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    Re: Not patient

    I am so proud of you for not smoking 11 days! That's awesome, Marilyn! I know how awful it is to wait for the biopsy, I waited ages, too! It drives you nuts. I don't know why they make people wait so long. They wanna know and they have a right to know quickly, in my opinion.

    Hang in there, honey... *sending many hugs*

    ~* Steffie *~

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      Re: Not patient

      CONGRATS on your smoke-free 11 days! WOOHOO!
      I work in medicene, and I've lived long enough to know ' the squeeky wheel gets the grease'!
      If it has been three days since the scan, I would be the first person to park my a$$ at my doctor's office on Monday morning, appointment or not. Pleasantly tell them 'I haven't heard from you, but I need the results of my PET scan, it's been (blank) days'. And go from there.
      If this were me, (because I lack patience when it comes to such things) and I was wearing your shoes, I would not rule-out slightly bawdy behavior, if met with obstinance. This is a BIG DEAL for you, chica!

      I'm reminded of a story my sister told me. Not nearly the same magnitude as yours, but I hope you get my drift...
      Her son and his girlfriend traveled ALL night to Virginia Beach, and arrived at the hotel around 10am, only to be told they couldn't check in until 2pm. They were tired and cranky. My nephew is a passive fellow and just accepted the bad news. His girlfriend, on the other hand, was 3 clicks ahead. She quietly parked herself on the lobby couch, grabbed the TV remote, and cranked-up the volume on the T.V. to an annoying level....
      They were in a room in under an hour.
      And they are now engaged to be married. She's a pharmacist, he's a!

      SQUEEKY wheel get's the grease, my friend!

      Always, my BEST!
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        Re: Not patient

        Originally posted by MRoy View Post
        Hang in there Marilyn. Lots of healing thoughts and prayers are being sent your way! ((((HUGS))))
        Same here from me, without a ciggie it is hard but you'll make it.


          Re: Not patient

          marilyn you are an awesome lady. waiting makes us saints of us all. but saints are proactive. Treat yourself to something good.
          I really dont know where i am going with this except, 1.i hate to think of the worry you are going through, and our mind always takes us away from peace unless we reign it in. I am worse=senario woman. 2. the women on this site are awesome and make us laugh.
          3. You will get better! This place is my steel magnolia type place. the company of women. We are here for you.
          Now that i have rambled on and on and on. I guess what i am saying, is i love ya man, but your not getting my beer.
          I LOVE JESUS


            Re: Not patient

            New York Sue made some very valuable points. I worked in doctor's offices for 22 years before getting my RN...I know that you probably feel like "we-the medical folk" don't care...but believe me when I tell you we/I do. I'm not making excuses for any doctors or their offices...but you have to realize how many people they see in a day. With that being said, I agree 150% with Sue. If it has been 3 days since the scan and you have not heard anything from the doctor...CALL THE OFFICE AND EXPRESS YOU CONCERNS! Tell them you want the doctor to CALL YOU BACK IF HE/SHE CANNOT TALK TO YOU AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT. If they want to make you an appointment to come in to see the doctor, tell them you want the soonest appointment AND you want the doctor to call you back. Be that squeaky wheel. As a nurse it is important to me to make sure the patient knows she/he is in total command of your body and you have every right to know what is going on as soon as possible!

            Lecture over! Now, Congrats on quitting the smoking (now, don't be a fool and start back up). 11 days have gone by, the nicotine is out of your it is conquering the craving...substitute the action of smoking with something healthier...walking, quilting, net surfing...I'm sorry you are having to face whatever it is that is going on! We are here for you to turn know that for sure!

            Remember...SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK.......
            Hang in there Marilyn!

            PS...there are steroids in the inhaler/nebulizer too! Take advantage of the extra energy and do something to burn it off...wash windows or something (or not). LOL!
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            LIVE well, LAUGH often, LOVE much

            Hugs, Pat


              Re: Not patient

              Oh Marilyn..I'm so sad to read that you are struggling and worried, but WOW!! 11 Days! You go girl!! And also what Sue and Pat BE that squeaky wheel!! You DESERVE to have answers and unfortunately, you may just have to insist on them. When I am stressed (and that's a lot sometimes) I dive into a really good book. You have your grand babes and I'm sure that helps too. Hang in there!! Only a few more hours and you will have some answers. Squeak, Squeak, SQUEAK!! ((((HUGS))))


                Re: Not patient

                Praying, Marilyn, for your health and peace in body and spirit.
                Blessings, ~Sally \0/


                  Re: Not patient

                  Snoopy dancing with you for your 11 days clear....that is so awesome and you best be dancing too, this is no small feat!!!

                  We don't really know each other, but sometimes you just cannot be nice. Raise the roof and find out what those results are and DO NOT be afraid of kicking some serious butt to get them. Probably not intentional, but for many, it's just a job and they do not consider the person who is waiting for those answers that affect their whole lives. Forget the squeak......ROAR dear lioness.
                  Sandy B.
                  "A heart that gives will never be empty."


                    Re: Not patient

                    11 days!!! Woooohooo! WAY TO GO!! That is awesome Marilyn!! Take it from a's inspiring!! Keep it up! I know how difficult it is!! As for the wait..try not to let the crazy each day like its your last no matter what! Whatever it can't "control" it right now...put it in Gods hands right now and concentrate on getting are doing so well with the smoking...rejoice in it!! You deserve it...I am thinking a fabric ruin is in order!! Keep up the good work!! Hugs!!
                    SW Missouri

                    Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone.


                      Re: Not patient

                      Hi Marilyn - Waiting is definitely tough. I hope you get answers soon. We're all praying for you. Keep us posted.
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