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1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

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    1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

    What does this month have? This coming weekend we roll the clocks back. Canadians have Remembrance Day *edit here Americans have Veterans Day the same day, Americans have their Thanksgiving. Today is All Saints Day in England. I am sure there are more.

    What a horrible night for the little ones last night. It poured rain but they still came although we certainly did not have the numbers we usually do. We have lots of treats left over.

    I heard that Blondie will soon back up and running and that Momma is doing great. That is wonderful to hear.

    I almost ditched the jeep on Wednesday morning not once but twice. Hubby went out yesterday and bought new tires. Now just waiting to have them installed.

    On that note, I need to get ready for work.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.
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    Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

    Good Morning, what a surprise to see it is already November 1st!! Where did our year go? Busy quilting I hope.

    We only had 18 trick or treaters, so have candy left too - Will make DH eat it (then can I ask him how many months pregnant he is??)

    Happy to be sewing a little tonight, and hope the cold and rain didn't leave any children sick for the coming school days.

    55 More days to get our gifts done, Blondie coming back is a special gift before that and great news her mother is doing better yeah!

    Debbie and the cats KayCee (16), Lucky Streak (11), and gods gift Sandia (8)

    RIP Bonnie (18) December 2014 We had 10 loving years before you went to see your previous Meow-Mom - tell her I love you too!

    Spread Sunshine with every thought, word and deed.


      Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

      Good Morning,

      November 1st already. This is our month for Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. We had a cool evening for Halloween. They predicted heavy rain but a few drizzles was all we got until later. One of the churches had about 6 bounce houses set up for the kids and I'm glad they didn't get rained out.

      I love Jenny's new tutorial on the remixed Jacob's Ladder block. It would be gorgeous in red and white and could be used for Christmas and Valentine's Day. It would be stunning in black and white also. The cheddar color Jenny used is beautiful also.

      I'm a bit under the weather today so I will take it easy. We don't have to work in Cuba this weekend and that's a good thing. I finished sewing and washing the pillowcases for the Cyber Elves group and I will press them today and get them ready to mail.
      I'm working ahead of myself this year and have my Christmas gifties almost done. Gifties are the little gifts I make for family, friends and neighbors.

      I'm off to see Jeff off to work and start my day. Wishing everyone a great Friday.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

        Morning all,
        It's still not light enough to see what's going on outside weatherwise but I hear the wind blowing and the garden chimes ringing me crazy.

        I agree , hard to believe it's November already this year is flying by. Tomorrow is my husband's birthday so will have to get busy with that, not sure yet if the kid's will make it home for the weekend but will get the guest room ready for them.
        Will be heading up to the sewing room today and wrap and box up my sescret Santa gifts so they will be all set to go after Thanksgiving. Also have a quilt retreat in Lake George coming up on the 14-17th so want to get my projects together for that I use that retreat each year to get some Christmas sewing finished. Mostly the same gals attend so I really look forward to it and catching up with everyone as it's the only time we get to see each other.
        Hugs and prayers for all that need a few extra there are many of you that are in my thoughts.
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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          Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

          Good morning. No trick-or-treaters here last night. This is the third year with none, so I told DH that we're done with Halloween and he'll have to buy his own candy from now on. I cleaned the leaves off the lawn yesterday morning but it's covered again after all the wind and rain. I noticed that Walmart is having "Early Bird Special" sales online today. The retailers are starting the Christmas specials early this year.
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            Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

            Yee Gads, November! Better get the Secret Pal box finished and mailed soon. Lots of guild stuff next week, hosting my quilt/book small group meeting on Tuesday evening, Guild's annual Harvest Supper on Thursday, promised I would bring a veggie dish but don't remember which one and Saturday we have the last Pillowcase Sew In of 2013.

            Was hoping my son. DS#1, and his DDs would come over for tea, lunch or dinner this week, had asked them to come and offered to help out after the funeral but they seem to want to do everything themselves. DS#2, DDIL and their oldest DD will be off to New Orleans tomorrow to visit their youngest DD and her DH. DS#3 is getting ready to close on his new house in Mass. and is preparing to move, he has accumulated lots of household stuff since he has been with us the past few months but think his friend is lending him his big pick up truck when he moves. This is one move I'm not helping with - moved this son about 4 times, DS#1 3 times and DS#2 only once but I was a lot younger then.
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              Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

              Wow, November 1st already...what I can't believe is that DH has been gone (except for 1 week in August) since around the 20th of MAY!!!! He said he can't believe how much of a hoarder his mother was. She had so many books, kitchen gadgets, clothes, shoes, purses...And nothing that is cheap. He is having such a hard time trying to decide what to bring home and what to give away. But he is almost ready to come home. Can't get much more into the trailer. He said he will be home next week. Yeah...he's said that before! I am not holding my breath and will believe when he drives up the driveway.

