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It's a wet Wednesday May 24

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    It's a wet Wednesday May 24

    Good morning friends. It's raining and quite hard right now. Hubby won't be grass cutting today. Work was good yesterday, no mail came in which means today there should be lots of it after the long weekend. I didn't get started on the quilting yesterday after all. I visited with a friend at lunch instead.

    Is anyone following the show "The secret of Skinwalker Ranch"? Well I'm hooked. I have been binge watching and now all caught up. A new episode was ready for download this morning. And I have the whole season of "The Curse of Oak Island" to watch. I like to just download the whole season and then binge watch. I am hooked on that one too.

    So Robin yesterday mentioned a 25% sale at Connecting Threads, well I had to go look and of course I bought a kit. I really liked this when I saw it some time ago. So with 25% off I succumbed to the temptation. I am so weak!!!

    I don't think I will take the big quilt with me today. I think I will just take some yard and crochet some dishcloths. I want to go out at lunch and see if I can get a nice outside plant for my boss. Her birthday is Saturday.

    So on that note, have a great day everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning Monique and those who follow.

    Well, yesterday was productive. Mike called and asked me to check the calendar. It didn't do him any good. He hadn't written anything on it. lol, so I took a picture of Tuesday's notes (none) and sent it to him with a hope that helps. There were several texts back and forth, he needed gas so we had hot dogs for dinner. A win for me!

    I worked in the sewing room on connecting arches together to make the quarter blocks for the DWR. I'll lay them on the bed today when I finish the last 5 I had started. I had to quit before I finished what I wanted to finish. I made the mistake of talking to Jim on the phone and sewing. That just makes my neck hurt! I took an advil and quit for the night. 5 to do this morning. Then it's back to making arches. lol, this one is tedious! I have no idea how you zip them out so quickly Terry.

    The finishing instructions dropped for the RBDC yesterday. It will be different, very definitely a modern setting. Only thing is, I must have used the rest of the white fabric in something else, so I had to order more. Geez, I'm getting more ditzy as each day goes by!

    Have a wonderful day. I'll post a picture of the DWR blocks later today. Have a great one! Prayers for those in need, for healing touches, for comfort and peace, for grace and mercy. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
    From NC, retired in FL
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


    • Rhonda K
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      The quilt layout is quite different with all the blank fabric spaces.

    Monique, I must have missed the connecting thread sale....glad I wasn't tempted . M* sent me a coupon for my birthday for $15 OFF $60 SO USED that. I ordered 5 Mystery 1 yd cuts of 108 inch Wilmington essentials . I looked at all of their 108 inch fabrics and only saw 4 I didn't like. Wonder if those are the ones I will get? ha ha
    Katrina, I don't think I turn out the DWR that quickly. Sometimes I really look for something that will take a good bit of time. I don't really need any more quilts but I sure do like to make them.
    Yesterday I read the instructions for Rhombus dancing and decided on Rhombus cube. I found the Rhombus template within my stuff. Don't remember ordering it...must have been a daily deal once a while back. Anyway, I start following the instructions to cut 5 inch strips and lay out the template. NOOOOOOO! My Rhumbus must not be the same size as the tutorial or the pattern. It is 3 and 5/8 inches. Now that is a strange size for M* to be sending. Anyway, glad I had only cut 3 strips of 3 different fabrics so I could audition the color way. So not a huge waste of fabric.
    I took a birthday dinner in a bag to my friend who had driven from Oklahoma for the party that didn't happen. Ribs, crabcakes and birthday cake. She cried that I thought of her...
    success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiam
    Terry of NC


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      Terry, the 25% off sale at CT is still going on.

    Still no rain here. Everything crunches outside. There has been rain in the forecast every afternoon for over a week but so far it has missed us. You can see it in the distance but it doesn’t make it here.

    I spent a bit of time sewing yesterday. I am working with clear vinyl and it is slow going. I am making those 8 bags and when they are done, no more vinyl for a while.

    We have a guy coming to repair a small tear in the one cars seat leather. One of the dogs nails must have torn it. We have a new car ordered and will be trading this one in on it so need to get that fixed. He is coming to the house and has good recommendations on-line so hopefully that all works out.

