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It's Thursday 3/30

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    It's Thursday 3/30

    WOW the month is just about over. It's Maizyn's birthday tomorrow and she turns into a teenager. WOW!! Where has the time gone? I worked at making a block for Jan's quilt yesterday. I think I am happy on how it turned out. Pictures are in the group if you care to have a look. Hubby did leave for work last night but was home shortly afterwards. He wasn't feeling well and his sugar was up to 24. Not good, so he got someone to replace him and came home. He will have to work to get his sugar down even more.

    Today I have to go town and pick up our medications and I will drop off the stuff I came home with from Guild. I emptied another plastic container from the sewing room. I am making progress. Tomorrow we will head towards Phil's house. Not sure if we will stay there or get a room for the night. We shall see what happens.

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning

    Very cold overnight but I think sun is breaking through now. Yesterday we went from warm sun to plummeting temps & heavy snow & wind. After about 4 hours it stopped & sun shone again.

    I have top sewn together so I need to see what I have for borders. Yesterday I gave my Featherweight a spa day. I started packing it & a few projects to take to DS house next week when I am house sitting. Today I am in cleaning mode. Washing going, oven cleaning & I think I will tackle storage shelves in utility room. I must remember to give fridge clean out before garbage day tomorrow.

    Enjoy your day.
    Mary Lynn Ontario Canada


      Good Morning. Monique, sorry Les is under the weather with his sugar. It can make a person feel awful. I just love the block you did for Jan’s quilt. As we heard, he came through his surgery this morning.

      It’s hard to believe that Maizyn is a teenager! My goodness the time flies by. The next thing you know she will be driving.

      I have a dental appt this morning. I hope I will be able to eat after my appt while we are in Rolla.

      The outer border is now on my quilt. It wasn’t as hard as I imagined. It still needs a good press and threads clipped and a backing. I will take it out to my quilter next week if she feels better.

      I hear Jeff bringing the Girls in so I need to get towels ready for their muddy feet.

      Have a great day everyone. 🐾🐾
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      Scottie Mom Barb


        Good morning,
        We had crazy winds last evening, and got a snow squall mixed with rain, grapple and temp drops. Only a dusting remains on the street. I fell into rabbit hole yesterday, so to pull me out, hubby lured me to lunch at cafe. Ran a few errands and back home, I finished 16 pink strip blocks. I have 50 so far, but need a lot more. No problem lots of pink strips. I spoke to my GF who's mom passed yesterday. They are planning for a memorial later, when all the family returns from abroad and in better weather. She's doing ok. It was no love with her mother, but she was dutiful and took care of her, as the only sister in town. Her mother was not an easy person, very critical and demanding.

        This morning I have a dental check-up & cleaning, and will run errands to drug store to pick up cat syringes and new heating pad for hubby - it's senior's discount day. I'm hoping to do some sewing, or at least load another top to quilt. Going to bundle up, it's in the minus teens celcius.

        Enjoy your day -- where has March gone?
        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.


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          was just thinking that March has certainly marched on. stay warm

        Good morning everyone. Yesterday was productive, although I never touched the little purses I wanted to work on. I finished the mowing while the weather was cool. A series of errands were completed, lunch, then back home for the day. I went in the sewing room and decided it was time to clean off the cutting table. It's amazing what collects there. Today I will finish that up and vacuum. I feel like a squirell when I get in that room some days, just going from one thing to another. I do need to go buy a long zipper today. My younger sister wants a large dog bed. I am filling it with scraps that I would typically toss. This way if she decides she needs more stuffing one day it's easy to do.

        Today is the season opener for our Astros. Lots of new players on the team this year. Hope they all work well together. I will drive into town to watch with some friends.

        Happy to hear from Klaisen that Jan's surgery was successful.
        Spring, TX


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          GO ASTROS!!

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          Our Twins open today at 2:30. Dave has 19 minutes to wait. He loves watching the Twins.

        Good morning everyone! It's another bright, sunny, breezy day after a rainy night. I noticed the buds on my daffodils look like they're ready to pop any minute.

        I never made it here to post yesterday. The baby needed an extra day of rest before going back to daycare. She sleeps very well here, something she wouldn't get at daycare...she has such a fear of missing something that she won't sleep there for long. She was feeling much better so we had a fun day.

