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A big thank you to all!

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    A big thank you to all!

    The last couple of weeks have been the hardest if my life.... And you guys stuck right with me through it all.

    A week ago 48....I lost the love of my life. It has been a very rough week.... Today I found myself on the hallway floor, where he died....wrapped in his special quilt.... It seems that I had exited all dsy for that moment to pass. It is only one of many "firsts" to come.... And I am glad the day is almost over....

    Everytime I think I 'm OK, I remember something.....and the grief hits mr all over again.

    I simply cannot believe I stood by my sweetheart's casket for over an hour... I kept patting his arm, telling him it would be OK.... I keep seeing him there in my mind.... It is all surreal...

    But I'll be OK.... I have a great family, good friends, and a supportive church.... I know there are some pretty dark days ahead, but I also know I will survive.... Having you guys to turn to, has been such a help.

    Tomorrow, I will be attending my first quilt club meeting in months....the Ohio Stars meet twice a month. I am looking forward to it. They were all at Earl's funeral Sunday....all but one, and she had to babysit with grandkids.

    They have invited me to attend a quilting retreat Feb. 3,4,&5th.... Their treat. My first reaction n was no, but my daughter pointed out that Earl would be the first to say GO.... So I am considering it. What do you think?

    While my husband was ill, I tried to imagine how it would feel to be alone in the house... Really alone. It's hard.... The house feels empty. However.... His touch is in every single room.... The stuff in the house is mostly mind, but he slid the foundation for my "stuff"....with his own hands.... He painted, built a large entertainment center, tore up all of the old carpet, put new flooring down in the kitchen and DR, slid new tile in both bathrooms. And, he created a cozy quilting room for me.

    I gave that room to him, when he went on oxygen 24/7 .... It had the inky chair he was comfortable in. Later... Last week, in fact, my kids tore they room down, to accommodate a hospital bed....which he actually used for less than an hour.

    This weekend, they will be restoring the room to how Earl created it for me... I am planning on spending a lot of time in that room.... That's the room he spent most of his time in.... We both lived it... It's so light and airy.

    I ask for your continued prayers for me and for my family..... We have lost the light of the family... And our lives will never be quite right again....

    Sandy from Cincinnati

    AKA Kermit

    Re: A big thank you to all!

    Sandy I'm glad you're keeping in touch...we all care so very much. I do hope your family can be with you as much as possible. As hard as this is, you will get thru it, you are strong and your dh would want you to take care of yourself. If you feel ready for it go to the retreat and be around your friends, the more you do this the easier it will get. Hugs and prayers, Genny


      Re: A big thank you to all!

      Sandy, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Surround yourself with your family and friends, including us. Don't hesitate to reach out. When my husband died, there were people everywhere, but then they were gone, because they figured I was okay. Feel free to reach out because we are all eager to help, we just don't know how. ((((Many Hugs)))))
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        Re: A big thank you to all!

        Oh sandy, big hug for you. I can only imagine your pain, Earl was a wonderful man and husband! Continued prayers.
        SW Missouri

        Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


          Re: A big thank you to all!


          Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, Sandy. It sounds like you have a good outlook - you are right, there is still a lot of grieving and healing to do, but, you will get through it. I agree with your kids - go on that retreat - you deserve it and you know Earl would want you to go.


            Re: A big thank you to all!

            Sandy, so many of us here are putting ourselves, vicariously, in your shoes and we share your grief. You are not alone. If you are up to it, go to the retreat - it will take your mind off the bad times and let you get on with living (as Earl would have wanted) with memories of all the GOOD times you shared with him.

            Hugs and understanding,
            Another Sandy
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              Re: A big thank you to all!

              Sandy, You are certainly in our thoughts and prayers. It will be good for you to go on the retreat. Baby steps.
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                Re: A big thank you to all!

                More ((((((HUGS))))))) and prayers for you and your family.
                Having your room back to the way Earl created it for you will be a comfort, so glad you have a supportive family to help make this happen for you.

                Procrastinate. It frees up time to quilt!


                  Re: A big thank you to all!

                  You have certainly been in my thoughts....hugs to you! Like the others said, if you are feeling up to it, then GO! When my dad died, I had a hard time of it. This May will be ten years and I still find myself reaching for the phone to call him. As long as you walk this earth, he is with you, every step of the way.

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                    Re: A big thank you to all!

                    Hi Sandy.......good to hear from you again. I hope you will go on the retreat with your friends. They would like for you to go and Earl would want you to go. I know it will be nice to have your room back the way you had it for sewing.........a light and airy room will be good for you. So glad that you have so much love and support around you.
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                      Re: A big thank you to all!

                      Oh for sure, join the group for the retreat. Even if it only takes the heartache away for a moment this time. Each time you get out there, the moments will get larger and you will start feeling less alone. Your memories will always be there. Honor your wonderfu man by living. I tell my kids all the time that when that time comes the best they can do for me when I am gone is live their lives.

                      Try to do that if you can. Know that the forum, all of us are here cheering you on

                      Hugs to you. Take careof yourself
                      Life is short - Live everyday to the fullest


                        Re: A big thank you to all!

                        Hang in there, dear one, each day will be a new horizon to the future.


                          Re: A big thank you to all!

                          (((HUGS))) It's so good to hear from you... i'm so happy to hear that your kids and family members and friends have been there for you. By all means, you should go to the retreat. It will be good to get away, have some time for yourself, laugh a little, be distracted. Don't feel guilty about doing so either... you've been through so much already, I hope that you will find the love and support and being surrounded by your sweet quilty friends a pleasant opportunity for reflection and Joy!


                            Re: A big thank you to all!

                            So touching to read. Thank you for sharing. Sending prayers to lift you up. Go and do the retreat if that is in your heart. If your heart tells you it is time, or if your heart says no I can't just yet.. Just follow it.

                            Love and hugs to you. Kelly

                            Have a wonderful day!

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                              Re: A big thank you to all!

                              Sandy, I am so sorry about your husband. It sounds like you have a good outlook on life. My prayers are with you and your family.
                              If I were you, I would go to the retreat. It would be good to get away. You have all of us in the forum to help you get through this.
                              Good friends are like quilts, they age with you but, never lose their warmth