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Monday and it isn't raining (here)

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    Monday and it isn't raining (here)

    Happy Monday Folksies!

    Rise 'n shine, it is a new day, a new week, barely a new year and nary a rain cloud in the sky for us today. Yesterday was warmish and sunny with a brisk wind. What a lovely day. I sat on the porch with asweatshirt under my coat enjoying the sun. If the wind had not been blowing I would not have need the coat. The breeze felt good on my ugly toe, which is starting to look somewhat better. And NO. I am NOT posting pictures of my deformity. Suffice to say, it is looking better, the swelling is going down a bit, the bruising looks worse than it is I guess and I am looking forward to being able to wear a sock.

    So yesterday since the weather was so inviting, I was getting antsy. As mentioned, I sat on my Mom's porch. I would've even walked up The Hill to my own house but since the ground is so wet, slushy and like a sponge, I was smart enough to not attempt that particular hike. I prevailed upon middle son to drive me to my house. I gathered up some more fabric out of the tote Luscious had carried up the stairs for me to sift through last week and have started on a hand bag for my DD's birthday. My baby will be 30 this Friday. I am so not ready for that. Mentally, emotionally or giftally. Wish me luck.

    Hey Folks - here's a great thought for the day and perhaps for the week:

    Smile my friends. Even if it is Monday, it ain't as bad as it seems. By tomorrow, it will be a nostalgic memory.
    Hugs, blessings and prayers for everyone that needs one or all. I ain't greedy. Take all of those that you want.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

    Good morning all. No rain here today either - yippee!!!! Have to take the car in for service. Charged my Kindle last night and plan to have a nice cup of starbuck's and read while the work is being done. Then have some fabric shopping in mind.....have a nice gift certificate for Joann's that is burning a hole my pocket.

    Blondie - glad to hear the toe is getting better. Have fun making that tote - I love making totes.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.....I'm gonna take Blondie's advice and "smile" at everyone today....should prove fun in the auto shop - LOL


      Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

      Good Monday morning. Up and at 'em early. I leave this morning for my retreat. All packed and ready to rock and roll. I did manage to get out and get some groceries so hubby won't starve to death. He is busy the next three days so he won't have time to miss me much.

      Back on Thursday friends. So if you don't see me, don't panic.

      I have lots to smile about today.

      Blondie I am glad you are on the mend.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

        Good mornin Blondie and all my quilting buddies. It's off to work for me this morning. I said yesterday I will have to go to work to get some rest. worked both days on the house and laundry and got in a little sewing too. Haven't done that in a while due to back pain. Man I miss it but I gotta push through and just do it. I guess I will be starting a new group this afternoon. Very short notice but I think it will be fun. To all who want to join I am setting the deadline to sign up for the 15th. Yes thats 2 days!!! Better late than never LOL.
        OOOO Just looked at the clock....I gotta get on the road!!!
        Hugs from KY


          Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

          Good Morning,

          It's going to be a pretty day today and then two more cold fronts are expected. Most of our snow and ice has melted with the rain but there are still patches of ice in the shady areas.

          I went to a Laundromat yesterday to wash a huge mink blanket that won't fit in our washer. Wow have prices gone up since the last time I needed to pay to use a washer! It cost $3.50 per load for the front-loader (I had to use two washes) and then countless quarters for the dryer. It really makes me feel for those who don't have their own machines.

          Blondie, glad to hear the toe is mending. Maybe you can get into a sock and a soft slipper soon. Yes, I know how it feels when our baby turns 30. My baby will be turning 50 next did this happen!!

          Today I need to go to the license bureau and get tags for our truck, make a stop at the bank and the Lucky Dollar. I don't know about where you live, but here we have to show proof of paid personal property taxes for the last two years, proof of car insurance and a certificate from a vehicle inspection. That's a lot of paperwork just to get tags.

          I got a wild hair last evening to make a Falling Charms quilt. I'm looking for a different background color.

          The Girls are asking for their breakfast already, especially Dottie.

          Wishing everyone a good Monday with hugs.....Barb

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

            Good Morning Ladies,

            It is raining here this morning with it lasting all day. With the changes that have taken place at work I no longer have Mondays off. I am only working half a day today though. I have a few bills that I need to take care of along with a few other things that I already had plan. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.


              Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

              Good morning. Sunday was a pretty day to be outside here too. It's not raining yet, but it's in today's forecast. Bye, Monique! Have fun at the retreat. I'm looking forward to a 2-day lecture/trunk show/class with Bonnie Hunter in March. The class is for a scrappy quilt and I don't have many scraps. I'm going to check the scrap bag at the guild tonight and I may have to make some.

              I hope it's calm where you are today both in life and in weather.
              *~* Myrna *~*
              *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

                Good Morning....

                Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here (well beautiful for winter), supposed to be about 45°. I think we might get a rain shower this afternoon.

                I was busy working on a couple of quilts this week-end. I have one in my sewing room and since I moved a machine upstairs I have one up there as well.

                I looked at the DD today and fell in love with it. Told myself don't need it. Went back and looked again and it accidentally fell into my I should be receiving that in about a week.

                Well need to get going here...have a wonderful day! Prayers and hugs
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                Shirley aka buckeyequilter
                I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                  Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

                  Good morning all!

