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It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

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    It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

    Yes it is cold and I don't like it one darn bit.

    This seems to sum it all up in a nutshell but you will never hear me complain about the heat.


    I did manage to get out to Victoria's Quilts yesterday. It felt good to be back. I work the rest of the week and now I have another assignment next week too. No rest.

    I went to visit a friend yesterday who is pretty well house bound because her husband suffers from Alzheimer. Really sad that she has given up so much. When I went to leave, the van would not start. Had to get a tow to the garage here in town, $50 which wasn't bad. Today we will see what the problem is. I think gas line is frozen, hubby left too little gas in the tank, and he thinks it is a fuel pump.

    Try to stay warm everyone and safe.

    Have a great day.
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    Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

    Its cold here also 3 lousy little puny degrees. I don't do well in extreme cold or extreme heat. Today is my off of work day and teach class day. We are doing make up projects if we get to go. One of the girls travels from south of me and may have been hit with the storm. Waiting to hear from her before we decide on class. Would be ok if she can not make it and we cancel...I wouldn't have to go out in the cold then.
    Have a great day all Hugs for all that need them.
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      Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

      I hear you loud and clear Monique....enough of this cold - bring on summer.
      Hubby is a fanatic about putting gas in the cars before a storm, I can see now why. Hope it doesn't cost you a fortune to fix.

      Gotta shovel out today - I think we got about 10 inches and it was sooo windy there are tons of drifts. DH has a snowblower so that makes the work easier. And truth be told my only job is to provide something hot for him when he's done. I think I can handle that.

      Made a big pot of split pea soup in the crock pot yesterday and it was so yummy, with the added bonus of making the house smell so wonderful all day.

      Going to try to do some sewing today. I got my new Olfa rotating mat and am dying to use it.

      Stay warm and dry everyone


        Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

        Morning all,
        We were hit with a heavy snow yesterday that continued through part of the night, wind is blowing this morning and cold. My husband will be out with either the snow blower or tractor depending on how deep it is. Don't envy him that job today.
        Good day to put a pot of soup on for dinner with a pan of cornbread. Have to get up to the sewing room today to get all my stuff from the retreat put away, and try to get some more sewing done. I have my next project in mind now to see how we'll it translates to fabric, we'll see.
        Off to turn the fireplace on and get the coffee going. For all that had this snow and have to be out today be safe on the roads.
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          Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

          We didn't get much snow here. one inch or less. We are on the north edge of the storm, but right now the temp outside is -2. No plans to go out, even though I need some backings for a couple quilts. I'm sure I can find other things to get started on for a few days.
          Dolores :lol::icon_heh:


            Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

            Good Morning,

            I think I'll make a pot of bean soup with ham today. I have a haircut this morning...yay! I've had to cancel the last two appointments due to jury duty and the roads.

            It's frigid cold here this morning. Jeff said it's about 7 degrees but it's dry and no ice. I can do cold if the roads are good.

            Isn't it nice we're getting more men on the forum? Did your see the quilts Glen made! And our Handsome Ryan is a joy and such a talented quilter.

            The Girls are going to tear me apart if I don't feed them NOW. Have a great day everyone....Hugs...

            Scottie Mom Barb


              Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

              Good Morning All, it is a cold day here in S.E. Louisiana at least cold for us. I know for some of you our 27 degrees would be rather balmy right now. No work for me this morning as I have a Doctors appointment this morning. Then depending on how I feel afterwards if I will be going into work or not. I have a very ugly looking mole or growth of some sort on my side under my bra line that is going to be removed. So only time will tell if I am headed in or not. Take care my friends and if you must travel be safe.


                Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

                Good morning! It's 2* here. We got just a dusting of snow so there's none on the ground for insulation. We have water fountains for our beef cattle to drink from and I hope water lines don't freeze as the ground gets colder during the next week. I also need some fabric for a border (1 strip short!) and backings but it can wait until it warms up some. I'm going to stay in out of the cold whenever I can.
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                  Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

                  Morning all! Well I agree with the consensus...brrrrr! Work today for me at another location...trying to figure out there food cost problems.

                  Finished my blocks for a whitnees quilt..hoping to get them out in the mail soon. Other than that last night I didn't do much. Played a round with my eq 7 software.

