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Soggy Saturday

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    Soggy Saturday

    Good morning!

    It's supposed to rain all day here. Ugh. We are starting our training cycle for the group I do a lot of volunteer work with. Today is training on the basics they need to know about our organization and then Sunday is transportation training. I get to stand out in a parking lot and evaluate these folks on their abilities to back up a horse trailer in a straight line and around a corner.
    It will be a fun 2 hour drive to Snoqualmie in the rain at 5AM, but at least we will be inside for Saturday's training. We'll see how my new power point presentation goes over.
    I am bringing my cross-stitch so I can sit in the back of the room and get something done that way.
    I will try to check in tomorrow, but I may not get back here until Monday! I'll miss y'all until then!
    You all have a great day!
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    Re: Soggy Saturday

    Can you tell how happy I am that today is "my" tgif day? Yep, after work hubs will take Mom and I to Hobby Lobby and perhaps a fabric store if I can twist his arm to drive that far away.
    Mom wants to get out, yay for Mom. The weather is 'sposed to warm up a bit and by next week be in the 60's? Don't get too excited. I remember one year being in the 60's in the end of Februrary and the first week of March being buried in snow. All that little warmth will do is make my perrenials and bulbs peek up only to be frozen like a popsicle. But it sure is fun to watch the re birth of them all.

    Cathy, you stay busier than I do. So many fun activities your family is involved in. Good for you!
    And Lynn, how wonderful you get to share so much time with your grandson. I don't have any yet, don't know if I ever will, at this point, dogs are my grands. That works for me.
    Sewing mends the soul.

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      Re: Soggy Saturday

      it's snowing again! supposed to snow all weekend again. dh and i are up and moving already. we are babysitting for a while today. I've only had a few hours sleep since I worked all night so when the baby naps, so will grandma. i'm taking my crocheting with me. we'll see how much i actually get done.
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        Re: Soggy Saturday

        Good morning all! I stayed up way too late last night, and I am up too early this a.m....DH fluffed his pillow and plopped it down right by my head. I work this afternoon/evening, so I am hoping for a nap before I have to leave.
        Cathy, have a great trip and presentation. I hope you get to work on your embroidery.
        Blondie, Yay for you and your Mom. I sure hope Luscious takes you where you would like to go.
        How were the guppy cakes last night? LOL LOL LOL Ours were delish, and I have some packed for my dinner at work......I'm sure the girls I work with will love the smell of them in the microwave!
        Bakermom, wishing a delightful nap for you. I always take something to work on when I sit with Ace too. Sometimes I am able to do it and sometimes it stays in the To Go bag. This week he was napping alot, getting over a little bug, so I got alot of the binding done on the girly quilt.
        Well, gonna get some more piecing done on the friendship braid quilt, I am on the 3rd panel of 4, so it's almost 3/4 of the way done! WoooHooo! I still haven't decided about sashing between them, and borders, but I still have some time. I have a piece of every fabric left that's about 14 inches long, so it may be a small squares border, not sure yet.


          Re: Soggy Saturday

          Good morning. Neither rain nor snow in the forecast today. The sun is shining and we're expecting a hot '30' degree day. It did get into the low 40's for a while yesterday. I agree wholeheartedly with Blondie - I'm not going to get my hopes up for an early Spring. However, (JanLuna) will empathize, I do recall when I was going to college in Rochester, NY and it would get into the 40's. All the students would show up in shorts and tank tops. That was truly considered a heat wave.

          Pick up Al from the airport this afternoon. His Mom was even sitting up and eating yesterday. That is so encouraging. Al's sister (only girl in the family) lives in Israel and has been planning a summer trip home this year. Sure hope it is sooner than later.

          Dear and darling friend of mine showed up here yesterday with a belated BD gift for me - the PERFECT gift for a sewing enthusiast (I just can't make myself leave the word 'sewer' in there) - anyhoo she brought me a wheeled sewing tote - beautiful orchid color with black trim. Perfect for quilting retreats and/or sew-ins. It will hold either a Featherweight or my beloved 99s (3/4 size Singer). Has room for all the goodies needed. She's such a thoughtful bud!! Love her.

