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It's Thursday May 25

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    It's Thursday May 25

    It was a pretty chilly night so I brought my hanging basket in for the night. Work went well, didn't do much of anything but I did venture out at lunch to the local thrift store. Found 8 items, including a few nurses tops I can use for quilting, with pretty prints on it. Or I could make another scrubs quilt if I wanted. Not sure what today will hold just yet. Next week will be a very busy one, with the 3 weekends in June being busy. This weekend will be just ours.

    Have a great day everyone. Sure as heck there will be a one of you posting at the same time.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning. I had a decent sleep last night. Yesterday was charity bee. I came home with 2 quilts to bind, one to quilt, one to sew backing pieces together. What was I thinking? I also came home with 110 finished Christmas stockings. We are now almost to the halfway point. Yesterday evening I walked with other members of the running group. Maybe that's why I slept good. I was exhausted.

    Today I have a list of things to do. Some quilting related, some not. I will tackle them one by one until that list is marked off.
    Spring, TX


      Good morning! I am down to the wire, need to quilt my grandson’s graduation quilt as Inleave tomorrow morning for Iowa for his party. Hope there are no glitches on the quilting machine!

      Last dress rehearsal for the show last night. All went well, except our main character was feeling a bit off. I sure hope he will be able to power through, without him, the show cannot go on!

      Tracey came over to have me make a FSL daisy on my embroidery machine. She is going to a wedding in VA next weekend, her husband is an ordained minister (mail order I think) but he is officiating. He officiated at two of his stepson’s marriages, he does it beautifully, so he’s doing this for his niece. The bride’s grandma was named Daisy, and she has passed, they are sewing the FSL daisy to her veil in homage to grandma. I had to change my set up for my machine to upload designs, took me over an hour to get the design to the machine. 17 minutes to actually make the Daisy! But there went my afternoon!

      Hope you all have a great day! Off to the longarm room!


      • SuzyQue
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        I know it was a bother, but the daisy was so sweet! Good luck on your grandson’s quilt today!

      • JCY
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        I think in Colorado you don't even have to be an ordained minister to marry someone. At least that's what I heard. Our former neighbor got married in his back yard a few yrs. ago. It's was the 4th of July. We were eating a picnic lunch in our backyard & watched
        the proceedings next door. Unfortunately, she died a few yrs late. They both re-married in their 60's. I think they died of cancer. They both were smokers.
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      The teasing ended and we finally got some rain yesterday. It only lasted about 15 minutes but beggars can’t be choosers. They are calling for some more today and it is overcast so that may happen. Everything down here is so dry that we need a couple good sustained soakers to bring stuff back.

      Puttered around in my sewing room for a bit yesterday but have little to show for it. Plan to head back in there for a bit today and try to finish up something.

      Waiting for the last of my 4 prescription refills to be fixed and then will go to the drugstore to pick them up. See no sense in making 2 trips as I still have at least a week’s worth of everything.

      Have a great day everyone.


        Good Morning,

        Jean, you are so good at dropping everything to help others. Good luck getting your grandson's quilt finished today.

        I posted yesterday that my first treatment went well. The doctor and nurses were very kind, compassionate, caring and informative. My daughter and I went to breakfast and for mani/pedi's when I got done. I took a nap in the afternoon although it wasn't from the treatment it was because I didn't sleep well the night before. I'm breaking my mowing into sections this week so I mowed one of the rental properties, showered, fixed leftovers for dinner, then sat in my chair watching Survivor the rest of the night.

        I'm trying to wean myself from Ambien so I slept fitfully last night. At 2 this morning I turned off my alarm for Mass and slept until 7. Sometimes I think having the alarm set makes me more anxious in the night. Once I turned the alarm off I settled in and slept great.

        I'm meeting friends for breakfast this morning, picking up prescriptions, and visiting sewing friends for lunch. I've already informed hubby dinner tonight will be leftovers again. I love that he's ok with leftovers!

        I just realized the time, I need to get moving! Have a Blessed day.


        • Jean Sewing Machine
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          KnowingI have to get up and out early makes me sleep fitfully! Sometimes you just need to sleep in!

