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What a Thrill! It's Thursday!

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    Re: What a Thrill! It's Thursday!

    Hi everyone!
    Blondie - keeping your mom in my prayers for her eyes and the upcoming appointments.
    Bakermom - sorry to hear about your foot. I know the time you have to stay off of it seems like a very long time, but do make sure you do - wouldn't want that to last longer than necessary.
    Not doing any sewing here but that's okay. I am cleaning stuff out! A long Easter weekend should help with that and maybe some sewing time. I hope to get lots done.

    What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


      Re: What a Thrill! It's Thursday!

      Cathy, you are too funny albeit correct in your observation! Well ladies I'm going to call it a day and night. I'm beat but it's a good beat. Bed will feel great tonight. Love you all, Jan L
      Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


        Re: What a Thrill! It's Thursday!

        Cathy, aren't hummingbirds just the coolest little critters? Mine should be here in about a week, and I can't wait.
        Patticakes, how awesome that you get to go to MO! I'm going to have to share your suitcase with Janluna :-).
        Sewbee, have a wonderful time in Paduca!
        Blondie, you know I'm thinking of you and your Mom.
        There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"