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    Re: wednesday hello

    BLONDIE I am so glad it went well with your mom!
    GINA I too was really bad at math...still am. Now I realize that I do have dyslexia in that area. I cannot do large sums in my head and to this day I still struggle with adding...still do the count with the dots system but I survived. I have a University degree just not in the math end of and hold a professional job. My dad taught me to play crib just to work on my math and did the flash card thing. In other words tell your daughter that it is okay and she will get through this...Sticks and Stones.
    Snowed here AGAIN...ugghhhhh. Tonight is quilting night for Shauna. Got some material to finish my current quilt top. I am getting too many quilt tops and need to learn how to finish them. One I plan to stitch in the ditch but I sure would like to learn to machine quilt. Is it really hard? Do I need a fancy machine for this or will my reliable basic Kenmore be enough. I do have a vintage Featherweight. Should I use that instead. Also a while back someone's hubby built a quilting table to go on their machine. Does anyone have a plan for same. Would love to build one I sure it will help. Lots of questions. Hope you can help.
    Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

    Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


      Re: wednesday hello

      Blondie so glad Mama came through with flying colors! Hope everyones day was a good one. I've been down all day with my back in spasms. A few have been hard enough to wrap around me and I can't get my breath. I hate when this happens. I did cleaning yesterday. Vacuuming and scrubbing floors and cleaning up my dogs. They needed shaving down. I think that's what got me. Cause I have to get down on the floor with them. I can't pick them up as they are big guys. Anyway I did too much like the dummy I am. I felt pretty good and just kept working instead of taking breaks. I'm paying through the nose for it now.
      I have to go stir my stew and do my biscuits for dinner. Then back to bed and Joe doesn't know it yet but he's doing dishes. lol He doesn't mind, he is so good to me. He was willing to do dinner but I don't like his stew and he agrees, he doesn't like his stew either. LOL
      Well ladies, I love you all. Blondie don't forget you need to rest too. You don't need a relapse of your flu you had. Tell Mama I'm praying for her and to take pain meds if she needs them. Did they do out patient or did they keep her overnight? Patti start taking your stuff home so you don't lose anything when they force you boss to close. I'm so sorry for you and your co-workers to have to be out of work at this time. Jobs are hard to come by. Well my stew awaits and so do the biscuits. See you later. Hugs, Jan
      Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


        Re: wednesday hello

        Snow has started and will continue until sometime tomorrow. Lunch was fabulous and we had fun playing skipbo. Worked a little on my whole cloth quilt. I don't know if I will ever get this one done. There is a lot of work to hand quilting. I see all the projects that have been made by all here and am jealous of all of you (figuratively speaking). Oh well, a girl can daydream can't she?

        Happy evening to all
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


          Re: wednesday hello

          thank for the advice.. the on;ly thing is we have donme that and also have had her tested for the usual culprit ADD ADHD, so she doesn't have this so the last thing is dyslexia... but makes me so mad they are telling me i need to have her privately tested... because their resources are stretched so thin there is no money... good thing i am moving... to a new district... but keeping Abbey in school for the rest of the year... so not sure if i shouyld test her or wait for the new school. they are chalking it up to behavior because she is a great speller and reader... so it is behavior... okay so if it was behavior why isn't her reading suffering???? @#$%^&*()....spit...
          all the best


            Re: wednesday hello

            Hello all, Just stopping in to say Hey. Take care