        I did sneak out for a dentist appt. (ugh) because it was my first visit at a new practice and I didn't want to cancel. The other excitement for the day was the tree crews trimming around the electric wires on our road. It was a company from OH. They had 2 huge bucket trucks and were working quickly and efficiently. We have 2 branches overhanging the line from the street to our house so I asked the foreman if they were going to trim those as well. He said we would be responsible for taking care of anything on our property but that they could remove them for a small fee. Perfect.

        Although I was pooped, I managed to start Jan's blocks last evening and will get back to that today. I feel like I need to re-group to decide what to tackle today. Forgot what I was supposed to be doing when I took the baby detour! One thing is for certain, FedEx says my Handiquilter frame is out for delivery. It was supposed to arrive yesterday but there was a delivery exception with one carton. Looks like a label was unreadable and had to be replaced. I was surprised to get that level of detail.

        So that's it from here. Happy to hear Jan's surgery went well. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!
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        ~The Commonwealth of Massachusetts~


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ A sad day here. Cheryl died last night at 108 p.m. (central time) I got an e-m from my gr. dau. last night. We'll talk some time today. She & her younger sister (who lives in Seattle area) were planning a trip to AL next week to see their mom. I think they still plan to go, just not sure when. They want to get Cheryl's things & her car. I have no idea if there will be any services. Cheryl did not get established with a church in AL. Maybe the hospice chaplain could do it. This has been an overwhelmingly emotional time for my gr. dau. Ayesha(she's 33). Just last year they went through the death of her father-in-law after an extended illness. Please keep her & her family in your prayers. I really didn't expect Cheryl to die this soon. She was 63 y.o. Her BD is later in the year.

          I'm short on sleep last night, since I was up late on the computer. I ordered a doughnut cushion from Amazon that my dr. told me about. I have a sore area on my coccyx that has bothered me for many months. I'm hoping the cushion will help.

          We are under a red flag warning for incr. fire danger. It's supposed to be windy with warmer temps. today. And more snow in the mts. Crazy spring weather.

          I have no plans for the day. If I feel up to it, I need to get to the jeweler's to pick my Mother's ring, which was in for prong repair. It's ready. It has a stone for everyone's BD. Many years ago, we bought the ring setting & selected the stones. BDs are for July, Aug., Sept., Oct. for Glen & me & all 4 boys.

          Time for me to get something to eat, then I need to make the salads & get on with my day.


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            I am so sorry for your loss.

          • JCY
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            My GD has her aunt, Cheryl's sister, who lives only a few mi. away & has been a help, & she will pay for the cremation expenses.(~$900.) My GD is hoping to have a family get together on Easter Sunday as a sort of memorial & to help bring closure. Not a service as such, but a family time. She hoping her dad (my son here) will fly down for it & stay a while. She said, "I need a hug from my dad." In years past, he was sort of a father figure for her sister as well. She's 25 y.o. & her birth father was never in the picture. She was able to talk with her mom on fb messaging, or some system last night. Ayesha talked to Cheryl's nurse (she was in the hosp.) & helped set it up on the phones so dau. & Cheryl could talk. She died soon after talking with Ayesha's sister. The plan is for the sister to fly to TX next Wed.Then on Thurs. they will drive to AL to get Cheryl's things & her car, drive back to Dallas in time for Easter Sunday. Her ashes may be ready by then. A lot of coordinating has to occur yet. It's been a heavy responsibility on my GD.
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          • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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            I'm so sorry to hear that Cheryl has passed. Hugs for your GD and her sister. I hope your son is able to get to the memorial. I can imagine that it would be a sort of closure for him as well, and hoping he can connect with his daughter.

          Good Morning All,

          Steve's kidney removal yesterday was successful. The surgeon thinks no radiation will be needed. Dianne saw her team on Tuesday. They are going to clean up some more of her margins. Her surgery is 4/10. On 4/25 she starts radiation. No chemo required.

