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It's another frigid Tuesday.

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    It's another frigid Tuesday.

    Good morning friends. Cold cold go away, come again NEVER~~~go home, we don't want you here anymore. So last night hubby was at work when I got home. Water was just about frozen. Got that fixed. By the time I went to bed, same thing. I got a little alarm clock and set it for every hour to get up and check the water. I was up at 6 and water was fine, went back to bed and 6:45 frozen.

    So I have to go into the crawl space and get the hair dryer positioned just right. I have the hair dryer attached to two handles so it will reach way in there. I pulled out the heater and cleaned it off and repositioned it in place as well. A few minutes and the water was thawed out. Heater is on and I guess will stay on for a bit. I can't afford for it all to freeze, water heater, water pump and pipes which is what happened some time ago. I will pay the extra $$ for the heat.

    The project I am working on is a little quilt that I am repairing for a friend of mine. A good little project to work on and get finished.

    Stay warm and safe everyone and have a great day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

    They have suggested on the news here if you are afraid of pipes freezing to leave the faucet running at a very slow trickle and they claim that will prevent pipes from freezing. It's very cold here, too. Good luck with your pipes - a burst pipe is no fun - especially when you don't know it burst and releases water inside a wall - been there done that!
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      Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

      It's 2 degrees here. The school principal called his families last night and told the parents to bundle up the kids, so they will be going to school today. I don't have to be out til afternoon, so it isn't a big deal for me, as long as the car starts. I'm working on some costume pieces for my friend, then I'm going to be working on some commission quilts. Whooppee! A commission! There is a deadline, that is good and bad. I'm going to o 2 quilts for girls who share a room. Colorway--green and purple. There are very few collections that have that combo, but our favorite LOVELY by RJR is perfect! It is getting scarce to find all the stuff I need, but I think I have found it all from various sources. I'm doing one in Irish chain and the other in the lattice pattern.

      Have a great day!


        Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

        Good Morning,

        It's 7 degrees here this morning and I can't believe they haven't called off jury duty. They are allowing us to report later, but the high today is only supposed to be about 12 degrees.

        Dottie has an upset tummy this morning. She's napping now.

        I've been working on a Tumbling (Falling) Charms quilt. This will be the only one I make....I'm finding it totally boring to work on. I'm hoping it will be pretty when it's done. I ordered today's DD to make a red/white/blue quilt for July. I want something that's not stars and stripes. I already made the stars and stripes version.

        I hope everyone is doing well Let's remember Granny Ann's little Jesse in our prayers. For such a little guy he's really gone through so much. He has a special place in my heart right now.

        Blessing to everyone, Barb

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

          The temperature at the moment is -26C which is -14.8F. I would gladly take your 2F instead of my -15F today. It looks like we might get a reprieve for the weekend.
          Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


            Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

            Originally posted by Monique View Post
            The temperature at the moment is -26C which is -14.8F. I would gladly take your 2F instead of my -15F today. It looks like we might get a reprieve for the weekend.
            Gee, crawling under the house with a hair dryer to thaw the pipes at those temps--no thanks! You win the polar vortex queen crown, Monique!


              Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

              Morning all!! Anything under 40* is cold to me!! Could be 30 or 10 either way....I'm cold!

              Off to work this morning. Working at a different with food cost issues. After yesterday there, it's easy to see why.

              I did a bit of work on my hexagon pieces while DH and I watched was about a C futuristic for me.

              Prayers for Jesse and all the little ones struggling. So sad to know they are hurting. Ryken is back home and recuperating his surgeon felt they had a huge win finding all his issues and fixing them. He is such an active little guy. He has to lay low for I think 6 months but then he can get back to all his sports.

              Everyone have a great day!!

              Oh ohoh! My gratefulness for today.......I am grateful that I have a job that allows me to pay my heat bill and stay warm!!
              SW Missouri

              Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

                Good morning.....

                It's cold here too.....4° right now and high today of 13°!!!

                Saw a lot of emergency vehicles on my way to work this morning....whatever happened involved a semi. I pray no one is seriously injured. I take a couple of side streets to avoid the center of town and when I pulled up to come back out on the main road a sheriff's vehicle was escorting an ambulance to the hospital.

                I'm working on another Berenstain Bears quilt for a friend that's going to be a first time grandma. Tonight I will put the final borders on and get it ready to quilt, maybe even get the quilting started.

                Need to get busy here. Have a wonderful day! Prayers and hugs....and stay warm!
                Shirley aka buckeyequilter
                I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                  Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

                  OHM Monique , I can't imagine crawling under the house in any temp, let alone -14....brrrr! I'm with Jean - wear that crown well girl!!

