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Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

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    Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

    and bye's. Gotta dash off to work - see ya later this evening.

    Have a fantastic day! Enjoy every second of it. Just remember, you could be me; shampooing hair and standing behind a chair all day, wishing I hadn't made the fuzzy navel last night because it was so late and now I still feel fuzzy. TGIS for me.

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

    have a great day at work Blondie. I will be going to my granddaughters 2nd birthday today. I made her a bag from Jenny's directions last night. I think Im going to have to make myself one too


      Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

      Good morning and have a good day at work.

      Bag.....which Jenny tuturial????

      Its warming up in New Mexico....Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Everyone stay warm and have a great day!


        Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

        Good morning everyone! Need to get off this computer and get dressed so I can quilt!
        A yucky day outside today - ice and snow coming. The local weatherman said we are to get a "big one" on Thursday, so I guess I'll stay tuned. Won't be too bad if it's BIG enough, it could turn in to a 4 day weekend.

        Working on my snowman flannel quilt if I can get it layered. If it doesn't fit on the table and have to wait to take it to church to layer it, I will just pull out another UFO. Sure have plenty of those.

        So, did I mention they wouldn't let Odie go to medical at Ft. Sill cause his luggage is lost? He supposedly packed his C Bags with his uniform (s) for carry on and now they are lost? Anyways, since he doesn't have a uniform to wear, they wouldn't let him go. In the meantime he said he is coughing so bad that his whole body hurts. I was at the local flower/food shop to pick up some soup and got a text from him that said "Just wanted to say I Love You, Mom". He melts my heart.

        Oh yes, what bag tutorial? Will have to check that out. Guess I'll go look at the project tuts. Maybe it's in that area.



          Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

          Good morning all!
          Trish and NMlady, the bag tutorial is one of the Sympoz tutorials and it's great! Jenny makes it look so easy. I have been wanting to make one, just waiting on the budget to order the fabric I want to make it from! I need a new bag for my hexagons!
          I am off work this weekend. I just finished removing all of the basting pins from the girly quilt and getting ready to trim off the batting and square it up, then I will get the binding attached. I am so excited to be finishing this up. Then I have to make the decision what to start next?? I am thinking it will be a day of having Jenny's tutorials running to help me make the decision. Housework and laundry to do too, which is thinking time. HA!


            Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

            I forgot to tell you all my 'life changing' news! I got a new job!! I am so excited, it's much closer to home, day shift--the BEST part by far. So, I have 2 weeks at the old job, then on to the new.
            It's going to be an adjustment for all of us, I've been on 2nd shift for over 10 years now. Supper at home with the family is just going to be awesome, and I know the crockpot is going to get used alot!
            I just decided what quilt to do next, I just have to get the courage to open my 1st jellyroll. Why is it so hard to do that? They just look so perfect all rolled up, but I know it will be even more great sewn into a quilt!
            Sorry for taking up so much space, just wanted to share good news!


              Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

              I got the bag directions from the table blog


                Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

                Lola, congratulations on switching to day shift! That is indeed life changing!
                There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


                  Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

                  Morning all! Trish, hope Odie feels better soon! That cough sounds bad but all coughs do, right?
                  All of you with snow keep warm and drink plenty of liquids. (No not liquor!) LOL
                  We just have a cold rain here no sun in sight. Well hope to finish my fans today or tomorrow. See ya later sweet tatars! Sam

                  May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door! God bless the USA!:icon_wave:


                    Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

                    Less sun, but then less glare on the snow piles. Cold. More snow in forecast! Lovely! But.....on a happier note, off to get new feet for the quilting and sewing machines and run some errands. As soon as the paint is thoroughly dry on the shelf and boxes are stored away........on to the quilting of sheets to practice! SuzyQue


                      Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

                      Howdy gals!
                      Cold (7 degrees) but sunny here today. I have been trying on some summer stuff to pack and it seems as if the winter weather has added a little fluff to my bottom! Darn, but even if I don't eat til we leave on Monday (and with all the supersnacks for the superbowl, I doubt that will happen!) I don't think I can make much of a difference so I wll just pack the looser items and have fun! I did get a couple cute summer tops at Macy's off the very, very marked down rack. Today I am cleaning then off to the store to get some new earbuds for the Ipod and new underpanties for the bigger bottom!

                      Blondie - I have not had a Fuzzy Navel in years! Wil have to add that to the list for a summer drink on the patio this summer! Hope your day wasn't too long and you can relax when you get home. Loved your story of meeting your Mom's surgeon, hey just cuz you are on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu right??

                      Patrice -Happy Birthday to your DGD! 2 years old is such a cute age. I will have to check out this bag.

                      MN - Glad it is warming up in your area! I bet everything just shuts down when it freezes there!

                      Trish - Poor Odie! Hope he gets some relief soon! I just feel so helpless when I can't fix some part of my kid's lives, so I can imagine your worry and dispair. Hope you can ease your mind alittle with your UFOs!

                      Lola - Congrats on your new job. Seems like that will be a real adjustment but a good one! I know what you mean about the jelly rolls, I never want to open them either!

                      Sam - How many more blocks do you have to do? Mine are done, just been too busy to get them to the PO. Probably not until after I get back from vaca will they get mailed.

                      Well, I have GOT to get my work done this morning and won't if I don't get off here!
                      Take care all!
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                        Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

                        Good morning, quilting forum friends. Thanks for all the updates on everyone's happenings for the day. To each of you - just know I'm thinking of you and sending best wishes.