          Nothing much happened here yesterday. Mike got off at 1, we went to an early dinner. I vegged out! Today, is another matter. I found some blue backing to put on the Jolly Bar Sampler and 1 queen sized batting roll that Dianne had found at a yard sale. I need to dig out batting scraps from the closet and hopefully I'll find 2 pieces to do the two baby quilts, if not whole pieces, there should be enough to frankenbat to finish those up.

          Mike's day off has been changed to Tuesday, because after 5 years, truck's been moved to Tuesday from Wednesday. I'll have a hair appointment to move, but I'm going to wait until he finds out if he's been called to jury duty. Crossing my fingers he doesn't have it, he has 3 consecutive days off next week! Whoot whoot!

          It's finally starting to warm up, I guess it's time to get busy. Prayers for those in need, for healing touches, for comfort and peace, for grace and mercy. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings (especially for our friends and families that have made it through major surgeries.)

          From NC, retired in FL
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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            I am glad to hear Steve's surgery was a success.

          • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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            I'm happy to hear the surgery went well. I will keep Dianne in my thoughts and send positive vibes.

          Hi friends,
          So pleased to here Jans surgery has gone well today, must be a huge relief not to wait for that to happen.

          Was going to sew yesterday, and did manage to cut out, then we had tea and I fell asleep till around 1am, the cat was a howling again right by bed, he was instructing other cat that should visit the toilet, we think due to where went next, huh so bossy or was it he woke us up that is the first thing most do. either way he has a grand set of lungs grrrrrrrrrr.
          As was awake went to sew the block, Andrew L Webber was on celebrating his 75th on tv freeview red button 1, worth watching.
          Rob Cummings was back on BBC 4 Canal Diary's with naughty lass. they on youtube as well. Hope he continues these endeavours know they are a lot of work, due to him showing a behind camera view.
          Its Thursday so that will be Narrowboat Pirate tube day, a sense of humour is required with her last yt with David on board. talk of vasaline and back doors innuendo. himself finds it all funny.
          The sun is shining and the heavy rain keeps coming, time to get up and get restarted on this day.
          continued prayers
          Hugs T


            Good Morning,

            Otto is down for his morning nap so I have a little time to browse. When he wakes we are setting out to run errands. Taking a 4 month old sure slows me down but my mental health is better if I get out and about so off we will go. Yesterday I spent most of the day at Otto's house getting him used to sleeping in his crib again. He's had a cold so they let him sleep in his swing so he could breathe better. It's amazing how quickly a habit can form.

            My sewing dresser is finally clean! I managed to get everything in it's place and I got two quilt blocks made for Jan's quilt. If I get time I will make more but the stress is off for now.

            My daughter has an ovarian cyst that is causing much pain so I am picking the kids up from daycare this afternoon and will cook them dinner. My son and DIL that live next door will help so things should go pretty smoothly. I will deliver the home after they all get fed and bathed. The doctor will decide tomorrow if surgery is needed or if the cyst will dissipate on its own.

            I'm still waiting for my friend to pick up her two quilts I finished for her. These were found in a drawer after her mom passed away and sinces she's going to be a grandma she wanted them finished. Isn't that always the story, someone passes away and unfinished quilt tops are found. I'm determined not to let that happen. I might have a couple cabinets full of fabric but the only unfinished top should be the one I'm currently working on.

            The dryer just stopped so I will get some more laundry finished before Otto wakes and we head out for the morning. I will continue to keep Jan in my prayers as he recovers from his surgery.

            Have a Blessed Day.


              Good morning everyone,

              The wind picked up last night, quite a bit. It is a chilly morning also. Not sure what the temp is supposed to get up to this afternoon but I don't think it will be too crazy.

              Today is son #1's birthday. I will have to wait awhile to call him because he lives in San Diego. Son #2's birthday is Saturday. Son Forum was supposed to come down today to swap out the light at the back door but is not coming now. He will do it April 8th. The light that is next to the back door has a dusk to dawn light in it, but it rarely goes off. With "bug" season fast approaching, I wanted something there that wouldn't be on almost constantly and attracting bugs to the door. I bought a motion sensor light. Hope that will work.

              Today I need to clean my bathroom and then hoping for some sewing time. Yesterday I went to Lowes, then to the accountant to pick up my taxes and then to the grocery store. My knees are not liking all that activity. They were sore last night.

