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Thursday January 27

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    Thursday January 27

    Morning ladies
    Running real late this morning. I am not used to sharing a bathroom in the mornings. School is on delay - icy roads again. I say once again, I am so over winter. Okay, no more whining this morning.
    Other than work, not a whole lot going on.
    Hoping that everyone has a wonderful day and enjoys some time sewing.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Thursday January 27

    Good morning, Blondie! Sharing the bathroom? Someone visiting or snow day changes the schedule?
    Sorry about all the cold...but agree with you, Spring looks good! Cannot wait, but not complaining. We've had the snow, but lots of sunny days in between, making roads clear and dry. All is going well here, but my, oh, list of "to do's" is so long!
    May You have a blessed day in an awesome Presence! Debi


      Re: Thursday January 27

      Looking forward to today. My dear brother and wife, sister and hubby, are coming for lunch today. I have to get busy and put on a huge pot of homemade beef stew - serving with fresh green salad, homemade biscuits, and topping it off with GOOSEBERRY pie. Thank you Mar-Con.

      That means, I don't make pies - but Mar-Con does - fairly local company that stocks some of the groceries around here.

      Last night DH and I stretched the lap quilt that I'm making for his aunt. Having never used a quilting frame, it was stop and go for a while. We did learn that cooperation is ESSENTIAL, and stretching a quilt is a TWO-PARTY operation. But what a relief it will be to sit down and stitch . . . nothing today though.

      Yesterday was a non-sewing day - chiropractor, hair salon, grocery shopping, grandkids to choir . . . I was BEAT. This old body just can't take all this fun and excitement. I really tried to beg out of taking the girls to choir - but finally gave in. After sitting there half an hour waiting for someone to show, a guy from another area came and told us the choir had been cancelled . . . about 9 parents/grandparents weren't too happy about that (me included). And Emily (6) who has been anxiously awaiting her first choir session, cried all the way home.

      Quilters/sewers (PRONOUNCED SO-ERS, NOT SUE-ERS), either stitch or cook. I'm off to cook today.
      Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
      it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

      "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


        Re: Thursday January 27

        I'm here with my coffee! Looks like we got about 4-5 inches so am walking in and back again today. They do clear the main roads, but it's these back ones I won't drive on. I do get offered rides, but if I'm already bundled up, I may as well keep walking and get my exercise in. DH says it is a wet snow so there's an inch hanging on top of everything - trees, bushes, etc. So pretty. But, like several of you, I've seen it - it's gorgeous, I'm ready to move on to Spring!

        No news from Odie. We were lucky to get 2 letters in the past month. By reading the parent board, there are several of the guys who ended up with pneumonia. Those parents got phone calls. Luckily we haven't. Tomorrow is their 9 mile hike back to the base with full packs on. In fact, they have been wearing their full packs for the past month everytime they take a step. Would like to give him a hug and a good rub down.

        Got a call from the dentist this morning asking me if I wanted to come in this morning since there is a 2 hour delay so I won't have to miss school next week for my cleaning. Uh - no. I hate the dentist so much even for a cleaning that I have to spend a week ahead of time talking myself into going. I make my kids go every 6 months so they need to see me go too. I take 2 advils an hour before my appointment time and get the earliest time possible. I read where your pain tolerance is highest earliest in the morning. Not that there is any pain or I have any troubles with my teeth, it's mostly state of mind. hehe.

        Got my next wholecloth quilt block layered and started stitching on it last night. It's a holly wreath design on dark green with a pretty, silky, shiny, green thread. It's so pretty it keeps me going to get it finished.

        Off to get my day started. The sun is out so the walk in should be chilly, but gorgeous. Have a great safe day out there in our Land of the Free!



          Re: Thursday January 27


          Thanks for the cuppa again this am Blondie. Sorry about the bathroom-sharing, anything that throws my morning schedule out of whack makes me feel like I forgot something all day!

          Sandy - Gooseberry Pie!! Oh my that sounds just wonderful! Happy cooking, that's my second favorite hobby!

          Trish, no news is good news. Is Odie feeling more positive these days? I sure hope so, I know he has been in many of our minds and prayers. Have a safe walk in...I have this picture of you bundled up like the brother in "A Christmas Story" that plays every holiday season. The one who falls over and can't get up. LOL...sorry, I just do!

          No sewing last night. BF has been in the doldrums over no work/jobs and therefore no cashola and right before we go on vacation, so I took him to KFC to cheer him up. Fast food chicken always works for him! He talked my ear off after being alone all day and I did not have the heart to leave him for my sewing machine.

          Off to get some work done before the day officially starts!

          Safe travels to all who have to go out today!
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            Re: Thursday January 27

            Lucky you, QuiltingTrish, ONLY 4-5 inches. Looks like 10 here on top of the one or two yesterday. Waiting for the plow guy. I've got a pot of coffee too, but when we have a big snow and I do some shoveling I reward myself with a cup of cocoa.