                        Hectic here this morning. Al got a call last night that his mother (who has been in the hospital this past week) is being sent back to the nursing home and she is refusing food and fluid intake. She has a living will - so no feeding tubes. She has accepted oxygen, but isn't talking and barely responding. Al is finishing up his packing right now and leaves in about half an hour for the airport. It is going to be a very tragic time - whether she passes before he gets there or not. The hardest thing so far has been keeping up-to-date with his 89 year old aunt in NYC and contacting his only sister who lives in Israel. That, probably was the most difficult thing I've ever witnessed him doing - total of five brothers and then this little sister who was my DHs pride and joy when they were growing up. He's probably closer to her than any of the brothers.

                        On a lighter note, I've been selecting patterns for quilts that I will be making for the DGDs this year - I've mentioned Zoe's will be a Dot to Dot using ginghams in different colors and sizes. Rita (3) will get one that is probably going to be what I think is called "The Way Home". I am starting with the youngest going upwards. I've been puzzling about Emily's (6) and last night I got a lightbulb hit! She is absolutely bonkers over penguins. So I've come up with a design to quilt a huge penguin and i am so excited about it that I'd love to start it first. I got on e-bay and was able to snag two yards of strip print with penguins which will be used for the binding and I have a request in to a supplier for enough penguin print for the backing. It will be SO cute. Can hardly wait.

                        See that Al has loaded the car and since I'm driving him to the airport I'd best get off.

                        Everyone, stay warm and snug, enjoy your weekend (and if you have to work, enjoy what time you get off). Dear Odie - GET WELL!! Sending virtual chicken noodle soup to warm you.
                        Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
                        it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

                        "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


                          Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

                          Sandy, your family is in my thoughts and prayers. We went through a similar thing with my Grandma a few years ago, it's never easy. Your penguin quilt sounds adorable, and don't you love those lightbulb moments!?
                          I am just checking in, actually I'm procrastinating. The girly quilt is squared,binding strips are joined and pressed, I have watched the binding tool tutorial and it's ready to stitch on, just working up some courage to get it going. I even balanced the checkbook and paid bills for heaven's sake! LOL I sure hope I'm not the only one that needs to boost herself up for binding??
                          Hello anybody else with this issue? LOL I will do it, I will do it........


                            Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

                            Patti: I got some new ear buds for myself at Christmas. I wasn't too sure about them at first, but when I put them in they are great! I the brand is called EarCandy. They came in a bunch of different colors, but the feature I liked best was the interchangeable rubber ear cushions to fit in your ear. The are not hard with just a bit of foam around them. They are all soft and conform to your ear canal. They have to be some of the most comfortable ear buds I have ever worn. I bought them on sale, but I think they are normally about $10. Have fun on your trip!

                            I got up this morning and after chores I started pulling up scotch broom. Our place was covered in it when we moved in. I am allergic to it when it blooms. If the goats eat enough of it, it causes toxic build up in their livers and we had a bunch of late term abortions that year too. We have managed to keep it under control by pulling it up. With the animals we don't really want to put down herbicides, and not much will touch this stuff other than Agent Orange anyway. So we pull it. We try to wait for a day that isn't too rainy, but has been preceded by some good rains, as it makes the roots easier to pull. I got started innocently enough. It was just a small patch near the trailer that I was tired of whacking into when I walked by to check the fence. Then I just kept going along the fence line. I finally had to stop when my hands were numb. I made it all the way up the fence line, out behind the lavender patch and down along the mailbox and the drainage ditch. I have another afternoon of pulling to keep caught up, but since it feels like I rubbed off most of my finger tips, I think I'll put that off until another day!

                            I have picked out the designs and the fabrics for the two swap blocks. I have the first one nearly all cut out. Once I get those two things done I'll be able to get back to some of my own projects.

                            Blondie: I don't know anything about peach schnapps. My first schnapps encounter was with the rootbeer variety on our ladies weekend. We found that a little goes a very long way! I do believe that if you tried to drink it straight, it would taste a lot like a can of root beer mixed with a gallon of gas. Ugh! In small doses, mixed with vanilla ice cream, it is quite tasty! A fuzzy navel sounds like something to try, but only if you don't have anywhere to be the next day!

                            My step-son came out of his room this morning to tell me he has 13 loads of laundry to do. 13!!! WE had some words about that.

                            I'm just gonna go back to sewing. I wish my sewing room had a door. Hmmm. I may need to find out more about that Fuzzy Navel....

                            You all take care!
                            Be who you are and say what you feel
                            because those who mind don't matter,
                            and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                              Re: Saturday Morning Drive by Hi's

                              Now you Ladies are taking my lingo, let your favorite Bartender (me) help you out
                              Ok a fuzzy navel
                              some of my customers like it blended
                              Here is they way I make them:

                              1 scoop of ice
                              1 1/4 shot of peach schnapps
                              1/4 shot of triple sec
                              about a 1/2 cup of o.j.
                              blend all together and pour into tall cold glasses and garnish with orange slices and enjoy!

                              You can adjust the liquid to ice to get the right consistency I do it all by eye but I have been doing this for a lot of years. Also this is for 1 1/2 drinks so adjust booze to acommodate for mixing for more than 1 person. Like an afternoon tea??

                              Any more libations I can help you out with please don't hesitate to ask.

                              I DO HAVE A GOOD ONE FOR ROOTBEER SCHNAPPS TOO.

                              Jan G.
                              Please don't drink and drive always have DD when you do!!!
                              Jan G :icon_wave:

                              THE HURRIER I GO,
                              THE BEHINDER I GET!!!!