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sunday morning greetings

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    sunday morning greetings

    Wish all my quilting friends a peaceful and happy Sunday morning as well as an interesting quilting week

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    sigpicgreetings from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


    Re: sunday morning greetings

    And you as well


      Re: sunday morning greetings

      Hi Michele,

      It's rather warm, windy and raining here this morning. It's a perfect day for a leisurely breakfast and a day of sewing. Your table looks wonderful. Have a wonderful day!!

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: sunday morning greetings

        My Michele, What a lovely setting for a sweet breakfast, hope you and your DH enjoyed it.

        Up early today, lots to do. Need to finish getting my Secret Santa box ready for mailing. I'll do that while baking some Fudgy Nut cookies for next Sunday's Cookie Exchange, we were asked to bring 12 dozen but I'm going to fall a few dozen short. Making the cookies early as mid week we're going to MA to see our youngest DGD Josi in her high school play and visit her for her Bday. She was born on Thanksgiving 17 years ago. Very early that morning we were preparing to leave for MA to have dinner with her expecting parents when son called to say, "Congrats you have another granddaughter!" Hopefully we will have time to go Bday shopping. Have to give her Bday hugs from my sisters Carol and Patti, they really enjoy being with Josi as she is very sociable and outgoing and she loves sushi like they do.

        OK everyone have a good Sunday.


          Re: sunday morning greetings

          Good morning friends.

          After I posted yesterday morning, we had a little earthquake here, at about 7:55 am, just enough to rattle things and unnerve me a little. All is fine.

          Had a fairly quiet morning at work. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, I put away from stuff that was still in the back yard. I need to make room for snow plowing. UGH!! But got that done. After work, went to Canadian Tire and bought two more Christmas gifts. Ordered another from Amazon. Getting there. Now that we drew names from last year, we don't need to buy every single person a gift. That is certainly a big relief.

          Laundry day today, and am going to make baked beans, they are soaking as we speak. Hopefully get some quilting in there somewhere.

          Have a great Sunday friends.
          Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


            Re: sunday morning greetings

            Waving hello from Florida.. the sun is peeking out from the left over rain clouds.. Yesterday was damp around here.

            I got a lot done on my IQ project and hopefully will have it finished this week. Just in time for submission. A labor of love for me. Have a dinner to go to tonight at some friends, then collapse time. Enjoying the life style and sunshine here at DD#1.

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              Re: sunday morning greetings

              Good Morning everyone,
              Very foggy here this am....good morning to sit in front of the fireplace with a nice cuppa!!!

              Got my pillowcase materials pre-shrunk yesterday, hopefully will get them cranked out in the next couple of days and ship them off to Ruby. Still having trouble with the shingles though and the pain can be unberable at times. I saw my dr on Friday and she sent me for a brain scan yesterday because my left eye is very droopy - almost closed. I don't think she's totally convinced that it's shingles....I did have the shot and there are no blisters. It's really wearing me down though.

              Sorry to whine......


                Re: sunday morning greetings

                G'morning everyone

                just a bit of running today . . Mom off to Church and then to visit baby sister at the rehab center -- her physical therapy is coming along . . she almost didn't stay . . she wanted to come home . . but I had to remind her that if she fell .. Mom couldn't pick her up and I could run 2 yards over fast enough to pick her up . . also had to remind her not to get bent out of shape - the lady she shares a room with has had a stroke and baby sister didn't need to stress her out . . oh goodness . .

                my thoughts for today is to get started on - a Quilt in a Tote Bag . . especially a child size to tote to Grandma's house for a sleep over . .

                combine the jelly roll super size tote bag with the scrabble rag quilt . .
                I wonder how many I can whip out before Christmas . . oh goodness - thats a last minute thought . . L*~

                hubby is still healing under the surface skin . . I have to keep reminding him that he needs to baby that left shoulder
                a bit longer . . though the surface stitches are out and that all looks great . . it's not been a month yet since his surgery -
                so he needs to be careful . . .

                rec'd a letter in regards to my Mammogram -- I have to go back - the screening revealed a possible abnormality
                -- I figured it would . . that tech just couldn't get the girls to behave . . Oh My*~ . . .
                so after my follow up visit on my blood work tomorrow . . then I'll make an appt for a re-do on my Mammogram . .

                with all thats I have to do -- hubby, Mom, baby sister and myself with Dr appts and such . .
                I'm forecasting very very late night with getting things done for Thanksgiving and Christmas . .

                ya'll "Make It'' a good day
                2015 is here
                Be Bold and Bravely put one foot in front of the other :)


                  Re: sunday morning greetings

                  The GS stayed overnight. We had a good time playing with trains, and toy horses and watching Nemo. He is growing so fast. Glad to give the kids a date night, although I bet DD didn't sleep well without her baby. Now Papa is showing him animal sounds on his tablet. Reagan is totally focused on trying to work the tablet himself. Happy day to all and prayers to them as need them. Remember to SMILE today, as Blondie says.
                  Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.
                  Maya Angelou



                    Re: sunday morning greetings

                    Good Morning All,

                    It will be a quite day here today. Just going to do a little house cleaning, make a grocery list, and then into the sewing room between rounds of laundry. Still need to work on decluttering in this living room. So tired of all this un-necessary stuff but some things are just too hard to let go off. Trying to simplify my life some.

                    Have a great day and take time just for you.


                      Re: sunday morning greetings

                      Morning! Not much going in here today! Yay!! Just trying to figure out what to have for dinner....that's healthy and good...the quandary!!

                      Basketball game was good last night. Did a little sewing before bed...working on pillowcases. The wind is blowing like the dickens today so leaf removal would be futile. Need to sweep and mop but other than that the day is mine!!

                      That breakfast sure looked good!
                      SW Missouri

                      Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                        Re: sunday morning greetings

                        Carol & Daine: My prayers are with you both. Waiting for healing and answers is not an easy thing.

                        I have a quiet day of laundry and sewing. I am determined to get that Iron Quilter closer to being done. If I could settle on a design as I am working it would be so much easier.

                        Michelle: Your table looks wonderful. We all ate our breakfast on the couch watching Spongebob and chatting. It tasted good but not as fancy as yours. Someday I tell myself.

                        Prayers to all!

                        Please treat others as you would hope others would treat those you love.