          I got one box of my fabric shipment from yesterday (a grab-bag) sorted and stashed away. I had two huge boxes (total of 34 pounds) that arrived just before Donna came. When I showed her my 'new' sewing room I dumped the boxes out on my cutting table and we had an absolute blast looking at things. Quite a few vintage pieces there - absolutely perfect for a period quilt - and a whole lot of Easter theme pieces. My DSIL is busy making those half-circle, fold-up table napkins and has been looking for Easter fabric so I'll pass those along. I'm really not much into holiday theme stuff.

          Took two of my DGDs to their skating lesson last night and when I came back home I noticed a 'chill' in the air. Don't think the repairman did a proper job of fixing the furnace when he was here Thursday nigh. Gotta put another call in . . . DRATS!!

          Sewing room is calling me and it's voice is a whole lot louder than the vacuum cleaner, so guess where I'm headed.

          Everyone know that you are in my thoughts, prayers, and I'll be hoping for better weather all over!!
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          it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

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            Re: Soggy Saturday

            Well here in Kennesaw, GA we are suppose to have 60 degree weather. Hubby is going to preasure wash his sisters house, the grandkids are spending the day with there parents, Hubby and I will have them tonight, so hopefully going to try and get some sewing done since it will be hard to do tonight.

            Happy quilting everyone.



              Re: Soggy Saturday

              Originally posted by Sandy Navas View Post
              Pick up Al from the airport this afternoon. His Mom was even sitting up and eating yesterday. That is so encouraging.
              That is such good news, Sandy!
              There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


                Re: Soggy Saturday

                Morning alll! Its not soggy here, thank goodness. We are heading into a tropical heat wave the next few days. Yahoo! Bring on the sunscreen.
                Sandy Im so glad your MIL is doing better.
                Gonna make a yummy baked chicken today then its leftover chicken sandwichs for a few days, yummy.
                Hubby has left for the day to do a bathroom remodel. Its so quiet around here. Sometimes I long for the times when the kids where running around causing all kinds of chaus. Those where the hair pulling out moments, but now I miss them. Im sure later tonite when hubby and son come in I wont be saying that, lol.
                Our church ladies are taking valentines to the local nursing home today. They are just so darn cute. I wanna go, but I have to watch being around so many germs, so I will go in there in my heart instead.
                Have a fun filled day all!
                Have a blessed day in HIS name!


                  Re: Soggy Saturday

                  Hi everyone, it's a very windy day here, the sun is shining but we still have snow falling. It was supposed to get to the high 30's but didn't quite make it. And yes Sandy, 40's do bring out shorts, tank tops and sandals. It cracks me up to see a few of them with shorts,T tops, Sandals, and a winter jacket. Go figure! To each his own. I don't wear shorts until it's 80. lol
                  Paula, keep your hand sanitizer close by at all times. And make everyone use it before they touch you. Even your hubby can bring home germs he didn't know he had. We have to be so careful around Emily for the same reason. I'm praying for you sweetie.
                  Sandy, I'm glad your hubby is coming home and with such good new about you MIL. Prayers do work, don't they?
                  Blondie have a fun shopping trip. I'm so glad your Mom decided to go out. It will do her good. Is she still making those Baptismal outfits? They sound so pretty. Maybe she will see some fabric she wants too.
                  Cathy, don't work too And the PP will be wonderful after all you made it!
                  Lola, I hate not sleeping and then finally falling asleep just to hear the alarm go off and have to start a new day. My DH is good to me though. If he works in the office, he catches the phone calls and I get to snooze a little. lol
                  Lynn, like you, I will be sewing most of today cause tonight will be busy with grandkids.
                  Well all, have a great day and a nice evening. I'm taking a break and then back to sewing! Love and prayers to all, Jan L
                  Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                    Re: Soggy Saturday

                    Hello everyone!

                    A bit too blustery here (as Pooh would say) and some snow squalls to go with it. Got my running around done this morning so it's me and the wash for the rest of the day. Did a few of the 10 minute blocks, really like those. I do have to get the brain concentrating though, seems as if I am jumping around between projects and I do like to see FINISHED projects here.

                    Odie was texting again today. Bored - bored - bored. Oh well. It all counts as his time in service right now. Didn't get his box yet, so hopefully Monday.

                    Blondie - hope you get to a fabric store today. I'm sure LL will get you and your mom there. Wish I could have come along!

                    Looking forward to the warm up that is supposed to come in and visit for a spell during the week. Hope it lasts awhile.