    I had an appointment with my new primary care person. He is a nurse practitioner and seemed fine. I did not like the physician who he replaced so anything is an improvement. I am on 4 medications - have been on them all for several years. He sends in the new prescriptions and 2 out of 4 are not either the correct med or the correct dose. Now I know that is all computerized so how the heck can you make those kinds of mistakes. So now working with the pharmacy and his office to get that fixed. Luckily I have several weeks of them all until I need them.

    hope everyone has a great day.


      Good morning! Back to quilting! Costume building and tweaking done and dusted! I need to quilt my grandson’s graduation quilt, then start putting blocks together for Jan Otten’s quilt, then another T shirt quilt for. Graduate then finish my granddaughter’s graduation quilt. Thank heaven NY schools start late and graduate in June!

      I knew when I agreed to organize Jan Otten’s quilt it would be late in May before I could actually put it together because of previously committing to the May costume gigs. But he is just beginning his course of treatment and our loving gift to him will be appreciated when it comes.

      My costuming buddy’s birthday is today, sadly, I have no gift ready. Not sure how to rectify this!

      Gonna get 5he day started! Hope yours is good!


        Good morning,

        Monique, Love the kit-blue is always a favorite! From your house to mine, we had lots of rain, thunder, and lightening in the night. The thunder kept waking me up.

        I'm sewing down the final stitches on the binding for a mug-rug. It was the second stitch out and looks so much better than the first one. I cut the selvage off the end too much and barely had enough binding to go around. The other selvage end is hidden inside the binding join. Yikes! The towel and mug-rug need to go out in the mail today.

        Hope your day is great!
        A bucket of sunshine from the East Coast FL!
        Like sands through the hour glass-sew are the days of our lives!


          Good morning all,

          Wet here also. Monique -- yes, DH has taped & watched all the episodes of Skinwalker Ranch, Oak Island, another one Frog ranch (similar to Skinwalker) and I've been pulled into watching some. That's a beautiful kit, I was tempted by many. I love CT kits, they always have lots of extra fabric.

          Yesterday morning, I was pretty stiff and sore from yardwork. It doesn't matter if I do a little or a lot, I give it my all, bending, crouching, lifting and digging. My gluts are the first to complain, followed by knees. I just have to give time to recover. After lunch, we went to window place and signed up to have the west side ones and the bay window on north side above garage replaced. They have factored in using a cherry picker for the bay window as our roof is metal and they don't want to damage it. Picked up around the house, but I am screaming in my head -- take pictures of stuff, post to sell or donate. There are some big items that I just don't want to give, maybe it's sentiment.

          Today, rain will dictate my agenda. So I think I will load a quilt on LA. I haven't done any sewing/quilting in weeks. It would be nice to do something. Hubby has a dental appt. Easy peasy dinner with lots of fresh vegetables my DD dropped off from their farmer. Her MIL usually gets a box, but she's in FL for few weeks, so we've been enjoying the fresh asparagus, spinach, greens. I have to call my two GFs who were my maid of honor, at 1st & 2nd wedding. I didn't realize until later that they both share the same birthday. I'm hoping to see the one that's my age tomorrow.

          Tomorrow, I wont check in as we are going out of town to my GF's mom service. I'm hoping to have some time to visit my GF who has a birthday today. She's the one that was diagnosed with brain tumor and lung cancer last December. My other GF said she might come to the service if she is up to it. In any event, I pulled out some great pictures of us when we were teens and the time she came to Whistler with me. While I was working, she was skiing and cruising, being divorced. I opted out of many "work" dinners as my boss didn't want her to be a distraction to some of the men in attendance. So funny. I'm definitely going to try to get to Giroux Fabrics has a 50% off in store this week.

          Enjoy your day.
          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.


          • Mary Lynn
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            We do very well at selling off excess furniture & stuff we aren’t using. This week I’ve sold a patio chair set (expensive but got good money for it) & 2 counter stools. Things we weren’t using & allowed us to spread other things out.

          We have a week of pretty weather promised, but we could use some rain. I think that is next week! Not much going on here. The motorcycles on the Ride to the Wall are coming through about now. They are veterans who ride to remember those who didn't return from Viet Nam. They will meet others from all over the country in D.C. to take part in Memorial Day activities. DIL's brother rides with this group and used to lead them all the way from California. They gas up here and Ginger and her friends pack pb&j sandwiches for them to munch on. It's quite a sight to see 75 or more bikes ride off the Interstate and line up for gas. If you see any groups with flags flying this week give them room and a wave please.
          I'm back to PT tomorrow. I hope this will be the last. My calendar gets so confused when I have 2 or 3 days each week and days and times change! I thought I might get a quilt done, but doesn't look too promising. son just came in to do some odd jobs, so I need to quit. All is well in east Tennessee!
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            The bikers from the north east states always came through the eastern shore of Maryland to access the Bay Bridge on the way to DC. We sat at a stop sign for almost 25 minutes one year as they went past. There were several hundred of them riding 2 abreast. Cars pulled off to the side to let them past. It is a very moving sight.