        • JCY
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          You would be wise to wean off the Ambien. People have been known to sleep walk & do strange things while under the influence of that med. Glad your 1st treatment
          went well. I also watched the Survivor finale. I sort of drifted in & out of sleep so missed some key moments, I think. I saw part of the party at the end. Woke up at 10:15 & still needed to eat. It was too late to fix supper, so I just had a snack. With everything I needed to do, I didn't get to bed till 1 a.m. Four hrs. of sleep just is not enough!

        • Lilora
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          My family calls them "planned overs," cook once eat 2 or more times

        Good morning. Seems a bit breezy and chilly this morning but the sun is shining.

        Yesterday morning was doctor's appointments. That's done. Don't need to go back until September except for a stress test at the end of June. After the doctor, we came home and had breakfast and then headed out for more plant shopping. Did a bit of planting after we got home but by then I was tired so we will finish up later today.

        I will meet Ceil for lunch and bring her her birthday present. And that will be it for my day.

        Not sure what our plans are for this Memorial Day weekend. We may go down to Jones Beach tomorrow and watch the practice for the weekend airshow. Vicky, Kenny and the kids are going. I am not too keen on it. Not really warm enough for the beach for my liking. But since Charlie would really enjoy it, and he tends to not go do stuff like that if I don't go, I will probably say let's go.

        Whatever your plans are for today, I hope all goes well. Happy Friday Eve.
        Ginny B
        Levittown, NY


          We had a nice few days at the lake with in-laws, my DIL parents plus her sister's in-laws. It rained but we ate and talked, not minding the weather at all. We left early yesterday as DH had two doctor appts. His heart valve is working great but his bp was up a little. Now I get to check his bp daily for a month.😐 He fell yesterday taking the garbage bin around front, slipped in the mud in his new pants😒. I think they came clean when washed them as soon as I could. He has a scrape and a small cut but not too worse for it. Now I will be the one moving the bins forever more. My chores are increasing and he is able to do less and less.😥
          Next week he sees the primary doctor and the week after he sees the neurologist, 'tis the season.😞 Sorry for the whining, things could be worse, my friend got a call to pick up her former sister in law that she dislikes from the hospital with a colostomy bag. The woman has no other relatives so my friend has become her "next of kin"😮. I'm not sure I would do that.
          I ordered some batting from Connecting threads sale, costs just keep escalating but I love making these quilts.
          I'm so sorry to hear about Roger, hopefully there can be remission.😘
          Claire from Pelham, Alabama


          • K. McEuen
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            The end of last summer hubby went up on the roof to winterize our cooler. On his way back down he fell off the ladder. He luckily was only two rungs up, but landed on his rear end. He didn't tell me until a little later when I noticed him moving stiffly. Knowing where he puts the ladder to get up there I asked him if he landed on the cactus. Nope, just the driveway! (Yes, we have a wayward cactus that grows in our driveway and neither one of us has the heart to dig that little survivor up). He went up there a couple weeks ago and got the cooler ready for summer. Until he says "no more" I let him do it because he is determined. I offer help many times and he turns it down, which is fine, he wants to retain as much independence as he can, for as long as he is able.

          • Ginny B
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            We just went through that a couple months ago with hubby's bp too. Had to keep a diary for a month. Once the new meds got in his system, we could see the difference. Now we just check it every few days to make sure it's on track. He had a heart valve replacement too.

          • Navy Wife
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            I know how you feel. My chores are increasing also, Though I can't do many of them either. We just muddle though what we can handle and call the boys for help if we can't handle it. We can do most things if we work together. The boys get upset if we try to do too much.

          Good Morning all,

          The last few days have been mostly sunny and in the 80’s. I was able to get my two gardens planted and got all the annual flowers planted. We bought two rose bushes to replace two that died last year. Those were planted about 10 days ago and are growing nicely. I have one garden with two tomato plants and the other garden has broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce. We got some chicken wire put up around that garden or our rabbit population will have them down to nubs in a day or two. I’m still keeping an eye on it just in case they find a way in.

          I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to do outside. I work for about an hour then rest for a bit and go back out nice been trying to take care of things that Dave has said he needs to do so he isn’t in his feet as much.

