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Good Morning Thursday

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    Good Morning Thursday

    Good Morning Everyone. I will start us off this morning.

    The first day of the a/c installation went well yesterday despite crazy weather. We have a very good crew…respectful and hard working. They got a lot done yesterday and if all goes well today there is a chance of them finishing the job. Fingers crossed. The Girls were anxious all day. The guys really appreciated the meal I fixed for them since they didn’t have to take the trailer off their truck to drive to town. Their boss has a rule that whenever they leave a work site for any reason they have to pack up all their tools. I guess they have had some problems in the past.

    It’s raining this morning and it is supposed to continue all day.

    Nothing got done in my sewing room yesterday. Every time I thought I could get in there I was needed to do something.

    I need to get moving…..

    I hope everyone has a blessed day. Hugs….🍁🎃🍁

    Scottie Mom Barb

    Good morning! Barb, I’m glad your installation is progressing well. I had a new system installed her last year, And it is nice not to have to worry about whether the equipment is going to work or not!

    I got one of my 5 dresses finished yesterday. The first one always takes the longest. This was one I had put together Monday, but I had to take it apart almost completely to add what we wanted to do to modify it. Took much longer than Ir should have. Hopefully the others will go quicker, since I need them done by next week.

    My Thread Head friend came over and worked on finishing quilts from our group stash. She had a appointment in the morning, so she came about noon. We worked until about 4. We’ll work together again on Friday.

    Dr appointment this morning. His office is not close, off the major interstate. I hate driving on the interstate especially during rush hour. And it is raining. Yuck.

    I bought some organic bananas last week, they came with their own set of fruit fly larva. Those little suckers multiply very quickly! I have been swatting like crazy to get rid of the little varmints! I bought some fruit fly traps and they have had very limited success. Hope I can get rid of them soon!

    Hope you all have a good day!


    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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      Put some apple cider vinegar in a glass, saran wrap on top, poke a few holes. They will all be drawn in and drowned in no time.

    • Jean Sewing Machine
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      Suzanne, that’s what the fruit fly traps seem to have as bait. Not many are drawn to it for some reason, and I have three set around my kitchen.

    Thanks Barb for starting us this morning. Where has the week gone? Hubby decided to stay an extra day at the camp, I guess. Well he didn't come home yesterday. I made cauliflower soup and invited my sister-in-law in for lunch. We had a nice visit. I did a small load of laundry as well. Last evening was a 'training' session for our upcoming municipal elections. No sewing got done.

    Today I hope to get the border on the big quilt quilted or at least in place so I can finish that. I will have to use the kitchen table for that.

    Other than that, not much happening. Have a great day everyone. Be kind, safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Barb ~ Thanks for getting us started this morning. Glad your A/C project is going okay. I'm sure they appreciated your meal. Tools getting stolen from job sites is a big problem with many different workers.

      Mid-30's this a.m. I expect to see frost when it gets light enough to see. But we might see 70 deg. this weekend.

      Yest. a.m. was Bible study, after which I stopped by the groc. store for DH's salmon (3 large fillets) and grd. turkey for me. Yest. p.m. I cut up the salmon into single serving sizes & froze it up. This a.m. I'll be mixing up my turkey patties. Yest. eve. was Survivor. I miss The Amazing Race; I'm not watching Tough as Nails this season.

      Our mail didn't get delivered until 7 p.m. yest. By then it was dark. When I went out, there were 2 trucks behind each other. One was a familiar carrier for our route. I expressed my sympathy on the shooting of her co-worker. The 2nd truck, a male carrier, had our mail. I also expressed my sympathy to him. He was wearing a head lamp in order to read the mail. These carriers work hard in all kinds of weather.

      I have a busy day ahead.


      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        Oh my -- that is so sad for the postal worker. I can't imagine anyone doing that.

      Good Morning All,

      I was lazy yesterday, after I came home from Bible Study. I forgot to turn my phone back on and missed a call from John with an invitation to go sunset watching again. Once it gets cooler, I think I'll ask if he'd like to go to the arboretum that's close to my house. He loves taking pictures of flowers and such. There's probably not much blooming, but it's somewhere I've wanted to go and check out.

      Anyway, I think the smoked turkey I had for lunch gave me a good case of the sleepies. I couldn't get motivated to do anything. Today has to be different. I need to do laundry, and call the credit union and try to fix the mess with my storage unit. Tomorrow the wind mitigation guy is coming for the inspection, then I can have discounts on my home owners insurance and that will be one less thing on my plate.