          Good morning everyone! It's a sunny one and we'll see temps up in the 70's today. I have some vacuuming to do and other assorted chores to get the house ready for DD #2's arrival with her pup on Sunday. She's spending 5 weeks here until they can move into the new house in NC. It'll be a full house for a few weeks since DD number one will also be here with our 11 yr. old DGD through mid-June, then DD number one will move back home to VA (she's been here for the past year doing a military program in Newport RI). DGD stays with us for a bit longer as we're taking her on a Disney cruise the last week of June.

          Yesterday was pretty uneventful. The usual chores, finished cleaning up the deck furniture, dinner out. Didn't get my annuals since the Proven Winners truck I saw didn't contain annuals...they're coming today.

          Our neighbor is in the process of opening his pool. Pressure is now on hubs to get ours opened, even more so if our other neighbor opens his. Summer must be right around the corner, haha.

          That's it for me. Hope your Wednesday is a good one.
          ~The Commonwealth of Massachusetts~


          • KarenC
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            Sounds busy! I know you'll enjoy the time with your DGD.

          Good morning all,
          just a quick note, my energy level has not been where it should be. I hope Friday's visit with gf will help lift my spirits.


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            Soon after posting my gf texted and we won't be able to meet due to health issues in her family 😔

          • KarenC
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            Huggs. Hope you can still get together with GF soon.

          • Monique
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            If I could, I would come lift your spirits.

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Hazy sunshine. We still have some lingering Canadian smoke hanging around. They say it will move out by the end of today.

          I had a busy day yest. Changed the sheets on my bed & did 1 load of laundry. Went out to Walmart for 2 Rx's & a few groc. I stock up on canned fruit when I go there. What used to cost $.98/can now costs $1.38., but it's still cheaper than the regular groc. store. The price of eggs has come down-- finally! The price of gas also has come down. I saw $3.16/gal. at Circle K. this week. They charge 10 c. more per gal for credit.

          I phoned my cousin Janet yest. eve. She lives in Niagara Falls, so I have to monitor the time difference. We talked for 1 hr. & 20 min. I feel bad for her & what she's going through with her husb. & his Lewy Body Dementia. He's not safe to be at home. He's confused. He falls when he gets out of bed in the night. She said according to NY law, they are prohibited from putting up the side rails to keep him in bed. They have no bed alarms that would warn when he's out of bed. An elder organization is helping her submit paperwork for him to get on Medicaid so she can afford nursing home care for him. It's a heart breaking story. At one time he was a master mechanic & had his own car repair shop. He raced cars at Daytona Beach & also raced in sailboat races.

          DH decided today was the day! He went up in the attic & inserted the 20" box fan in the opening in our hall ceiling for summer use. It serves as an attic fan. Really helps cool things on these warm nights. So that's in place, ready to use. It's always as bit of a chore to get it done. Every spring I wonder if he'll be able to get up in the attic & do it. Now he's already worn out for the day.

          I haven't decided yet what I plan to do today. I called the mowing service this morning. No one came to mow either Mon. or Tues. Hopefully, today.

          I see by the TV schedule in the paper that tonight is the finale of this season of Survivor. I hope I'll be able to stay awake to the end of the 3 hrs.
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            We had an attic fan when we lived in military housing years ago. We had never seen one before. The Army wives that had lived on posts in the south taught me how to manage the summer heat. Close windows/shades on the sunny side, open windows on the shady side in the morning. In the afternoon, do the opposite. At night, turn on the whole house fan, which is what they called it. It worked amazingly well. When we bought this house it came with a whole house fan. When we had central air installed the HVAC guy told me we didn't need that fan anymore....I said no way you're removing that fan! It is so powerful that it will completely cool our house, upstair and downstairs in minutes. Also handy if you burn something in the oven, lol.