                  1 degree here today. Just had a call from DIL and DGS school has no heat - so he's spending the day with Grammy...gotta think of something fun to do with my little cutie, he's 10 and the apple of my eye - love all the gkiddies, but there is just something about this little boy that melts my heart.

                  Made 7 little click bags yesterday - will post some pics later. They are such fun to make.

                  Stay warm everyone.


                    Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

                    Monique you sure have been hit hard with pipes needing a warm up every hour or so. Cold, cold go away all us gals would like to play with our quilts not freezing pipes, icy roads and piles of snow.

                    I think I'll brave the cold today and go to the post office. I see that a few gals have posted about children of their family or friends who are pretty sick so I want to send the kids a fun pillowcase to cheer them up a tiny bit. We had a pillowcase sew in on Saturday and I took a bunch home to wash and bag for distribution to our local hospitals and there is always a few I can send to kids I hear about here. I have the snail addys of 2 and am waiting for Ryken's.

                    Haven't seen Miss Blondie this week, hope all is well up on The Hill. Miss Sandy has been MIA also but with so many grandkids living with her it's a wonder she gets a few minutes to herself.
                    Sending hugs for all that need one today. yellow baby hug.jpg
                    DH put the coffee on awhile ago so it must be ready and I need my morning fix so I'll see you all later, May
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                      Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

                      Good morning! It's not so cold here this morning...but.....we're supposed to get temps in the 20's and 30's tonight and for the rest of the weekend and possibly some frozen precipitation on Sat. We just don't know how to handle that here in LA! I managed to get 26 of 30 double hour glass blocks made for my latest quilt top yesterday. I have to go into the office this morning for a couple hours and then hoping to come home and finish the rest and get my layout done. Need to get my taxes together for the CPA, but when your office is in the sewing room...guess what wins out every time??? Maybe I will get it done this weekend with all this freezing weather coming, SIGH!
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                      Ecclesiastes 9:10 "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom."



                        Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

                        Been down that frozen pipe road a few times in my life... not fun, but the hair dryer is the fastest way to thaw out the pipes.. Even used an iron one time on the metal pipes , of course.

                        The insulation job was done just in the nick of time for this polar spell... I'm toasty warm and the pipes are all protected!! I can sew in comfort and stay in my pj's all day!! But I am going thru all my precuts and arranging my stash!! Didn't know I had so many charms, layers cakes and Jelly rolls.

                        My days are filled with putting together Dresden's.. got 44 to do... that will be 14.5 inch blocks. Then I want to do the HST 25 blocks that I found while surfing the net.. Those two should keep me busy and out of trouble while the Polar Vortex sticks around. If I get bored or need a break, I can come here and see how everyone is doing... Hugs and stay warm!!

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                          Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

                          Good morning! Monique, when we lived in an old farmhouse, our pipes would freeze under the house just about every winter. I kept a trickle of water running a lot. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't.

                          Barb, good luck with jury duty. There were bomb threats called in for our judicial center/courthouse the past two days. Court was in session both days and the grand jury met yesterday. I'm wondering if it's related to a court case. No court scheduled today so we'll see what happens.

                          Jean, congrats on your commission. I know you'll do a wonderful job.

                          I hope everyone has a good day and stays warm and safe.
                          *~* Myrna *~*
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                            Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

                            Good morning everyone. It is 7* here. I took the dogs out and Gator ran to the nearest tree...did his thing and rushed back to the door. And shivered under the covers for almost half an hour. He loves to tunnel down under the covers and lay in the crook of my legs.

                            Hopefully Joe our Mechanic will call this morning and tell us our part for the truck is in so we can take it to town and get it fixed. If not it will be tomorrow. I won't mind staying home where it is warm for another day!

                            I am so ready for spring. I want to sew and I don't want to build a fire to do it. I want to make the quilt from the kit I got from my SS at Christmas. Maybe I'll get out the instructions and see read them, it will make me feel like I am doing something at least.

                            Hope everyone stays warm and has a wonderful day.
                            Hugs and prayers to all in need and a special prayer for little Jesse.
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                              Re: It's another frigid Tuesday.

                              It's cold here as well. When it gets below freezing here I just let the water run in the kitchen sink at a slow trickle and leave the cabinet doors open so the heat will blow in and keep things warm. Our kitchen sink is on an outside wall and our heat vent is over the door going into the kitchen and blows straight at our kitchen sink. If it is going to get really cold then my husband will bring a little space heater and plug it up and let it run all night into the cabinet to keeps the pipes warm.

                              Good luck every one and stay warm.