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Good Friday Morning

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    Good Friday Morning

    Hi there Ladies
    It's Friday, I missed y'all yesterday ~ heckfire, I even miss myself!

    Mom's appt with the oncologist yesterday was nothing but great news. Her white counts were up just a bit but the scans, and the rest of the blood work came back terrific. Thank you Ladies for keeping her blanketed in prayer. Means a lot to me. I believe firmly that if you ever met my Mom face to face you would want her as your own. So, she is doing as well as anyone halfway to 81 can be. These days that I have to go with her to the Dr's just wear me out~ On Monday morning, I have to take her to the eye specialist to check up on her cataract and macular degeneration. I think it may be time for that cataract to come off. After that, I reckon we are free of dr's for the next little while, Lord willing.

    Rebecca, I just finished reading Point of Origin by Patricia Cornwall. It was a good read. I enjoy reading ~ generally try to keep a book or hand work around for the in between times at work. I used to be a voracious reader; not just a voracious lover of quilt books, magazines and internet reading.

    Off to get ready for the day. The past few days have been lovely sunny days - tonite will bring in some thunder storms into the morning - of course! It's the weekend and hubs wants to do some yard work! LOL.

    Have a wonderful day, everyone!!!!!!
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
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    Re: Good Friday Morning

    Hi there Blondie,

    I've read so many Patricia Cornwell and I liked them very much. Since you like her you might enjoy Kathy Reichs too. I'm reading MORTAL REMAINS at the moment and enjoy it. She (Kathy) really describes the cities very well, where the crimes take place.

    But no reading today and not much sewing (although I'd like to finish sewing my kimono I'd started yesterday) I guess until later on in the evening. Have to go out in the garden and plant some flowers.
    sigpicgreetings from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg



      Re: Good Friday Morning

      Happy Friday to everyone also. Yesterday was a beautiful day here in southern PA and today promises to be cooler but that's fine. .. as long as the sun is out.. . . or better yet . . . it's NOT raining. We are so tired of rain. I work at a greenhouse and sometimes we feel as though our feet are rooting into the ground. My boots don't have a chance to dry out properly so that I can respray them with the waterproof stuff. LOL !
      Linda L Maurer, Peach Bottom, PA

      Only a Quilter has a welcome mat at the door to her home and an
      "Enter at Your Own Risk" sign on the door of her sewing room (by Tom and Madge Powis)


        Re: Good Friday Morning

        Morning everyone! My one wish is for rain. Living near Houston, TX I usually never complain of dry weather but we need rain so badly right now! I'm headed to north Texas today to our ranch where we need rain even worse! Burn bans all over up there. I'll have some quality quilting time up there and am looking so forward to it! I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend! Blondie, great news about your mom, prayers are the best medicine!


          Re: Good Friday Morning

          Good Morning Everyone,

          Blondie - so glad your mom's appointment went well. Good luck with the one on Monday.

          Regarding books; I've heard there is a series of books that follows a group of quilters. Does anyone know about them?

          Going to try to get to aqua aerobics this morning (a little me time). Should go to work because I've missed so much this week, but it's pretty slow at work, they won't mind if I miss some more. It's the paycheck that hurts, especially since Bob only worked Monday (and no sick time). He has minor surgery today to drain the infection. Hope that goes well. If so, he can maybe come home tomorrow.

          Today's weather is supposed to start out nice and then work it's way towards rain. Suppposed to be a crappy weekend. So I guess it's okay we won't make it to camp.

          DH just called. Had a good night. Procedure not scheduled until 1pm. For me that means, class, work, then I have to go to his work to get his tools that he just left out and his paycheck, then up to the hospital in time for him to get back. Busy, busy, busy!

          Have a great day!

          I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


            Re: Good Friday Morning

            Change of scenery today for me. Al and I are members of the local woodworker's guild and as such will be part of a team of judges for the local high schools industrial arts program. Although there are many categories, we will be judging woodworking projects to determine who will represent the area at state competition. We've done this several times in the past and it is always a rewarding time.

            Blondie - continued prayers because we want to see Mom turning cartwheels before the summer starts. Good luck with the eye appointment. But, the best news is her great blood tests!

            Nancy, continued prayers here, too! I'll bet your husband is sick of the hospital already.

            Linda, Trish, Jan, Patti, Suzi, everyone else - special prayers and warm thoughts to get your ready for the weekend.

            We had a horrific storm pass through here last night with very strong winds - luckily no tornadoes although we are in tornado valley. Hail the size of golf balls about 1-ish this morning. Woke DeeOGee up and he was attacking whatever was making all that noise. Still windy - but I have to admit we needed the moisture. Maybe the mushrooms will pop this weekend.

            That's all for the day - have to get ready for an early start on the exhibition floor.
            Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
            it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

            "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


              Re: Good Friday Morning

              Nancy I'll be praying for Bob and Blondie I have been praying for your Mom. And for you as you have so much on your shoulders. Love you Honey.
              I'm off to a shop hop today. The kids have my cell phone in case of emergency with Emily. I will be pretty local so I could be home in 30 minutes from where ever I am. Love you all, Hugs, Jan
              Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                Re: Good Friday Morning

                Good morning everyone. Sunny here at the moment but expecting rain from Saturday and all next week. UGH!!! Wish I could send it to Texas to help put out the fires. For all of you out there you are im my thoughts and prayers.