            I guess we should all be making things with spring-like fabrics - flowers, yellows, greens, to keep remembering that it really will be spring again.


              Re: Thursday January 27

              Good morning all! We got about 8 inches of snow in our part of New Jersey. Bank opening late because of it so I've had a nice morning at home with the dog, did a bit of snoozing in front of the morning news and some housework, cut out a few squares for a table runner.

              Trish, your project sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see it!

              Quilters guild cancelled again last night due to weather... hopefully February will be better. I'm so nervous about going by myself that it kind of stinks to get myself all geared up to go - and then have Mother Nature intervene.
              There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


                Re: Thursday January 27

                Good morning everyone. No extra snow here, thank goodness. We are supposed to get hit Saturday and Sunday. No big deal though. Blondie I hate having my morning screwed up makes me feel like nothing is going right.
                Well, ladies, I got my blades all cut out, now just need the rest of my 1/4" circles and I'll be ready to sew!!! YAY. Sewing I can handle, it doesn't hurt me to sew. Just the cutting does that. But I must admit that doing all the cutting myself makes me feel proud of myself. My friend Dawn helped me get my 10 x 10 blocks done. She showed me how and I did all the cutting. So I learned what she taught me and accomplished the job and did it right! Do I hear another YAY? She is so good to me. I will finish my blocks in time to ship them. I was so afraid I would hold everyone up and now I'm confident that I won't. This will be the first thing that I actually finished in a goodly amount of time. Now I can't wait to finish the quilt or wall hanging I plan on making. If my son will upload my photos for me I'll show you what I did.
                Trish Odie will write soon, he will finish in good standing, I'm sure. Your whole cloth quilt sounds so pretty. What is the pattern that you are quilting? I love working on that. Of course mine is simple I got the tulip one so I couldn't goof it up.
                Maybe! LOL
                Sandy, you did invite me to lunch didn't you? I was sure that you did. Yum it sounds really good. I haven't made stew in forever. It's such a good cold weather dish. I love making biscuits to go with it. mmm hot biscuits with melting butter on them and a touch of honey. A girl can dream. I'm trying to be good about not eating biscuits with honey and anything else that is fattening. It's a never ending battle.
                Well guys, I know spring is about 7 weeks away and that is good but I remember that February is the longest shortest month of the year. It always seems to drag its feet. Well have a good day all I'll be sewing later today and can't wait to get it all finished and in the mail. love and prayers for all, Hugs, Jan L
                Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                  Re: Thursday January 27

                  Good morning Quilty Friends!

                  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good wishes, it is very comforting to know how much everyone cares and how supportive everyone here is.

                  It is very very foggy here this morning, I think I have only heard one plane take off, so the airport must be a mess, oh wait, there is one now....I am praying for an early spring for all of us this year!

                  Lots of studying to do today, and a test to take, no stitching in sight...I hope to get some stitching in this weekend.

                  I wish all of you a warm and safe day!!


                    Re: Thursday January 27

                    Hello Ladies


                      Re: Thursday January 27

                      Morning All!
                      So sorry to hear about all of your winter weather troubles out east! Ugh! You guys are getting slammed. It will make spring all the more enjoyable when it does arrive.
                      Laurie is correct. We are fogged in here today. I like the way it looks drifting through the trees. The sun is supposed to be out strong enough to burn it off later.
                      I've been trying to get two more of the Funky Friends stuffed toys done. The are needed by the 1st for a gift for twin baby boys. No sewing until tonight. It is speech therapy day x 2, and I'm snack mom in pre-school class today, then I have to get the barn cleaned out so I can bring in a fresh load of hay. (Thank God I found some this late in the season. Who knew he answered prayers about hay?!?)
                      Gotta run, or I'm gonna be behind before I ever get started! You gals have a great day and take care of yourselves!
                      Be who you are and say what you feel
                      because those who mind don't matter,
                      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                        Re: Thursday January 27

                        Cathy He answers prayers about everything, even if he says no. He still answers. I'm glad you got your hay and I'm sure your animals are too. Nothing like a warm fresh bed! LOL Love ya, Jan
                        Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                          Re: Thursday January 27

                          Good morning everyone! Have a blessed day.


                            Re: Thursday January 27

                            I'm new here so I hope I can join you. We woke up to 16 inches of snow! I watched as DH & DS
                            cleared off the driveway. Of course the snowblower had to go and break, nothing major though,just the shoot. No, I didn't help I plan on doing some sewing later this afternoon. I'm doing Barbara Brackman's Civil War block of the week. I am 2 behind so I'd better catch up. Have a good rest of the day


                              Re: Thursday January 27

                              We just got a light dusting overnight. Just enough I had to clean the windsheild to drive. we're supposed to get several more inches tomorrow though. today's the day I grocery shop for my mom and get her dinner so i won't get to do much else. hope to sneak off upstairs and sew a bit before it's time to go.
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                              ― Albert Pine