quickly became "my" dog. He had such an amazing personality. He lived to be 17 years old and losing him was hard on both of us. We buried him in my rock garden and I made a sign with my wood burning tools that says "Tucker's Garden" since then I have added the names of our cats we have lost, Georgie, Ava, Hondo and Chester. I had Chester for 10 years and we nicknamed him "The Planet" because he was so big. In fact he was a bit bigger then the pug.
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                    Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

                    Well, being raised on a dairy farm, there was always ONE dog that worked , but was a pet/companion, too! My two sisters and I were always allowed to have a cat each. And horses, chickens, a few of the dairy cattle were approachable in the pasture to pet and love on.

                    So, now it's one cat, Oscar. This sweet kitty was found of the local animal shelter; he was neutered, declawed, and microchipped. It was safe to say, that his family abandoned him. For three weeks the shelter tried to contact in chip information with no response. My family was on the waiting list to adopt glad we did.
                    2-BDB8DD2F-978346-800.jpg IMAG0348.jpg

                    And our American Staffordshire, Dottie. Dottie was in a shelter in the boot heel area of Missouri for the first 9 months of her life. Living in a caged area and needing human contact. Someone from the shelter contacted my rescue group I belonged to, to save Dottie life. She was on the list to be euthanized. So, a rescue member went to Sikeston, MO to bring this wonderful dog to the KC Metro area. Dottie was in foster care for the next 6 months and progressed. I found Dottie at an adoption event and fell instantly in love and Dottie is a wonderful member of our family. Dottie's breed is a bully breed, so she is labeled before anyone gets to know her. Fair warning, once she knows'll get more kisses than you want!
                    IMAG0303.jpg Photo0070.jpg
                    Both of these animals were rescued and being a part of a rescue group, gives me a sense of being there for something that cannot help themselves. It is very gratifying. And the last thing to leave you with...DO not breed, do not buy...adopt and rescue!
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                      Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

                      Here's my current family. Dogs and cats have always been a part of my life. Webster, Augie, Dudley, an GG Marie.
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                        Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

                        We live on 20 acres and have seven little goats. You haven't seen cute until you see a baby goat jumping around. I had chickens at one time, but something got them. I want to get some more chickens when it warms up. We have people that put cows on the place in a rotation with other pastures. I love it when the cows are here, except when they get inside the yard and eat my plants. We are electrifying our front gate so I won't need to get in and out to open it when the cows are here. We have a lot of deer, and sometimes have 15 of them eating corn we leave for them. We have three cats, and I want to get a small adult dog soon.
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                          Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

                          I have one word for you..........


                          just one example!
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                            Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

                            Pets are AWESOME. I have had cats all my life and just love them to bits. But dogs... Oh boy those guys are the bees knees.

                            My husband and I were together for a few years before we married and had our boy. We had a cat since we weren't ready for a dog. When the boy came along our cat was 10 and had zero use for a baby. Unless he was sleeping on the couch and then she wanted to sleep at his feet. She passed when my boy was 3 and we got a another cat. They pass each other by but she hates males of all species so there isn't a connection.

                            When Boy was we bought a house and adopted a dog. He was a black lab mix and LOVED my son. My son wasn't I charge of taking care of him in any way. Just play with him and love him. I have pictures someplace of my son using the lab as a pillow while he read. My black lab was the sweetest guy in the world. We were all devastated when he passed.

                            Currently our pet numbers have been growing. 2 cats and 3 dogs. With the exception of The Queen of Evil all animals in my house adore my son. At 15 he does have to feed them but that's all the chores he has concerning the dogs. They play in the back yard, we attempt to take walks (drags. We don't take walks we get dragged).

                            I can say with all honesty that everyone on my household could not live would a pet. So much love on all sides.

                            As for goats.....I have to say this. My husband's family had a goat and a sheep when he was younger. He tells horror stories about this goat. How he was a Houdini. It taught the sheep to be a goat. So, no goats for us.

                            Pics of my doggie boys Max, Phineas, Tiberius

                            image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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                              Re: Pets Thread! Tell me about your pets past or present...

                              Hmmm. I've had a long list of pets over the years. I haven't had much luck with the fish, gold or any other color. The dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, sheep, and goats (both milk & fiber) have faired much better. The cows, pigs, and some of the goats & sheep have been tasty additions to the freezer.
                              We are down to an outside dog & cat, less than a dozen chickens and about 20 goats.
                              The dog is an Anatolian Shepherd, he is a livestock guardian dog (LGD) and lives with the goats. He has done a fine job of keeping the coyotes and the neighborhood bears away from our animals. We also have a rescue barn cat. She thinks she owns the farm and functions as a guard cat.
                              The chickens are old (5 years) and we are slowly loosing numbers. We started with 26 and have less than a dozen now. They have been good layers, but are nearing the end of that portion of their lives. I think there will be new chicks arriving this summer.
                              We have about 20 goats. This includes 2 retirees, the pack wether, and the buck. The rest range in age from 6 months to 8 years. I use them for milk. (No, it doesn't have to have that, musky/pungent flavor to either the milk or the cheese!) I breed them to kid throughout the year so we can have milk most of the year round. We do limited shows, although my daughter is becoming more interested in showing, so 4-H may become a part of our life before too much longer.
                              We are also talking about getting a "house dog". Hubby is thinking about a shepherd of some sort. He'd like to train it to run Shutzen. He's explained it to me, and I'd like to see a few runs before I agree. I'm all in favor of a shepherd though. I had one as a kid and loved him very much.
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