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Good Friday!! Jan 7

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    Good Friday!! Jan 7

    Good morning all

    Still have my hubs at home this morning; schools in our county on a 2 hour delay; snow flurries at our house so figure that's the hold up. I also have lost my voice. Couldn't speak above a whisper yesterday and today is the same. Two of my clients yesterday told me that they had this happen to them within the past few weeks. never have lost my voice before. Luscious had a quiet evening. lol.

    hope everyone has a great day. Missing Cathy already - hope she has a great time on her getaway.
    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

    Good morning Blondie and everyone else! It's good to see you on here - really missed your daily photos to start my day.
    We got about an inch so far. Need to get that cleared off the driveway or DH won't get up it to take Katie in. It's this silly curve at the curviest point that holds the cars back. I'll be walking. It's so pretty out there. We have a 2 hour delay too. Short day - for Friday, that's great!
    One of my projects for this year is to do a bunch of wholecloth blocks to sew into a larger quilt. I have 4 preprinted blocks - all different colors and designs. I have one done I did about 2 years ago. So, I pulled out the remaining 3 and found thread, batting, and the backing for each in my stash. I hope to get all 3 of them layered and pinned so they are ready to pick up and handquilt. I'm hoping The Stencil Company will be at the Lancaster Quilt show in March so I can choose the rest of the blocks I'd like to get and save on the shipping and handling charge. I forget how much they are, but the price is reasonable. I haven't figured out how many blocks I need yet, but since they are about 16 inches square, it shouldn't take too many more. I think the hardest part will be to figure out how to attach them all together - a quilt as you go technique. I know Jenny has a tutorial on that so I'll be checking that out.

    Well, have a great day everyone! Hope you get your voice back soon Blondie. That's been going around here too.


    What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


      Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

      Good morning everyone.

      Its good to see everyone on here. I'm soooo very glad its Friday. We have really enjoyed our daughter being home for break. It will probably be girls day tomorrow and then she will be off to school once again.

      The quilt shop that is in our area is going to have a day to sew pillow cases for charity. I'm thinking very strongly of going over and trying my hand at it. I think think this is in a couple of weeks. Won't that be fun?

      Hope everyone has a very blessed day!


        Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

        morning everyone... yep northern MN is getting snow too. kind a bummer.. i really hate to drive in it.... i am planning to go to a friends tonight when dd gets done with school..... it to is really pretty here... i live at an old ski hill. the hill no longer is operational... so i have this impressive view. and today it is very nice...

        i need to start making blocks for the swap. sure hope i have enough. i am feeling better. the cold that slammed me for new years is going away... yeah... now to get back on track... chore are a must today!!... laundry... ugh... vacuuming oh that darn tree....
        all the best


          Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

          Good Morning to all.
          How did we get to Friday so quickly. That messes up my schedule, don't you know. I really should do some grocery shopping before the crowds hit on Saturday but I don't want to leave my sewing haven. Hubby shared that he needs some clean clothes and I don't want to spend my day doing laundry either.

          Blondie, I had that same throat problem two days in a row about a week ago (sorry, I wasn't responsible for sending it eastward). It is really a pain. Just this morning I got up with a huge cold sore on my bottom lip. It has been ages since I had to deal with one of those. There are just too many bugs living here.

          Hopefully by the end of the day I can at least post pictures of a lap quilt I started yesterday morning. My DH has a favorite Aunt (she's 89), who lives in NYC. Would you believe she is as healthy as a horse, active, and still does investments and bookkeeping for friends . . . she just can't quilt working . . . anyway, her birthday is next week and I'm doing this lap quilt for her. I'm excited about it - learning to match points on triangles is not something I am excited about though.

          Have a productive day, keep your stitches straight (unless you are meandering), and stay healthy.
          Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
          it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

          "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


            Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

            Hi all!
            I am also glad it's Friday but brrrr it is brutal cold here this am!
            Blondie - sorry you have no voice, hope you don't have a sore throat too. Feel better soon!
            Trish - Whole cloth blocks done QAYG sound interesting. Would love to see it when you are done!
            NM - A girls day sounds like so much fun. I miss my daughter since she moved in August. The pillow cases event sounds like fun too and for such a good cause.
            Gina - Glad you are feeling better! I have lived around ski resorts in both Michigan and Massachusetts so I can imagine you view is wonderful. You should post a pic!
            Sandy - Can't wait to see your Lap Quilt! The heck with the laundry - get the quilt done first! LOL Loved your "straight stitches" comment!

            Well I better get back to work as I am leaving early today for a friend's daughter's wedding this afternoon. Plan on doing more sewing on the swap blocks this weekend. Have to get one done so I can post a pic!
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              Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

              Trish, when you figure out how to attach your blocks I hope you'll let us all know. The only QAYG tute I found was the kind where you sew your strips down onto your batting and backing - I too am looking for instruction on attaching completed blocks together.

              Hope those ailing feel better, and everyone finds fun time amongst the chores. Snow here in NJ too, maybe 4 inches so far, but I'm still out of work sick and Mike has the day off, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :-).
              There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


                Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

                Windy here, but no snow today. I think it will be here by the weekend and winter temps., too! Brrr!
                Quilting trish-----newbie question here, what do you mean by wholecloth blocks?
                Blondie----love your pics every morning! Hope your voice improves quickly!
                Sandy----LOVED your stitches comment, too! How clever!
                NMLady----I must do pillowcases and for charity sounds like a great way to learn. Sounds fun and productive!
                Gina----the worst part of being sick and getting better is all the catching up on chores! Good luck! I would say have fun, but few people would think chores are fun! You will feel great when all is done! Hang in there!
                A pot of green beans on the stove for lunch, now on to the day. Fridays are generally shorter for us, but disappear quicker! Enjoy the January day!
                Suzy Que


                  Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

                  Good Morning everybody! I hope everybody is feeling much better soon! You all are a very ambitious group! My vaccuum is very sick and my dh is supposed to work on it today (wouldn't mind if he procrastinates a little) - now if only the laundry would do itself! I plan on finishing a baby quilt and getting it in the mail today and finishing up a casserole carrier (yep - it will be a late Christmas gift). Have a great day everyone!