      Mike took care of a couple of things on the list of things to do on Saturday. Less to do on his next day off!

      Not sure what today will bring. I'm looking for a jelly roll pattern to make a couple of baby quilts. I bought a cute jelly roll when I was on vacation with the girls. I've already got one baby on the way for it, best get busy and get it done.

      Have a great day!
      From NC, retired in FL
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Your a good person Barb! I know the workers loved getting a home cooked meal. Your very considerate, and know they appreciate you! Did Jeff get his test??
        Kate (Oklahoma)
        There are moments which mark your life, moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same. And time is divided into two parts, Before this and After this


        • Bubby
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          Kate, Jeff won’t have the test unless he has another issue. Good old Midwestern stubbornness!

        Good morning,

        I woke early and couldn't get back to sleep but I promise not to be grumpy. This morning is dedicated to signing documents for the bank and then to the office for a bit. Yay, it's Thursday which starts my weekend. Looking forward to it! Hope to finish wrapping and packaging the Secret Santa gifts so they can be mailed out next week.

        Next week will be busy again. We are getting estimates to change to a metal roof. Our current roof is coming up on the 10 year mark and insurance companies get picky at that point. DH is handling contacts and estimates. We want to be proactive so we can age in place right here on our little corner of life.

        Have a great day!

        A bucket of sunshine from the East Coast FL!
        Like sands through the hour glass-sew are the days of our lives!


        • Bubby
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          Have a great day, Rhonda! 🎃

        • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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          We had a metal roof put on about 5 years ago. We are also fixing up the house, so that we can remain here with the least of maintenance. This is why I want to renovate our bathroom. We have a jacuzzi bathtub / shower combination. It is very high to climb into, and frankly a hazard. I want to have a large no-edge/lip shower, no trip hazard with a seat. We both agree we never want to go to long-term care place. We can bring in people to help us if need be.

        Good Morning everyone. Sounds like "fickle weather" is the norm lately. Today 70 and tomorrow 90 for me. Started weed wacking yesterday and only lasted about 5 minutes, silly me didn't check the battery.. yep it run dry! So just used the mower to cut the taller parts and called it a day. Figure I would save car washing until tomorrow, get myself somewhat wet while washing the car, should help keep me cooler.

        Started picking out the seam area to do that mend for SIL's pants. Black thread on black pants, definitley the picking took longer than I thought it would. Today a couple minutes of sew time and the job will be done.

        No real plans today or appts on the calendar this week... kinda gives you that feeling like something is missing!

        Hope all have a happy and safe day today.


          Good morning. Can't believe it is Thursday. The week flew by. It has been busy week. I think today will be a take it easy day. We will be heading up to John and Rob"s for the weekend.

          I got the burp cloth order completed and will now move on to the last Secret Santa gift. If I can just figure out what that will be. There is always just one that is a challenge for me.

          I also have an Elsa and Anna panel that I am going to turn into a quilt for Tessa. I need to pick some fabric for the borders for that. I also have a flannel blanket and some burp cloths for a gift to get to..

          We will see what I will tackle today. Hubby and I took a walk to the library on Tuesday so I may just spend a couple hours reading this afternoon. They have been working on the new library for quite some time. The pandemic slowed that down considerably. They had the soft opening right before we were leaving for Hawaii so I didn't go then but I was anxious to get there and see our new, updated building. It was nice to be just wandering about through rows and rows of books. I am happy that I have my Kindle but there is just something special about holding a book and settling in for some reading time.

          Time to get this slow moving day moving a bit more. Have a good day everyone.
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          Ginny B
          Levittown, NY


            Good morning everyone,
            I think it will be overcast today -- chance of sun, chance of rain. I guess they want to be 50% right. Yesterday, rained all day, so I quilted another VQC top on LA, and I finished piecing the back of my native quilt. I am pleased. Now to decide how to quilt it. I won't load, until I have a plan for it. I also straightened up the sewing room. Sorted the batting scraps and flannels pieces from the last 10 VQC tops I did. I folded them to give to our group coordinator. I keep the larger pieces of flannel and batting to piece together -- from 3-4 tops I usually have enough batting for one top. I keep the flannel in case I need to add it to a quilt that is larger than standard sizes. We ran errands in morning and stopped for lunch. You need to show proof of double vaccination to eat inside. I had printed a shrunk version but it only showed 1 dose. Luckily they have a huge tent, and we ate outside. I pulled the correct one to keep in my purse.

