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Wake up, Sandy. It is officially Monday

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    Wake up, Sandy. It is officially Monday

    Sitting here spewing coffee every time I read one of our Sandy's post midnite ramblings. How well I can identify. However Sandy, if I ever ate hot chile's it would be like this:
    I have always maintained that first your mouth knows then your backside. Hope you get some rest today. If not, share some of my coffee. It will keep your mind a ticking for hours on end. Hubs calls my brew "bull coffee" because it is so strong.

    Already have some fabric in the wash for some strip blocks that are required to be washed first. I rarely wash my fabric until I am done with a project because I like the puckering I can get afterwards. How many of you pre wash? Over the years I have participated in swaps that either want them washed or un washed so, I wait until I am ready to use it.
    Reckon it's sort of like the cut or rip the fabric idea.

    So, the Jeanne Dixon's of the weather world have changed our forecast officially 4 TIMES yesterday. First it was a 3 day snow, then all rain, then snow and rain, now it is rain with some snow. Good grief. I think that they have forgotten that God is THE weatherman. Waiting to see what happens. I have the stove fired up and Dinah Kitty is warm in the basement, sleeping next to, of course, my sewing machine.

    Off to find some more inspiration in a second cup of brew.

    Have a great day, Ladies.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Wake up, Sandy. It is officially Monday

    I thought I was going to come in your back door this morning and wake you up Blondie! The cat woke me at 5:30 - not feeling well from something. There's just something about that sick sound that jars me right from the bed. I didn't dare lay back down or I'd probably be late for work.

    I delivered Zach's quilt yesterday. He was awestruck that I took the time to make something for him. Asked DH to download my photos for me yesterday, but didn't get to it yet.
    Now, there's an auction for donated items for his treatment expense and I'm thinking if I should try to get something made for that. It's in 2 weeks. This is why I don't get to my UFO's, too many other things pop up that need to be made.

    Well, guess I best get ready for work. Laid out the clothes yesterday before I headed to Dad's so it's nice to grab them and throw them on.

    I'll check in later!



      Re: Wake up, Sandy. It is officially Monday

      Hello all!
      Some early risers today for sure! I was up and out the door by 5:30 am but with my commute I don't walk in the door at work til about 7:30 and today I forgot my coffee on the counter so I was "jones-in" all the way into work. Was sooo happy at 8 am when the coffee shop opened up! I am enjoying it as I type this. Need to jump start my work day first!
      Blondie tell Larry I am happy for his Packers. The Bears we grew to love this season just did not show up for the game and with that fab quarterback Aaron Rogers...well, the rest is history. I am secretly happy because we are flying to Florida the day after Super Bowl and now I won't have to put up with my BF being "mopey" if they would have made it but lost in the big game! Plus the hype just drives me nuts!
      Got my quarter circles almost all done, thought I could do it but babysitting for little Frankie and a dinner crowd that just seemed to show up in the afternoon, put an end to my Saturday plans.
      Well, off to suck down the rest of the coffee and finish my bookwork. I bought some Valentine and St. Patrick's Day shamrock fabric to make little table clothes to set up some store displays on so it will be a crafty day at work!
      Take care all!
      "Like" me on Facebook @ Sweet Cherry Quilting to help spread the love of all things crafty and quilted!


        Re: Wake up, Sandy. It is officially Monday

        I've been busy busy this a.m. Work this afternoon, so making the best of my morning.
        I have 2 borders sewn on the quilt for Ace. I figured I had procrastinated long enough, and needed to knock the fear out of myself and just do it. I can be re-done if it's not quite right, but so far it's going very well. I also have cut a bunch of squares for my try at hexagons, and I really like the scrapbooking paper so far, but haven't stitched any, but it feels much better than the copy paper when I tried folding the fabric over it.
        Oh, Patticakes..... a 2 hour commute!!?? I am complaining about my 40 minute drive (one way), and here you are doing 2 hours!! Do you drive, carpool, train, bus?? and to forget your coffee too!
        I am not a coffee drinker, tea all the way regular and chai, but I can imagine not having it with you.
        Trish, been thinking of something you can make for that auction for Zach. Potholders, tablerunners, coasters, mugrugs. I can't wait to see the pics of the quilt.
        Blondie, I am with you on eating the hot peppers. The pic of the little lady would definitely be me too.
        Well, the other 2 borders are calling my name........


          Re: Wake up, Sandy. It is officially Monday

          Morning all. Oh Patti I feel for ya girl. I would be a hot mess without my morning java. And then to leave it at home, ugh.
          Hot peppers is not a choice of mine. Husband and son love the heat, not me.
          Have a fun filled day all.
          Have a blessed day in HIS name!


            Re: Wake up, Sandy. It is officially Monday

            I was up at 6am but just started doing the laundry to get it out of the way. After a little rest I will be cutting fan blades again. I have 3 of the 5 prints done. So just 2 more and the rest of my 1/4" circles and I can start to put them together. They go together so fast that I think I will make the deadline with time to spare. I'm getting really excited about getting the blocks out and back in again. Just can't wait!
            It's so cold my puppies are refusing to go outside. LOL They are such a riot. Last time they went out was at 6 am. They will be crossing their legs soon. lol
            Love and prayers for you all. And a special blessing on Trish for what you did for Zach! I'm sure he was thrilled. You go girl! Love ya, Jan L
            Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


              Re: Wake up, Sandy. It is officially Monday

              WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO its a great day today!

              Love love love all the messages and notes and sharing thank you ladies

              my daughter just started her new job six months she will prayerfully be elligable to transfer to florida! i will be happy happy to have her close to home again and get a chance to play with granbaby nathan.

              in the meantime fans will be swapped and new blocks (yes, i am playing with a couple FUN ideas) will be tarted!! I love it and glad you ladies do tooooooooooo - you are the BEST quilty lady friends
              Two of my favorite things, to encourage and to be encouraged
              hugs, Suzi
              it's what i do when i'm not here sewing with you

              GOD Bless America