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So much to be thankful for!

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    So much to be thankful for!

    Hello again, Quilty Friends!

    Oh, my, what a week it's been! So much has happened.

    First of all, as some of you know, DD#5 got married last Saturday to a lovely young man who is just wonderful. So very thankful for their happiness.

    Yesterday, DIL#4 and DS#8's fiancee were rear-ended in DIL's car; very bad fog in this area, and the other driver was going too fast. Car was totaled, but both of them are okay.

    Then DS#9 had his wallet stolen on his way to his calculus class. He had missed the first class the other day because he had a stomach flu. Happily, he was still able to make it to class (albeit late), and will get his ID replaced tomorrow.

    Today, DS#8 and I provided music at a funeral for a 90-year-old lady whose family loved her very dearly. In her last two years, her DD and SIL cared for her in their home. The son-in-love just sobbed while talking about how much he loved her. I was so very touched and prayed that I will be as good a mother-in-love to my five DIL's and one SIL as that dear lady.

    So, all in all, thanks are in order. Hope you are laden with reasons to be thankful this week!

    ~ Sally \0/

    Re: So much to be thankful for!

    I am thankful for friends at home and on the forum. I was thinking earlier........that I was thankful that forum friends who are going through difficult times can come to the forum for support, prayers and laughs to brighten their day.
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      Re: So much to be thankful for!


      You are so right!! Many many things to be thankful for!! Health, happiness, great kids and DH! Thanks for the reminder!! Glad your family is ok!
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        Re: So much to be thankful for!

        Oh, Sally. When it rains, it pours. As a mom, I know you take all of your childrens' struggles on as your own. I wish you all well,.
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