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Eggs Are So Pricey, Many Are Buying Backyard Birds

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    We had chickens growing up on the farm and I loved them. Our neighbor has chickens. We can have hens in town, but no roosters. Two of our members at church has chickens and we can buy from them if we want.



      No chickens for me, thank you very much! I have four large grocery stores within five minutes drive of my house - that's where I get my eggs. 😁
      From Sunny Alberta, Canada


        I have to say, I concur with most of you. Hard pass on having chickens, we already have a feral flock of them running around the neighborhood, from a neighbor who got them without knowing/caring about city ordinances. Might be why we also have a real healthy feral cat population as well... I mean some really healthy feral cats, though not an overall large population surprisingly enough, guess they're all too well fed. But the feral chickens have been on the loose for a good 10 years now. Every so often you see evidence that at least one of the chickens ran afoul of the feral cats judging by the wide-spread scatter of feather, and at least one contented looking cat laying fat and lazy by the roadside. But mostly they stick to the wooded areas in the neighborhood. (again guys, I live where there must be aliens cuz I can't explain otherwise how a bunch of chickens have been on the loose this long otherwise, with the coyotes, foxes, racoons, feral cats, assorted snakes, possums, rats, and even alligators and owls too, cant forget the massive owl or the hawks)


          I was so surprised when I visited my GS in Marysville, CA. Chickens roamed all over the town. The downtown park was full of them and they even walked up to us when we were dining outside at a restaurant. Chickens were also roaming all over the place when I visited Kauai in Hawaii. We played golf at a very nice golf course and chickens were everywhere. They were very colorful though. I remember my SIL asked what kind of exotic birds they were. When my husband answered “chickens”. We all had a good laugh.