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Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

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    Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

    Happy Sunday!!!! What a beautiful morning it is here, sun is shining, birds are chirping!! It still a bit gusty but I can live with that! I am in a fantabulous mood this morning...cause I don't have to go to work!! Yay!!!! Gonna head into Springfield with my mother and possibly dd (if she gets here in time) and scour a flea market that is rumored to be huge and filled with treasure! Now mind you I don't need any junk, in fact, have recently been downsizing and gettin rid of things that really just collect dust...but this is something that I always use to do with mom and she is missing our quality time together so heck why not!! I am looking for anything sewing related....definitely possible in a flea market...and I collect whimsical or unusal things! I'm kinda excited! Woohoo!

    DH still has the gout...poor guy! Really feeling miserable and making sleep tough for both of us....tonight I may have to take the spare bed in Dd's room! My DS went on a 62 mile bike ride in the Arkansas hills yesterday.....yikes...I wouldn't even make it up the first one. I really need to work on fitness! Not gettin any younger! He said at one point he was going 53 mph! I asked him to not tell me these that seems careless to me and suggested braking to which he that's more dangerous down those hills. So I said ok well just give me the miles ridden and leave out the rest!

    Well gonna go make mr gimpy some breakfast so he won't starve while I am gone! I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday!!!
    SW Missouri

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    Re: Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

    Mornin', Mary! Sunday...YAY!
    I have big plans today to do as much hand quilting on my January UFO project goal as I can. I will feel torn to quilt rather than clean (Laundry from Heck/too many loads to go) and watching the playoff football games!
    Have a great Sunday and great to those of you like me who have holiday tomorrow!

    "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


      Re: Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

      Good morning dear friends. I did get into my sewing room yesterday and started putting those blocks together for the square in a square quilt. Coming together nicely. More laundry again today. Waiting on a friend to arrive so sewing will be later on today.

      Have a great day everyone.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

        Good morning....

        I've been up for awhile now. I checked my subscription to Quilter's World and downloaded and organized all the templates and patterns that go with the I am caught up on that for now.

        I've started piecing the top of the 2nd baby quilt and have it over half done now. When I get that finished I'm going to border it and get it quilted. Then I have to wait on more fabric to arrive for the 2nd one.

        I finished the quilt top that I was making for my sister, it needs borders and I will get that fabric this coming week-end, if the weather cooperates.

        Mary, tell your DH that I sympathize with him and hope his gout gets better soon. The last bout I had, I had to call the doctor and get meds for it. I'm allergic to the Allipurnol (sp?) so I just have to call and get meds for it. If my foot starts hurting, at all, I take prescription Ibuprofin, for the swelling, and drink some cherry juice (can't do too much of that), for the uric acid. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't...just depends on how long I let it go.

        Have a great day!! Prayers and hugs
        Shirley aka buckeyequilter
        I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


          Re: Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

          Good morning!

          Mary the story of your son riding 53 mph down mountain hills reminded me of...............a friend of mine has what she calls a "5 year rule" with her kids........20 something to 30 something years old. If they do something that would scare her or make her worry....she doesn't want to know about it for at least 5 years!

          Our weather is chilly but pretty this weekend. We went to visit a cousin & his wife about an hour away yesterday. Got to see their new house they are building and had a great visit with them.

          Hoping to mow today to chop up all of the ankle deep leaves in the yard.

          Hope everyone has a good day!
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            Re: Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

            Hello all! Great sunny day here! Yesterday was a totally mixed bag on weather--sunny cloudy, windy, snow squalls followed by sun and then rain and sleet. They say if you don't like the weather in St. Louis, just wait a minute! So true.

            Last night I went to an awards banquet for our local theatre group. Got a comission for two quilts! Whooppee, the color palette is green and purple! Sounds like LOVELY by RJR is the perfect fabric! I ordered a layer cake along with my DD that I've been waiting for, MUSLIN MATES. I adore the scissors fabric in that collection, which was in my most favorite of all times collection HALF MOON MODERN! Wish Moda would reprint that collection.

            Off to church, then may get into some mall mischeif looking for a sale all weather coat. Have a great day!


              Re: Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

              Been on the computer looking at amethyst and purple fabrics and patterns and forgot to say Hello this am. Recently engaged DGD and her fiancé have chosen amethyst, grey and a hint of cream as their engagement quilt. I want her to check out hues of amethyst to see if they like jewel tones, more purple than violet or the other way around. Also do the want a lot of the focus color? They must have seen something that sparked their interest in that combo of colors, maybe it was in a catalog or magazine and hopefully they can send me a picture of it. We quilters know that even if they chose the fabrics themselves non quilters are often surprised and disappointed that the quilt doesn't look like they imagined.

              Rest of today I need to get a ton of laundry done. Last laundry was done a week and a half ago before we left of CA so now I have I the trip laundry as well as the regular stuff since we have returned. At least all the big Christmas stuff has been put away, DH did that yesterday while I was at a Pillowcase Sew In. Big stuff went up on the rafters in the garage, little stuff goes in the hope chest in our family room so I'll tackle that this afternoon. I might get our house and lives in order just in time for Easter.


                Re: Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

                Happy Sunday all. Did get some sewing in yesterday. Not as much as I wanted, but did manage to finish a snowman block for our BOM on FB. Made mine in to a snow lady. Worked on the star a little, saw it wasn't going well, and stopped. I think I am going to change some of the measurements and see how that works. Hugs, blessings and prayers for those in need.
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