              Time to get going. Have a great day, stay safe and healthy.



                Quote from beth B
                The light that is next to the back door has a dusk to dawn light in it, but it rarely goes off. With "bug" season fast approaching, I wanted something there that wouldn't be on almost constantly and attracting bugs to the door. I bought a motion sensor light...

                not sure if helpful himself has a green lighted head torch, he finds the bugs are not attracted to it so much, like the white head torch light. could replace with a green bulb or reflector?
                The visitor of a neighbour went for a late walk while himself was with cat in garden, he thought aliens had landed lol.
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                  Good morning,

                  Monique, Happy Birthday to Maizyn! Hope your DH feels better today. Way to go with the empty bin-progress!

                  We are enjoying a beautiful morning with a sunny day. It will be a noisy one as the roofers are starting our neighbor's roof today.

                  I signed up for a class next week with the LQS so I can learn more about the IQ-design features on my machine. It's all day and hands on with our machines. Two other friends are also attending. We need to drop off our machines the day before at the event center. The owners will set them up for us so they are ready for class. The sample looked so interesting with different quilting designs in the HSTs on the table runner.

                  Hope your day is great!
                  A bucket of sunshine from the East Coast FL!
                  Like sands through the hour glass-sew are the days of our lives!


                    Sorry to read about Cheryl, my condolences. I was happy to see that Jan was done with his surgery and that it went well. Bill is continuing to improve, sitting up in a chair and taking a few steps. Illness can rapidly take a toll on one's strength. Joy, hopefully your meds and the cushion will help you out quickly.
                    I got two more blocks done yesterday, not without a little re-cutting of fabric, once due to improving contrast, once because of a mistake.😉 I also got the quilt wrapped, a king quilt and a pillow filled sham make a really large package.😮 I put the other two shams in a cleaners bag, they won't be wrapped.😊
                    I have finally lost another pound, DH has lost 5 more than me and we are eating the same, I exercise, he mostly sleeps, it is not fair.🤨
                    I have lunch out with my former co-workers then will pick up the grands.😁They are only staying one night but I plan to introduce DGD to her sewing machine now that it is working OK. I have fabric for her to make a pillowcase, fun, fun, fun. I hope she thinks so, too. I'm not sure what we will do special with DGS, go to Tractor Supply grand opening perhaps.
                    Claire from Pelham, Alabama


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                      When Jeff and I were trying to lose weight he lost 25 before I lost 5, and I didn’t cheat! He cheated every day!! Now I’ve lost about 35 pounds and it’s staying off. I’m a little too thin but it shouldn’t be hard to pick up a few pounds over the holidays.

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                      It really isn't fair for us poor girls, bodies say noooo what about the babies??!! Even when there won't be any babies. But we also tend to do better grazing throughout the day and even if it gives us more calories over all. Cutting calories is rarely the best method for women unless way high on calories. I've tried following my DH a few times when he wants to lose weight and it won't budge at all for me, sometimes I end up higher than when we started. Finally gave up, told him to eat what he needs to and I'll eat my way and we both shed weight pretty equally.

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                      I ordered the dougnut cushion from Amazon; it was recommended by my dr. I have a sore coccyx. An old problem even before recent health problems. Even though I have cushions of various types & pillows on all the chairs, it still hurts to sit on my tush. I'm hoping the doughnut will do t he trick. I once ordered that gel seat cushion that Bonnie Hunter advertises & thinks is so great, but I couldn't tolerate the odor it had. I let it "gas off" in the garage, but it still had an odor. I eventually returned it & got a refund.

                    Stuck in traffic right now (passenger) so figured as good a time as any to drop in lol. 3 🤯🤯🤯 major wrecks on the only 3 major roads in town within minutes of each other. What the heck folks?! Did the aliens sync their watches today 🤔. But despite this very bad day for quite a few folks, my mom and I got her walls in the first room primed today!!! 20230330_132357.jpg

                    I am super proud of the mud work on the drywall. 😊 hopefully DH will agree its well done enough that he will fix the walls and ceiling back at our house after this in our kitchen lol. (And ya know replace the cabinets and all that fun stuff lol)