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    Good morning everyone,
    I've been up awhile, changed the sheets and xmas quilt on the bed, washed and put away, as well as another load. DH is doing even less than before. Got to get him motivated to help. I placed a M* order, argg -- shipping cost ridiculous, but I couldn't get anywhere else. Hubby is off to physio. He will do even less the rest of the day. This aft, we bring Sox to vet for blood work to see how he is adapting to insulin and new food. I plan an easy casserole meal, already cooked.

    It must be time for cars to breakdown. My gf's car wouldn't start yesterday, so she had it boosted, nothing, towed and had to get new battery. It was just in a few days before, as she drove over a median. No damage from that. Luckily it didn't happen when she was coming home on the coldest day. Today is her birthday. Not the gift she was hoping to get for herself. Monique - I hope you get your car sooner than later. Since we rarely go anywhere these days, we will start up our cars and take them for a ride.

    Yesterday I spent the day with Dorothy and we cut 7 kits for Victoria Quilts. We had pulled out fabric for an 8th one, and we looked at each other, and called it quits. Our group members will pick them up to make during the month, and a few will pick up some that need the binding hand-sewn.
    Jean -- you asked -- another member & I from our group of 15-20 ladies, quilt on our LA. There are about 10 maybe more groups in the capital and a lot across the country. Each group finishes their own tops. We also have some ladies that tie the quilts when we meet. A few will quilt on DSM, but not often. We were almost caught up on our group's tops, when another group disbanded due to age of ladies. They gave us 40+ tops to quilt. So even if we quilt 10 each month, there are always more. This is the time of year, where I will quilt more on LA. Sadly, I don't get to play with much of my own stash, so I try to work it in each week.

    Take care everyone, and stay warm and stay safe.


    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.


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      That is a lot of quilts to work on Suzanne! I think I quilted about 30 of quilts from my Thread Head group and I felt overwhelmed. No time to experiment and do my own stuff.

    Good almost afternoon!
    We had an electrician here this morning. Hoping he found the problem. There's a light switch in the upstairs hall that was making a very loud popping sound. Sometimes the noise happened when a different light was turned on and sometimes it just made the noise when nothing was turned on. He removed the switch and saw that one of the wires was not totally connected to the switch. I suppose when the switch was replaced last Feb when bathroom was remodeled the guy who did it thought it was ok. Probably vibrations in the house made it come loose several months later. Well, if the popping sound doesn't come back we'll know that was the problem.
    DH is out getting a haircut and I will start sewing when done here. Nice quiet time!
    We had lasagna last night. I don't know what we'll have tonight. It depends on what is thawed from what DH took out of the freezer yesterday. Or maybe we'll just go out. One of the local restaurants gives out a free entree for birthdays. My birthday is Sunday so I have that meal coming. We won't go out on Sunday because of all the snow predicted and because there's a very important Steelers game that night. We have reservations for another restaurant on the 29th to celebrate my birthday. It's a "Chef's Table" dinner at the restaurant where DH's son is a cook, in our old neighborhood. I'm looking forward to that!
    Off to my sewing room!
    Have a happy day!
    ~ Carol from Southwest PA


      We usually go out to dinner with some quilty friends on Wednesdays but haven't the last two weeks, I am missing my tribe and not cooking. I did talk to one of them yesterday which was nice but just not the same as face to face. I did actually see and talk with a neighbor yesterday for quite a while, lovely to see other people.
      I also got in some sewing room time, I am done with sliver trimming gobs of 2 1/2" hst, glad that is done now on to another clue.
      I have a few things to fix and am missing my Viking, calling the shop to check on it is on my list for today and maybe a walk, yesterday was so nice, I started out in a coat and gloves over my sweats and ended up taking both off the temps went into the 60s I think. Snow might be here Sunday.😮
      I need to get a shower and get back in there.
      Claire from Pelham, Alabama