          Today we start back at the firmed center. Dave has an orientation to learn how to use the machines.

          I am requesting prayers for my daughter and son-in-law. Jennifer shared with me yesterday that Chuck is going through what she thinks is a midlife crisis. He told her that he isn’t sure he wants to be with her anymore, that he loves her but is not in love with her. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. Jennifer said that they talked the other night and she just let him know that she is willing to go to counseling and other things to work this out. She told him she understands that it isn’t all on her, that he isn’t saying it is all her. She felt that the talk went well and that Chuck seemed more at ease. I asked her if it could be a medication issue and she thinks it may be a contributing factor. Also we both think it has to do with his oldest child graduating from high school. Prayers would be much appreciated.

          We were supposed to go over to Jennifer’s this Sunday, it is her birthday, but because of all this going on and Chuck forgetting her birthday (first time ever) she made plans to go out with her best friend and go to the Little Mermaid movie. I would much rather she do something with Debi and have some fun in her birthday. So this weekend I just may get the blocks and flimsy completed for Makayla’s quilt.

          Best get going so I can grab a quick bite before going to the fitness center. Prayers for those in need and wishes for an excellent day to all.



          • Mary Lynn
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            Sorry to hear of Jennifer’s problems.

          • 201 Treadler
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            am so sorry to hear, prayers. for a date night.

          Good morning,

          It is clear and sunny here today. Looks like a perfect weekend for all the local activities including parades and fishing tournaments. DH and I will check out the docks and fishing reports. He spent the afternoon with Dson yesterday at the local boat builders. DSon will be taking delivery soon of a custom build for his boss. He has been hands on with the builder and inspecting the work at different stages. He showed DH the boat molds, etc around the shop. It was fun to hear of the afternoon adventures and their admiration between Father & Son. Fun Stuff!

          DD and Little Man finish out the school year tomorrow. Little Man (1st grade) is reading on a second grade level and we will keep the momentum going through the summer months. We are planning a sleep-over on Monday and perhaps a day on the boat Tuesday weather pending. Fun Stuff!

          Hope your day is great and you have something planned for Fun Stuff!
          A bucket of sunshine from the East Coast FL!
          Like sands through the hour glass-sew are the days of our lives!


            Good Morning All,

            I was up, but not online. The recliner/sofa was delivered before 8 this morning. Called the long armer and asked if someone had taken my 1 o'clock appointment. Yippee, I can drop off 2 quilts and then I will have no flimsies in the house.

            I like the color of the recliner better in this room. Our old one was brown. This one is gray and fits better. It's also electric! Whoot whoot! lol, Gabby is getting use to it. She's been dumped on the floor a couple of times. She's learning that she has to be quicker backing up. Only problem is my feet don't touch the floor when it's down! Oh my!

            Yesterday was busy, I made arches, and arches and even more arches. I have a tray full to iron and trim down today.

            We've watered the new sod, first time since last week. We'll see if the good Lord waters it some more or not. It's starting to cloud up again. It felt so good outside this morning.

            That's about it around here. Prayers for those in need, for healing touches, for comfort and peace, for grace and mercy. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
            From NC, retired in FL
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Good morning everyone! Sure do miss our Bubby...she must be having a fabulous time with her DD. We've got a sunny and cool day ahead. I am definitely going to the farm stand today, lol, for my annuals. I probably won't plant them until the weekend but if I wait until Saturday to shop it will be a madhouse.

              I'm waiting for a quilt from M* that I had sent in prior to getting the longarm. Last weekend I sent them an email saying it should have taken 5-6 weeks, at the time I sent it in. It's now approaching 8. The next day I got an email saying my quilt had moved up in the queue and was soon to be quilted. The day after that I got an email saying it was finished. Not sure what the issue was. Did they misplace my quilt or are they fantastically busy? And would my quilt still be waiting if I hadn't emailed them? Anyway, it's due to get here tomorrow or Saturday. I'd better get the binding made.

              That's it from here. Hope you all have a lovely Thursday.
              ~The Commonwealth of Massachusetts~


              • K. McEuen
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                They have been running some specials on quilting services so that may have slowed things down for them. Hard to tell how many people jump on those sales.

