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Snowy Saturday Morning

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    Snowy Saturday Morning

    Good Morning ladies

    Brrrrrr! Snowing outside, looks really pretty; not too much accumulation so I will be off to work this morning. I slept in late! It's 6:35 and I really should be in the shower. See what this place does to me? I am sipping my first cuppa joe and just had to share with you.

    What's everyone got going today? the weekend? Any new tips?

    Hoping everyone stays warm, dry, safe and healthy. Big hugs to each of my quilty sissies.

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

    We're supposed to be getting snow here today. All I know is that its dark outside. Didn't feel my best yesterday and spent almost the whole day in bed, dozing off and on. Hopefully today I can get back to sewing. Will also help my DH put up the T-8 lighting system in my 'new' sewing room. I can definitely make use of that!! How did I get so lucky as to slow down and let him catch me? I must have been out of breath . . . but he still takes my breath away.
    Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
    it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

    "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


      Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

      Ah that's so sweet Sandy, I am also very grateful for my lovely DH, he is very patient and understands my need to buy and stash fabric...he's a keeper, not many men would get that. Speaking of lights I need some new ones in my sewing room...

      Stay warm and dry everyone, have a lovely weekend.

      "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain" Anonymous.


        Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

        I hope to get some cutting done today. My DH just left for a day of snowmobiling and I'm heading to Fabricland for their buy 1 yard, get 2 yards free. I can believe how excited I get when I'm fabric shopping. As a newbie to quilting, I remember many years ago hating to sew... Times have changed!

        Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!


          Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

          Good morning everyone! So, you just thought you would share the snow with me - huh - Blondie? Didn't think we were to get any today but woke up to another inch or so and it's still coming down lightly out there. It sure is beautiful but, really, I could just go right to Spring! I guess I'll be in sewing today which I need to do anyway.
          Sorry to hear you are laying low Sandy. Hope you're up and about today. That's awful sweet about your hubby. Mine does just about anything I want too - now I've got the wheels turning in his head about a separate sewing area enclosed with actual walls in the basement. I did get the look at first that I am really crazy but that went away quickly. Phew!
          No news from Odie. He started his training for this phase last Tuesday - last time we heard from him. Just waiting on a letter to give us his address. He finally got a pair of boots that fit right and he's hoping for no rain or snow while he's down there (N. Carolina in the southern part). He's out in the field for the next 3 weeks. Just hope he's keeping warm. It's been in the low 30's at night.
          Well better run. Thinking about you all today. Stay safe out there on the roads if you must go out.


          What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


            Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

            Good morning everyone!

            Its going to be a busy day today. First have to balance the check book and pay bills then go find our daughter a computer to take back to school. If we don't get her one today, she will take mine back and I DON'T WANT THAT!

            There are 3 quilt shops on the way to buy the computer, hmmmmm, wondering if we won't make a few stops

            God bless and take care!


              Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

              Good morning all. Its nice to see the snow missed us. We just received alitttle bit. But its bitter cold for sure. Im so glad I dont have to get out in it. Yahoo.
              Sandy its so nice that your hubby is gonna do that for ya.
              I remember spending hours just looking at fabric once I got hit with the bug. O how i wish I could sew but right now its not in the cards. It will happen soon.
              Everyone stay warm whereever you are. Lynn stay dry.

              Have a blessed day in HIS name!


                Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

                Good morning all! We have snow here too, a couple of inches yesterday made driving home from work a bit tricky and it's still coming down lightly. Just enough to make DH cancel his plans to take young DD shopping.......glad they will be home safe.
                I have plans to make a couple of the table runners that are in the video with Sarah talking about charm packs. I have 2 packs of 'Fresh' Moda charm packs and that is what they will turn into.
                I finished up the embroidery job yesterday before I went to my 'real job', so after I pay the bills and balance the checkbook, if the statement came yesterday, I WILL be making the table runners!
                I am like several of you, never liked sewing, then my Grandma showed me how to do a few things and I always loved her quilts, so it has evolved and become an addiction, fabric too!
                Sandy and Paula I hope you are feeling better soon! Trish, I hope that letter from Odie is in your mailbox today and how exciting about the new sewing area! NMLady, a great shopping day and stop at those quilt shops--at least 1 of them anyway! Brenda what a sale day for you!
                Blondie, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.....has your voice come back yet?
                I am off to the checkbook and my charm packs are on the table so will be playing with the layout for the table runners too!