                    Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

                    Blondie I hope your throat clears up and it isn't sore. Bless you dear girl.
                    Trish, I also want to do a wholecloth quilt. I have 3 blocks to start out with. I'm almost done with the first one. yay!!! Have fun making you're quilt.
                    I have a quilt club meeting at 1p.m. I can't wait. I haven't seen the girls in a month! Gotta go I need a shower. lol Have a good day and I love you all. Hugs, Jan L
                    Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


                      Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

                      Hi girls, its sounds like it snowing in several spots. We have about an inch or so. We arent suppose to get much more. Thank goodness.
                      Blondie take care and drink lots of hot tea with lemon and honey. My mom use to make us gargle with warm salt water, YUCK. I still have flash backs, lol.
                      Well my husband went back to work today after being off for 2 months. Yahoo. Parts of me will miss being waited on hand n foot. But parts of me are doing the happy dance I can have quiet time now. Dont get me wrong, he has been a huge blessing and help. Its not easy for a hubby to have to see what he has seen and I am blessed for that.
                      Well anyway its FRIDAY! Yahoo!!!!! Have a fun time and Sandy enjoy doing the lap quilt and cant wait to see the pictures.
                      Jan enjoy your quilt club and hugs for ya.

                      Have a blessed day in HIS name!


                        Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

                        SNOW! We have had 10 inches in 2 days and more to come. Time to bring out the dog! Problem is my Beagle isn't very good at pulling...too busy sniffing EVERTHING! I am in sewing machine with drawal....hope mine is ready today. I am a bit afraid of what they are going to charge me. After I took it in my DH informed me that last time ( before we were married) he took theat same machine in and it cost almost as much as a new machine!. WELL they haven't dealt with me yet! [As I say with hand on hips and a mean look in my eye!] THen of course I read on one of the posts of the Brother SQ9000 that Michele recently got and it as all the extras that mine machine lacks and at a good price! Oh the dilemas we quilters

                        Well enough of my whinning. Have a great one all!
                        Old quilters never die, they just go batty!

                        Your Canadian quilting sister, Shauna


                          Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

                          Hello all!
                          I sure hope everyone who hasn't felt well is feeling better very soon.
                          NMLady, you will love doing the pillowcases. They certainly are one of my addictions, and youngest DD and her friends are addicted to using them as a result. Getting together as a group to make them would be so much fun!
                          I went back to work yesterday after almost 2 weeks of vacation, new scheduling and all has started, so it's a bit of an adjustment. I sure was hoping to get more sewing done while on vaca, but it was a great 2 weeks. DH is feeling a little better, so that's good. I work tonight, then my weekend off, so hoping to sew alot.
                          I have a HUGE shopping cart on MSQC and I really need to trim it down quite a bit, but I really really want ALL of it! LOL
                          Hope everybody has a great day!


                            Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

                            Hello everyone !
                            We in New England are so accustomed to snow that we take it with a grain of salt. .... clean up the snow with it too ! We've just cleared away last weeks delivery and we are preparing for another storm tonight. There are times when we are on a love/hate relationship with the weather man but there is nothing to compare to the beauty of shimmering, newly fallen snow. I'd like to kiss the guy who invented the snowblower smack on the lips .He has made our lives easier and has given us more time for winter sports. Sorry to hear of all the illnesses many of you have. I wish you all a speedy recovery so you can return to your sewing projects . Blondie, I look forward to your clip art. Makes me smile. I cut out some wool last night to have a hand embroidery project waiting for when I have sitting time. Love the feel of wool and the way the needle just slips through it. So relaxing. Gotta get some chores done so ..... be well everyone and know I am thinking of you.


                              Re: Good Friday!! Jan 7

                              Hi everyone

                              I am home from work, geesh what a long day. I brought my sis with me to answer the phones and greet the clients. I feel great, just tired from a day on the feetsies. No sore throat, just no voice.

                              the snow from this a.m. quickly went away but now it is spitting it out again and dreaded news of a big one for us the early part of next week. Carol Ann, I so admire all the hardy N.E. folk and other Nothern climes that are prepared for the weather. It is such a novelty for us that when we do get hit like we have in recent weeks, it is a big mess. I hope it doesn't accumulate much tonite because I have a full morning tomorrow. Between bad weather and Daddy's death and the holidays falling the way they did, it cost me a bundle of money. Not good!

                              Sandy, I got a chuckle about the straight seams. Good one!
                              Shauna, I feel your pain/joy about hubs. When school is out I have a shadow. He dotes on me as well and I want to give him a big honey do list. I never get as much done when he is around. Wonder why that is??? I'd tell him that he cramps my style but I wouldn't want to hurt his tender feelings. I love him the way he is, so there are times when I swallow my thoughts and enjoy his company along with a house that always to be cleaned. I've learned that my house is very patient.

                              Have a great evening, ladies. You have no idea how many times during my work day I wished I had a lap top to peek in here and see what's shaking.

                              Sewing mends the soul.

                              Do the math; count your blessings
                              Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

                     Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
                              ~ Madeleine L'Engle