              Will be nice to have Blondie back..have missed her smiles. Monique, you have done a wonderful job of getting our days started. Thank you.

              Barb, hope you feel better soon.

              Everyone in the heavy rain areas, stay safe.

              Hugs and prayers to all.
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                Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

                Good morning, again the heading in to my local store then off to Lebanon as it's the end of month inventories. Just have to work today and DH and I are off work for the next 9 days! Woohoo! Don't know how the staycation will go with dh around as like most men he is needy and needs to be entertained!

                Everyone have a great day!!
                SW Missouri

                Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                  Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

                  Good morning.....

                  My thoughts and prayers are with Cyndi and her family this morning...praying that they are safe.

                  It was a windy, rainy, dark night...perfect halloween! The tornado siren went off just a little after midnight and I woke everyone up and wouldn't let them go back to bed until I found out what was happening. There was a sighting close by but haven't heard if there is any damage yet.

                  Tonight, I am going back to my sewing room and try again. Well time to get to work. Have a wonderful day...prayers and hugs.
                  Shirley aka buckeyequilter
                  I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                    Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

                    Al and I have been playing weird old people today - got up at 4 a.m. (very unusual for usens) and headed out for breakfast and a quick stop at Wallyworld for milk on the way home. Strange to be up and at'em this early.

                    I am still trying to get some things wound up for my SSS gift box - 99% I do believe is finished, but I keep coming up with little ideas here and there. The only real productive thing I've done lately is a Christmas stocking that will be used in a fund raiser for my quilt guild. I've been working on an machine embroidery piece for a memory quilt that DD is helping with (actually her Dad and I are doing the help . . . ) for the family of one of her close friends who passed too young. One of the young daughters did a drawing of the family, manga animea style, and Al has digitized it - it is extremely involved and I have stitched it out twice - about 6 hours each time with thread changes, etc. - and I am still not totally pleased with it . . . WIP that is keeping me from my UFOs.

                    The rain has been pretty steady for the past several days and most of our fall leaves are now carpeting the earth. We missed our small window of photography opportunity for the year.

                    Enough rambling. Sending prayers for everyone!! The woes of the world befall all of us.
                    Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
                    it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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                      Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

                      Hey pals! Today is my sister's birthday and I wish I had her quilt done. Glad we are falling back and get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. And as usual it will be a busy one!

                      "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


                        Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

                        Good morning!

                        Debbie: If a man with dark hair, around 6 ft tall comes to your door asking for you and smacks you silly it is from me! I have 2 brothers to choose from in AZ so I don't know who I will send for sure. What a way to start the day being reminded how many days left until Christmas. You are a bad girl and you know I love you! I am going to have to lock myself in my sewing room to get everything done.

                        We had only 2 little goblin sisters at our door last night because it started pouring rain around 4 pm and didn't stop until sometime during the night. When my kids got back home all by the baby were soaked. Lillyana's Seahorse costume kept her dry. They had fun and I know that my Peter and Kora are going to be very tired and grumpy today. I could barely get Peter up and Bren said Kora was the same way.

                        Prayers of protection, peace and healing to Cyndi and all who need them. Have a great day!

                        Please treat others as you would hope others would treat those you love.



                          Re: 1-11-2013 1ST OF NOVEMBER, It can't be here already

                          We have a bit of break in the weather here before the wind and rain roll in this evening. My head-cold doesn't seem to want to break up at all.

                          I have a dairy herd improvement thing to help put on tomorrow and I've got some things to get done before tomorrow morning. I'd so much rather be in my sweats, with a cup of tea, snuggled on the couch, with a box of tissues. Oh well. Maybe Sunday.

                          Glad to hear the news about Blondie & her mom. Not such nice news about the jerk Cyndi is having to deal with. I guess we'll just send out prayers for all of them and see what we can do.

                          Have a good day, and make someone smile!
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