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No Night Owls tonight?

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    No Night Owls tonight?

    snowing owl.jpg
    I think there have been fewer night owls hanging around lately as most have begun to sleep the whole night through. That's good for them as they are getting a good night's sleep but sometimes it gets kind of lonely here all by myself.

    Oh well, I'll just make myself some tea and read more of my book group's read for this month, Atonement buy Ian McEwan. Nothing much happened so far, introducing main characters and setting the stage for the Big Problem. Only problem I've been having is that author has added tons of descriptive works about surroundings, people and objects that I'm getting lost in the maze
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    Re: No Night Owls tonight?

    I'm here May, just hanging out. Watched two movies tonight..the butler and captain phillips. Both were of pretty good. No work tomorrow so I am up late tonight. Enjoy your book!!
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      Re: No Night Owls tonight?

      Hi May.........don't feel lonely if you are the first one posting for the night owl thread.........usually more fly in during the night. If you have a topic idea.......go for it.

      I think I tried reading Atonement once before and did not finish........maybe that was why.........too long on the descriptive surroundings. Right now I am reading Following Atticus.......a true story about a man & his dog hiking the mountain peaks in New Hampshire. So far it has been a good book.

      It's too bad you live so far would enjoy the huge book sale coming up in a couple of months here. Wish you could be there.
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        Re: No Night Owls tonight?

        Hey May, I have been doing a lot of reading at night, too - trying to shut down the brain so I can sleep. Have been trying to be off the laptop by 9:30 or 10 at the latest - doesn't always happen, though. Then read until I fall asleep. Sometimes it works sooner than other times.

        I have not been sewing much lately, since I am painting my sewing room. I have a little over half a wall left, but it will need 2 coats. Moved the stuff around last night, but didn't get in there tonight to paint. Hope to get it done tomorrow and then everything back together. I have lots of projects that I want to work on.

        M*QC forum is full of the best people!

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          Re: No Night Owls tonight?

          Hi May! I'm here, too! Thought I would nod off ot sleep after a long costume sewing session, but we quit two hours ago and I'm still awake. I joined Netflix last week and can watch movies on my ipad.. I've been watching Portlandia, what a hilarious show ths is! My sis lives in Portland, I feel I understand her a bit better after watching this show! I'm in season 3, I think I'll watch a few more episodes! Good night!


            Re: No Night Owls tonight?

            I'm here. I was working on finishing up a quilt top. After the children are in bed, I can usually get more sewing done. I finished up the five and dime quilt using the Bright Colors line. It sure is bright and colorful. I did make one change that instead of just a plain stitch to put 5" on the 10" squares, I experimented with my new machine's decorative stitches. That part turned out really cool as I used bright red thread. I didn't have much trouble getting the blocks made but sewing the rows together sure gave me fits. So don't look to close but it is done.


              Re: No Night Owls tonight?

              Hi all. I saw captain phillips. Great movie. I agree I am not fond of books that overly describe. A little can go a long way in descriptions.

              I am currently reading Karen Kingsbury books. Some are a couple books in a series and than others are singles. Good reads.

              I would love to see the five and dime quilt in brights. Especially with decorative stiches. Post pics if you have a moment.

              I am having one of those nights where you are tired but just cant get to sleep. Hopefully I can sleep in a bit in the morning until my granddaughter wants me to do something she cannot get to. Then on to the sewing room. Lots to work on this weekend

              Have a good night nightowls
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                Re: No Night Owls tonight?

                I'm here I'm just catching up on some shows I recorded this week. I got a little freaked out about an hour ago. My stepsons boat is parked outside and the light in the cab was on. I was gone today so he might of stopped by, but why would he turn the light on during the day? Dh can climb in there when he gets home. No way I'm climbing up there in the dark! lol

                Speaking of lights, one of my dd's bought me some candles for Christmas. They are battery operated and you can set the timer and they stay on for 5 hrs every night. Since there are four they can be on all night The electricity goes out here a lot so that's a plus too.

                I'm binding two baby quilts tomorrow and I forgot the thread. Dang it!
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                  Re: No Night Owls tonight?

                  I'm back, got tired of reading. I did get some sleep earlier, I remember looking at my watch and it was 9:30, next thing I know it's almost 1 am.

                  Sorry Pam, No book sales for me. Our library has several a year and DH comes back each time with bags filled. Wouldn't mind it so much but some are books we donated for the sale. Right now we need to donate more books as we have run out of space.

                  Good reminder about a topic for tonight, don't think we haven't had one in awhile. Ok, got one.
                  What kind of a night owl are you?
                  Do you fall asleep and wake up during the night and most times go back to sleep after hanging out here, reading, etc. or
                  Are you up because you have trouble falling asleep?