              Good morning everyone,

              My internet and cable went out this morning for a while. Not sure why. I was reading something on the computer and all of a sudden the TV went off and the message that I was not connected to the internet came up. It took awhile for the internet to reconnect.

              Yesterday, I did 2 loads of laundry and finished piecing the first of 2 quilts I plan on making for my guild's Bingo next year. Now I need to get the backing and have it quilted. Then it will be onto the next one. This one is supposed to have dog silhouettes appliquéd onto them. Not looking forward to that. Wish I could convert it to be able to do on my embroidery machine. I just don't know what I was thinking when I purchased the 3 yard kit.

              I had a message in my portal yesterday from the endocrinologist. They were reminding me to make sure I have the blood work done before my appointment next week. This appointment was originally scheduled for early April. They cancelled that appointment and rescheduled me for June 2. I had just gotten blood work done for that appointment the end of March. Sorry, not having another round of blood work done when it is their fault the appointment was rescheduled.

              Well, not sure what I will get myself into the rest of the day. Maybe, I will start to tackle the other Bingo quilt . . . or not. Have a great day, stay safe and healthy.



                hi friends
                had a text to ring surgery, so did and asked am I was dying? meant as a joke and thankfully the lass took it that way too, we had a great chuckle.
                the vampire tests came in, apparently should not eat small gf slider with gluten free garlic bread and heat up cheese night before they extract the bloods, it comes back high fat in blood whoops, so naughty.😵
                have been so good losing another stone in 3 weeks,.
                everything else is inconclusive so they want more red stuff asap. did confirm was red not green because would be a Vulcan, live long and prosper.😉
                had salad for dinner in a wrap, will have stir fry veg with some salmon, for tea, no oil.
                there is some truth to 'are what eat.' and starting to look carrot shape lol.
                have a great day all, be careful what eat before a blood test they know if naughty garlic is a vegetable🤭..
                hugs T


                  Good Afternoon, Everyone ~ Sunny & mild. It's supposed to be in the 70's today. It was cooler this morning (down to 50*) & the furnace kicked on. The heat felt good. I was cold. I dressed in warmer clothes this morning. I had to get my car over to the auto repair by 8:30 to have the seat adjustment controls looked at. I can't move the seat forward or backward. The other adjustments work. It got messed up the day I had the emissions testing done. Their driver brought me home. We're still waiting to hear about the diagnostics & cost estimate. I've been driving DH's car more, since I can barely reach the foot pedals on my car. I hope it won't be too expensive a fix. Both of our cars are getting old, but they're goodies. (1995 Ford Crown Victoria & 1996 Mercury Grand Marquise.) They don't make cars like this any more. When we bought them, we hoped they'd be the last cars we'd ever need.

                  The Naval Academy in Annapolis had their graduation recently. DS no. 1 went with a friend in his boat to observe the Blue Angels' flyover. There were many boats out on the water. Clare & baby Frankie got to go home from the hosp.

                  I got a notice about renewing my driver's license. Since I'm now 80 y.o., I am required to get a signed statement from my eye dr. that my vision is okay to meet the CO vision recommendations. This is something new. We both have BDs in July, so we need to get this chore out of the way soon.

                  I was up very late last night. Watched the finale of Survival (what I saw of it!) I kept drifting off to sleep, but I think I saw most of it. Once I get settled in my recliner, there's just no guarantee I'll stay awake!

                  Katrina, enjoy your new recliner. I opted for manual operation when I bought my chair.

                  Well, time to think about some lunch. It's time.

                  Later: We have a diagnosis on the car. The motor that moves the seat forward/back is kaput. No new parts available. Now they search for a used one from a junk yard. Hope they can find a workable motor. They will keep the car over night & keep searching tomorrow.
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                  • 201 Treadler
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                    hope the car gets sorted soon perhaps a wiggle check will find it, prayers for great eye checks.

                  • chelea
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                    Joy, both since both your vehicles are over 25 years old, they're officially "antique".

                  I must be losing my mind I posted today on yesterdays. No wonder I can never find my phone, glasses or car keys!
                  Pelham, Alabama
                  War Eagle!!!


                  • JCY
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                    I've done that, too. Nothing to be concerned about.