                  Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

                  It's supposed to start here sunday night. Looks like school may be closed monday. whoo hoo a day off for me. It's funny how people panic here. The grocery stores will be out of everything at just the mention of snow.


                    Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

                    Wow y0u girls are busy. Georgia getting snow? That can not be normal!
                    Sandy hope you are feeling better. My DH is under the weather today. Feels that dreaded cold coming on and he is putting up a valant fight! So we willl be sticking around home which means I can sew. Yeah!!
                    Got my Christmas blocks in the mail yesterday. They are fantastic! So while I was at the fabricstore last night to get material for my sewing class on monday ( we are making pj bottoms) I also got some Christmas material 70% off for the border of the twin Christmas quilts I wil make with those blocks. Being Scottish I love a bargin!
                    Wieather here is not too bad. No new snow and the sun is trying to shine.
                    Have a great day ladies!
                    Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

                    Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


                      Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

                      We had about an inch of snow yesterday but are supposed to get hit tonight. The cold is another problem. Thank God for heavy coats!
                      Hope your throat is better Blondie.
                      Sandy I'm sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hope you get well soon. As for Your DH I'm glad he is so wonderful. Mine too is a teddy bear. He supports me in everything. And he cooks!! lol
                      Trish, my prayers are with Odie. We pray for him everyday. I'm sure he is doing well in his training. He is a smart, good looking kid. And if he's anything like his Mom he's a great person.
                      Well girls, I hope you don't get a lot of snow and that you all stay warm. Be careful if you have to go out. Happy Saturday! Love, Jan L
                      Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                        Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

                        Morning all!

                        Well our weather is supposed to turn tomorrow. There is snow in the forecast -maybe 3 to 5 inches- unfortunately it will rain before that so when the cold air hits there will be ice under the snow. I wish it would just snow, I don't have a problem driving in the little we get.

                        Patrice - people panic here too. You're lucky if there's any bread left if you don't get it right when you hear about the bad weather!

                        I hope to get something quilty done today. I've been taking pictures of my stash and making notes on what I have of each fabric. Hopefully I will look at that before I run off and buy more-when I had something that works just fine at home!

                        Have a great day everyone and stay warm! Oh and thanks for sharing you're cold weather and snow!


                          Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

                          We have just a dusting of snow but the temp was down to 10 degrees this morning! Plus my wind chimes on the porch are playing a tune with the strong breeze blowing today.

                          We had some cute visitors today. They are pretty much regulars around here. They love to graze on our berm and come right up on my sidewalk to check out my flower beds. I love seeing them though and take pics when I can.
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                          -its not the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away!



                            Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

                            Aren't those deer gorgeous! We have a mom and 2 babies that come in the back yard now and then. Never get close enough to get photos like that though.
                            Just got in from another hour of shoveling and it's still coming down lightly. At least I got some exercise in today cause I don't think moving from the sewing machine to the ironing board counts as exercise. haha!

                            Nope - no Odie letter today - they say it could take another week cause of the type of training he is in right now.

                            Well - off to sew gals! I hope to post some photos tonight!


                            What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


                              Re: Snowy Saturday Morning

                              Trish, I'm a mother of a soldier so I understand some of what you're going through right now. Sounds like your Odie will do just fine.

                              4" of new snow, no big deal. A friend of mine is in town for a few days so we picked her up and brought her for lunch and a visit at my house. She brought her daughter's Pomeranian, Sadie. My Pug Spike had his paws full, for sure! She pulled out all his toys, chased him, teased him, sniffed him, drank his water and hopped in his bed. It was a fun "playdate". Spike is 11, so that few hours wore him out for the day and I expect lots of napping tonight.

                              Laying out my new Wild Rose charm pack into groupings for Dresden Plates. I want to make a wall hanging of three, similar to the one shown at the end of the Dresden Plate tute. Wish me luck and all tips welcomed!

                              Setting aside my bowed hearts runner. I'm going to finish it before it's time to use it for Valentine's Day, but I want to play with my new Dresden tool right now :-).

                              I'm also truly blessed in my DH; sounds like a lot of us are lucky in that department. Here's to the good guys, they ARE out there!
                              There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"