                  I'm the first kind of Night Owl


                    Re: No Night Owls tonight?

                    I'm here too May... I work graveyard 12 hour shifts, so i'm on my long stretch... sometimes I can get on the forum and sometimes I actually have to work!

                    Our house has been a little anxious this week, as DH had 3 interviews out of state in 2 days. He has been out of work for exactly 9 months now, he's more than a little tired of it, and his unemployment ran out the end of December, along with 1.8 million other Americans out of work, because Congress didn't pass the budget.... again. Anywho, we are still hoping and praying that one of the two jobs in Boise or the one in Denver comes through and he can get back to work again. He's such a talented guy, I'm confident that something will come through for him eventually... hopefully within 2 weeks we will have an answer one way or another.

                    In the meantime, i have him busy making me a "wire quilt" wall hanging I saw in a magazine recently. I thought it would look great on my sewing room wall. I haven't read any books lately, but I am always game for a really good, clean read... and movies as well. I haven't seen any of the Oscar nominated movies, but I have heard good things about them. Our little town doesn't get new movies very often, so we have to go to Portland to see a current release.... Speaking of Portland... Jean, I'm sure you know by now that one of the favorite sayings around town is "Keep Portland Weird"... yes, it is DEFINITELY full of lots of weirdos! I love Portlandia! It's hilarious


                      Re: No Night Owls tonight?

                      Don't fall asleep and wake up ... Don't have problems going to sleep either!

                      My internal clock says go to sleep at 4am and up by the crack of noon. I think it's a carry over from when I worked nights while in my 20's. Every night is pretty much the same routine. Watch the rerun of the late news ... surf the net while listening to an oldie movie ... get into bed and work a crossword and 2 Sudoku puzzles in USA Today.

                      But if I need to do shopping I'll do it at night. So nice to have no crowds or long lines. Being retired is such a blessing!


                        Re: No Night Owls tonight?

                        Gosh, I'm all bright eyed and bushy tailed about now! Been awake since 10, gonna be a major basket case later in the day then will need a major nap. Put in a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen counter and now reading a Stephen King novel, not one of his best. The Butler and Capt. Phillips are great movies, I agree. Don't miss them if you have a chance. Tonight, we're off to see August Osage something or other movie...supposed to be good.. Gee I'm hungry!!


                          Re: No Night Owls tonight?

                          I'm kinda in the first group. Then eyes fly open in 5 or 6 hours.....get up and surf the net.....and hopefully go back for another hour or 2 of sleep. However, the going back kinda depends on what time I wake up for the first time. Like today, fell asleep last night about 10, woke up at 4:30, so it's doubtful I'll go back for more sleep. DH will be up in a couple of minutes and he'll be bringing me a nice cup of joe. If I wake up earlier, like around 2 or 3, I'll surf for about an hour and then try to get more sleep.....good lord am I rambling or what!!!!

                          Yesterday I cut out, pressed and totally prepped 10 of the little click it bags, they are so much fun to make. Probably won't get to sewing them up until Monday, but now that they're all prepared, I'll zip them out in no time.

                          Ah....just heard DH head downstairs for the I spoiled or what!!


                            Re: No Night Owls tonight?

                            I'm here, despite my resolution to sleep normally. I am one of those night owls who just don't go to bed when they are supposed to. When I do go to bed, I'm out for the count and will wake up only after many hours.

                            I just got back from a day with my 20 year old son, who lives in Austin, which is about 2 hours from my home. He is a night owl like me. He described how he's managed to get his sleeping cycle out of whack and is trying to get back in step with the world. I swear I could have said the exact thing. I know he's my son.

                            I'm reading the books from the forum's Elm Creek group. They are really good and interesting. What fascinates me about the series is how the author created the stories of all the characters and their families throughout history. Was she thinking of creating so many books and thus started charting out the characters? Or did she create the backstories as she went along? I'm not a writer, so I have no idea how a person writes a book and keeps it all together, much less an entire series of 20 books. Surely a writer keeps notes on the plot and the characters?


                              Re: No Night Owls tonight?

                              Speaking of night owls, we have a mating pair of great horned owls living in our neighborhood. They are hooting and wooing right now as I write. He hoots low and loud, she answers higher and softer. I hear them all the time! Wonder if we'll get to see little night owls sometime this spring as a result of all this romancing?

                              I usually go to sleep for a couple of hours, then wake up during the middle of the night, then fall back asleep til about 7. Now that I'm retired and don't have to be at school by 7, I am really getting lazy and sleep later.

                              Time to sew something until the sandman comes again!