                Tomorrow is my birthday so I am not sure what is going on. Might get some quilting done this weekend. I brought back a lot of stuff from my trip and just don't know where to start.

                Have a great weekend everyone.

                Stay safe and stay dry!!

                Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                  Re: Good Friday Morning

                  Morning.......Very cloudy this morning and cooler. WE need rain so badly - just like twnkeyes. It has been many months since we have had any moisture.
                  Blondie - great news about your Mom!! BTW how is the poison ivy?
                  Nancy - hope your husband continues to get healthy
                  Sandy - love your quote.
                  Monique - Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope you have a great day!
                  I plan to finish my third heart quilt today. I will post pics when I get them back from the quilter. Maybe do a little house work although I don't like cleaning when it is so cloudy. (Any excuse I can find to not clean)!!!!!!
                  Have a great day Ladies - hope to hear from you later!!
                  Shirley :icon_bigsmile:


                    Re: Good Friday Morning

                    Good morning all! Blondie, so glad to hear about your Mom's blood work. Hope your poison ivy is a memory by now. Nancy, fingers crossed that all goes well with your husband's surgery today. Happy Birthday in advance, Monique! Has anyone heard from Sewsoft lately? To Sandy, patticakes, Shirley, Trish, Jan, and everyone else who tunes in here, have a wonderful spring day!
                    There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


                      Re: Good Friday Morning

                      Blondie glad things went well with your moms blood work. Nancy I hope your husbands surgery goes well.

                      Today is a short day for me. We are having our company picnic this afternoon. Then I get to go celebrate one of the most precious men in my life's birthday today. Today is my oldest grandsons birthday. He turned three.

                      Bad storms coming tonight about bedtime to 3:30 in the morning. I hate the late night storms.

                      Hope everyone has a great weekend.



                        Re: Good Friday Morning

                        Happy Friday!
                        Blondie - happy to hear Mom's good results! sorry to hear you're draggin, hope you have a nice relaxing weekend planned!
                        Mamaquilt - Kimono? I must have missed that, please post pics when you are done!
                        Nancy - been thinking of you and hubs! I've heard of the quilting book series but don't know the names. I love to read to but lately just downloading the free ones to my kindle.
                        Sandy - I bet you see some nice projects as a woodworking judge. We used to go get mushrooms from our fav spots when I live in Michigan. Nothing like a nice pan of sauteed morels...yummy!
                        Jan- so happy the grands are doing better! Have fun at your sock hop, wish I could hop along with you!
                        Monique - Early birthday wishes to you! Enjoy your birthday weekend!
                        Shirley - Can't wait to see pics of your heart quilts.
                        Deb - thanks for the wishes...sending them right back at cha!
                        Lynne - hope the company picnic was a fun one! special wishes for your DGS birthday. 3 is such a special age!
                        It is cloudy out and they look as though they could burst open with rain anytime now so I am about to jump in the shower and off to run some errands. Not much quilting done but I have been working on the embroidered animal quilt so I feel as though I am getting something done. Perhaps with the lousy weather forecast the next couple days can be productive!
                        Happy weekend wishes to everyone!
                        "Like" me on Facebook @ Sweet Cherry Quilting to help spread the love of all things crafty and quilted!


                          Re: Good Friday Morning

                          Sandy - that sounds like a fun time judging the high school projects. What a great thing to do.
                          Monique - Happy Bday tomorrow. It's your day; you should be able to find time to sew! LOL

                          Just as I finished my post (above) my laptop decided to shut down and do an update; then it restarted and, once booted up, the screen said "Welcome to your New HP PC"!!! It's back to factory settings and I've lost EVERYTHING; documents, emails, addresses, software, photos, music/videos, scrapbooks in progress and personal accounting. God I know you're just making me stronger but can't you spread these disasters out a bit. I don't have time to deal with the PC right now and I just can't be without it.

                          Oh well, I'm outta here (work) and off to the hospital for the 1pm surgery, if they don't delay it again...sheesh!

                          Can you tell....I've moved out of the scared stage (mostly) and entered the pissed off stage! Sorry ladies, you get the brunt of it!

                          I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


                            Re: Good Friday Morning

                            Blondie, we are all so happy to hear of your mom's bloodwork results. Nancy, you'll be more relaxed once hubby's surgery is behind him. Prayers are to continue for you both & your loved ones.


                              Re: Good Friday Morning

                              Continued prayers for all in need, and prayers of thanks for the blessings we have received.

                              As for the quilting stories, there are several by different authors. The one I have on audiobook right now is from the Elm Creek Quilter's series by Jennifer Chiaverini.

                              I would also love to send some of this rain to the drier parts of the country. We are fairly resigned to it though. It's what keeps our little corner green, so while we would like to see some sunny weather, we won't complain too loudly.
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