          • Jean Sewing Machine
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            My parents used a big attic fan in their house, the cool evening air felt to good on a hot summer day. We had them in several of our own homes, even though they were air conditioned. They are so effective of you set the windows correctly, open them just a tiny bit in each room to get the maximum draw of the cool outside air.

          • KarenC
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            I remember my siblings and I sleeping on the floor under the attic fan for many years before we got central air.

          Good morning everyone,

          Bright and sunny this morning. Although a couple of weeks ago we had a ton of rain, we sure could use some now. The grass was mowed yesterday and the brown tips were cut off. Won't be long until they come back as there is no rain in the forecast for a few days.

          Yesterday I ran a couple of errands and then decided to stop at the local farm store on the way home. It is only about a mile or so from my house so it makes it very convenient to stop there, (sometimes too convenient as they make a lot of delicious baked goods). Anyway, I purchased a quart of homegrown strawberries. I think they are supposed to be from their farm but it is early for strawberries around here. They are really delicious, much better than those you can purchase in the local grocery stores.

          After I got home, put everything away and washed the strawberries and tomatoes, I was going to go into my sewing room and see what kind of mischief I could get myself into, but I remembered I needed to finish up the minutes from the May guild meetings and get them sent to the person who does the monthly newsletter. They were due yesterday, the 23rd.

          Today, I have a couple loads of laundry to do, at least 2. I am hoping to finish up the binding on the challenge quilt as it is due June 4. And then there is the never ending job of trying to find a suitable way to set up my sewing room. I have tried several configurations but haven't come up with one that I really like.

          Best get started on this day. Hope you all have a great day, stay safe and healthy.



            Good Morning

            I wish we were getting some of your rain Monique. Colin put stuff on the lawn that needs watered in. He was hoping for a good shower, but all we have had is a 2 minute splash.

            Very busy day yesterday. First up was Marvin to the vet for rabies vaccination. There is a shortage of vets as I phoned about 10 before finding one that would take new clients. From there we drove to a Mennonite furniture maker who we purchased our king size bed from. His lumber must have not been fully dried as each panel in head & ; footboard has shrunk & we have a line of un stained wood showing. Of course he has never had that happen before but will get us some stain so we can touch it up. Next on the list we returned 2 boxes of tile from shower project followed by lunch at Chick Fil A. Then we got dog food at a store on route. Our final stop was Mennonite greenhouse. I got 3 tomato plants, 2 boxes of lettuce & a beautiful hanging basket. We were home by 3 which was a long day since we started at 9. Considerable driving between stops, but lots accomplished. The best part of the day was coming home to our toilet reinstalled & grab bar in shower. Early bed last night.

            The temperature has dropped with our cold front which brought the rain. The good thing is it has cleared the smoke haze & there is bright sunshine now. I have made a pot of sweet potato soup for lunch & I will get my planting done after lunch.

            I better post this now. 3 times I’ve started & been interrupted.

            Enjoy your day.
            Mary Lynn Ontario Canada


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              Our dining table was purchased from a company that brings in from US made by Mennonites. It is a refractory, First year, there was a crack in extension. They took away and they ordered a new one. The following year, we had a gap on the table itself. Again they replaced it. No third time. It is elm and they figured it didn't adapt well to changing temps at the time we had received them. We love it. There are lots of vets in our suburb but since the pandemic, it's hard to find one that takes on new pets.

            Good Late Morning,

            I did it! Well, I did two things. I had my first treatment this morning and all went well. They were very thorough and caring. I am now sitting in a pedicure and booked my ticket to the Fall Forum Retreat. I am scheduled for a treatment that week but we have a little wiggle room. I am so blessed.

            That’s it for now. I’m going to relax!


            • Jean Sewing Machine
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              Hooray for it all!

            • KarenC
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              Yay for all of it! Looking forward to seeing you at retreat.

            • Bubby
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              I thought about you all day. I’m glad your day went well. ❤️

            Good afternoon. I didn't have time to check in this morning before going to charity bee. I had lunch with a GF yesterday. It was good to visit. Once I got home, I alternated between a few sewing projects and watching TV.

            Today was charity bee. There is no room in the storage room right now, so we only cut backings for tops. Didn't cut any batting. I got the go ahead to order more muslin for Christmas stocking kits. I also received 110 completed stockings today. We are now over the half way point. I feel much better about meeting the required number by yearend. Well, I need to leave in an hour for my next appointment today, so I best get something done before that, Hope you had a good day.
            Spring, TX