                  Today I am thankful for my home. I appreciate that I am fortunate to have a home. There are many out there that do not have a home and some who have no shelter.

                  Well off I go....everyone have a great day!!
                  SW Missouri

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                    Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

                    GoodMorning Share cup of coffee.jpg Let's share a cup of coffee while I complain about the snow and cold.

                    Haven't check the temp yet but it's cold, I can feel it around the windows and front door. Still snowing but very lightly, the snow seems to have compacted overnight. Hope it hasn't gotten wet during the night because that would jam the snow blower up giving DH a difficult time clearing our cars, walks and driveway. Right now the front and back doors are blocked with snow so we'll be exiting the house through the garage. Not that I'm going anywhere as snowy icy walks don't agree with me any longer and snow isn't fun like it was when I was a kid. I defrosted the Christmas ham bone and will get a pot of pea soup going this morning. Going to make it in the crock pot this time so I can go upstairs and sew and not have to worry about stirring the soup or it getting too thick and burning. Will have some hot chocolate ready for DH for when he finishes clearing the snow, he always has hot chocolate whenever we is out in the cold and snow.

                    Schools are closed today and from the lack of activity on our street so are most businesses . Stay warm everyone and safe trips if you have to drive on those snowy icy roads.

                    WOW, Snow storm must be over at the Sun just popped out. Great as it had been snowing almost 24 hours. Thank you Mother Nature, we have had enough.
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                      Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

                      Good morning everyone. It is only 16* here this morning but I am not complaining. I would rather just have this cold temperature than all the snow they are getting elsewhere. They can keep it.

                      Had to run an errand yesterday and the truck decided it was going to act up. DH was not a happy camper. The ignition switch is going out or something. Anyway the whole drive was his ranting, raving and cussing. Not a pleasant outing. I knew I should have stayed home. So now we have to go to the mechanics shop probably tomorrow or Friday depending on when the part comes in. I don't mind, we have fun with the mechanic. He is a friend...and there's always a cold beer in his fridge!!!!

                      Hope everyone has a great day.
                      Hugs and prayers to all.
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                        Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

                        Good morning everyone. It's a snow day for me. We closed early yesterday and I thought we would just have a delayed opening this morning and was surprised to hear the message that we were closed. I guess they figured that since they weren't going to have any Day Hab, Health Service or Preschool, the administrative offices didn't need to be there either. And this way they get to really clear the parking lots and walkways without people all around.

                        The sun is out now. DH had to go into work so we were out there earlier shoveling and cleaning off the cars. It was a pretty light, fluffy snow -- just about 10" of it. LOL I may go out and shovel out one of our back doors. No matter how much snow we get, there is always a drift up against it. It is in our living room and that was an extension so it sticks out from the rest of the house and I guess it's the way the snow blows off the roof from the main part of the house. It is cold --- only 6* here now and I don't think we will be going up much more than that. Usually we just let the snow melt away by itself by that door but since it is supposed to stay well below freezing for quite a few days, I'm thinking not much melting will happen and once that drift freezes, it will be much harder to move.

                        Going to get some beef stew into the crockpot and then do a bit of sewing today. WooHoo! Bonus sewing day.

                        Stay safe and warm everyone.
                        Ginny B
                        Levittown, NY


                          Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

                          Wow, our little blizzard that gave us two inches early Tuesday morning grew big time by the time it got to the east coast! So sorry for your snowblowing shoveling woes! It is cold here still, but at least the sun came out yesterday and melted the streets.

                          I'm in a quilting funk right now, need to get going on some small project to give me some momentum to finish/ start projects! I'm working on a costuming project with my friend, so my sewing time is spent on something other than quilts.

                          Have a good day and keep warm!


                            Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

                            Ok I agree with everyone as well. It is 15 degrees in the Kennesaw area where I live in Georgia and no SNOW to show for it. For all of ya'll that don't know that is cold for this part of the U.S. I need to be at home sewing instead of at work. I will be so glad when Spring and Summer get here. Trust me I complain about it being hot, but I don't complain near as much as I do in the winter time.

                            Stay warm everyone.


                              Re: It's a cold brrrrr Wednesday.

                              Just sending Love, warm Hugs, and Best Wishes for a Happy Day to each of you! ~Sheri
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                              For me, it's all about Love, . . . Always!