                  I did not bounce out of bed with a sunny disposition....I did bounce out with a raging headache! I didn't drink any caffeine last night and my head is letting me know that is not ok! I really need to get off the stuff!

                  Good to hear the toe is on the mend! Our weather here is beautiful but windy. Yesterday I ended up with a migraine in the morning so laid down together rid of that for a while. Then I worked on figuring out how to get a purchased embroidery file from my computer into my embroidery machine. Decided to start a machine embroidery group so I could pick the minds of other embroiderest! So if you embroider join so we can steal your thoughts! Then off to two great nephews birthday party. It was noisy crazy but fun!

                  Today is the start of a long work's to a peaceful week....

                  Everyone have a great day!
                  SW Missouri

                  Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                    Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

                    Good Morning all! Back to a full week of work this week and it is gonna be a doozy! Oh well, need to pay for this addiction somehow!

                    Got into the sewing room for quite awhile yesterday, but I was painting the camo wall with primer, so no sewing accomplished. I think I just need to do touchups with the primer and maybe one more coat of primer and then can do wall color. Wow what a difference!

                    Hugs and prayers to all who need them - take one even if you think you don't.

                    M*QC forum is full of the best people!

                    I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

                    A bad day in the sewing room is better than a good day at the office.


                      Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

                      Hoping you get rid of that migraine Mary. Just heard this morning that caffeine improves memory. What did I just type?
                      Sewing mends the soul.

                      Do the math; count your blessings
                      Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

             Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
                      ~ Madeleine L'Engle


                        Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

                        Morning all,

                        Looks like the sun wants to peek out today. We had our share of rain on Saturday! Up early, Monday's are our breakfast meet up with friends each week. When I get back a quick clean up in the house then up to the sewing room to collect my stuff together for 4 days of sewing up at Crystal lake this Friday-Monday, can't wait!
                        Didn't sleep well at all last night and my back is achey this morning, hope when I'm moving more today it loosens up and disappears.
                        Did a little sewing yesterday afternoon and tried out my applique stitch on my Janome, I haven't had an opportunity to use that setting yet. I made a small wall hanging that looks like gift boxes with bows that were appliqued and did all the stitching in a black thread. It turned out fairly well for my first attempt. When I finish it it will be one more UFO crossed off my list and ready for next Christmas!
                        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                          Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

                          Morning all. Glad that toe is getting better, socks and slippers soon . Off to work for me today. Looks like it will be a nice one, sun is peeking out over the mountain and the sky is clear. suppose to be around 40 to 45 we'll see. Cut some pillowcases for that group this morning to sew when I get home.
                          Yesterday I pumped 4 loads of laundry out 3 of which went outside. MMM I do love me some fresh dried OUTSIDE laundry!! LOL

                          MY oldest will be turning 30 in March...How can that be I still feel 30 for most part just a slower 30... well maybe 39.

                          I see 2 neat groups to join when they are set up , one for valentines day mug rug , the other for a fat quarter swap. I love the swaps and even though I have been burnt on more then 1 occasion I still like to join. I realize everyone is not like me, I tend to do my best work when it goes to another and always always thank my partner privately as well as publicly, so all is good.
                          sigpic:icon_hug: Iris Girl = April = fabric, Fabric FABRIC!!
                          Time spent with cats is never wasted.
                          Sigmund Freud


                            Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

                            Good morning everyone. Had a pretty good day yesterday. DH and I took a drive with the dogs down to Bentonville, Arkansas to pick up a trial's motorcycle he wanted for around the property. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive. We stopped off in Springfield on the way home and had a nice dinner at the Chinese Buffet we like. We actually had a good day together. Laughing and joking. It was great. Things may be on the mend.

                            Need to get my clothes off the line and more on there today.

                            Hope everyone has a great day
                            Hugs and prayers to all.
                            MSQC: Where Strangers become Friends and Friends become Family!

                            "The soul would have no rainbows, if the eyes had no tears."native American wisdom



                              Re: Monday and it isn't raining (here)

                              Good Morning, all!

                              Monique and Myrna - have a great time at your retreats! I would love to take a class from Bonnie, Myrna.

                              Glad to hear you're on the mend, Blondie. Those kids sure have a way of getting older than we are in a hurry, don't they? HOpe you feel better soon, Mary.

                              It is a beautiful day here, too. It is supposed to rain later. Of course, they are in the middle of replacing my roof - hope I don't end up with any drips.

                              My DD called me this morning to tell me she heard a horrendous noise coming from the dining room, where I have been sewing and have all my fabrics, etc. She went to investigate and found our kitty Roo all tangled up with a spool of thread that was chasing him around the house. He is having worse quilting withdrawal than I am! He, like most cats, demands to help me sew and since I haven't lately, he is suffering. I just had to remove him from my keyboard so that I could type this. Good thing I adore this cat!

                              Well, off to get some sleep and then out to the new house to check on the progress of the roof and the laundry room remodel. I am having the location of my washer moved so that the drain lines don't run through my quilting room. And then he will "turn the closets around" so that I have more wall space in there (quilting room) and replace the windows. One had a room A?C unit in it and I found out the A/C is big enough to run a duct to that room, too. I still haven't got the smoke smell out - Hoping once it is painted it will be better.

                              Have a Blessed Day everyone!