            Today, I signed up to get the flu shot at my pharmacy. Then DH wants to go wrap the boat hulls with new tarp -- told the buyer he would do that. He comes tonight to get all the stuff from the garage. I can't wait to see it gone. My daughter sent me the name of company doing the closets in new home, and they also do garages -- floors, cupboards, organization. I will keep them in mind to get a quote this winter. I have to work on hubby to get him to agree to the bedroom renovation in addition to our bathroom.

            Tomorrow my gf is picking me up -- we will pick up more rolls of batting and backing for VQC quilts. Then we will go to her sister's church hall to cut them. It's perfect with table set up. I have 4 finished tops to give her. Then we have dinner invitation with our group of friends -- lucky 7. Saturday is guild Sew Day -- I will have to think of what I plan to work on.

            Time for another coffee and get the day going. Enjoy!
            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.


              been trying to find this thread most of the day wadding thru spam but finally found it on page 5 of new topics. So here I am
              The sewing machine is being shipped today from Husqvarna. They have done a lot of work (she said she would get me the list) and had gone thru it with a fine tooth comb and sewed on it for 1 1/2 hours. I said , "oh good, that will cut down on the time I will have to sew to get it to break again" She laughed and said that if it happens again she is going to be stomping mad at them. I don't know what to wish for....a working machine or a break down...hummm
              We went fishing yesterday and caught a whole mess of croaker. We were not hungry enough for dinner last night so we saved them for today. We went fishing today and only caught on scrawny looking croaker we thru back. Funny how somedays they bite and somedays not. However, DH was grumbling this morning that he really didn't have time to go fishing he had too much to do and so I knew he wasn't in the mood. I think theres something to being optimistic about life but I'm not saying so.
              I have put together the scrappy quilt top and there were so many more blocks left that I made a few more and I will have enough to make the back from them so it will be reversible. Can't believe all those scraps. There are still a bunch. Anyway, I will get this sandwiched in the next few days and take it back to the mountains when I pick up the machine and try to get it quilted and finished. Something to do...right?
              I hate that the good weather is coming to an end. I really dislike winter. I need to find reasons to enjoy it. Right now I am focused on thinking what I will need to spend the winter in the mountains. I can only take so much in my truck bed. Fuji will be taking up the front and back seats. Ha.
              Life here on the coast is good and I will miss all my new friends and ease of shopping. Then in the spring, DH and I will have to have a real discussion on whether to keep the house here. We will have been here two years which means we could sell it without capital gains assuming those rules don't change.
              Sorry I was so late to the party today. I love you all.
              success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiam
              Terry of NC


                Good Afternoon,

                I am late posting today . I slept in and just have been lazy. I washed a scrappy quilt that I finished last week. I washed the quilt as I usually do cold water , tumble dry low, its more so than normal wrinkled . I am glad I didn't give it to someone. I am going to use it for when Sandy gets to cuddle on the couch. I know quilts wrinkle but, I can not figure out why it is this bad wrinkled unless it is the fact I am down to the poor quality fabric scraps and they just are that , poor quality.

                I ordered the fabric for The Hungry Caterpillar Superstar quilt. Ben is obsessed with Eric Carle books , so Caroline says. The quilt seems to be really simple piecing but the unorganized placement of the prints and colors is not my usual organized placement. Hope that makes sense. I really had not planned on starting anymore projects before the holidays.

                Yesterday, I took the featherweight to a repair shop in Homewood for cleaning ect. The lady thought it was in really good shape and said I would probably get years of sewing out of her. Its going to be 4 weeks before its done. She said for the past year they have been super busy. I want to find a case for her. I have been looking on line and pricing them.

                Amanda found me the cutest little sewing machine that is metal and a pencil sharpener. (looks like a featherweight). 9 year old John Avery wants it so bad he can't stand it. He said Grand mommy doesn't sharpen pencils she doesn't need this mom. I may have to hide it.

                Enjoy the rest of your day!
                Pelham, Alabama
                War Eagle!!!


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                  Aw, a metal sewing machine pencil sharpener. I have an elephant pencil sharpener. Not the same thing!

                • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                  I have one of those sewing machine pencil sharpeners. Can't remember where I got it, but it's on my sewing knick knack shelf.

                Haven't done much today. Did get to go walk. It was a nice 29 degree morning with no wind. Very nice walk. I have done 1 more doily using Kingstar metallic thread and only had 2 thread breaks.



                • JCY
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                  Those 20's temps. are due here tonight. Not really looking forward to cold, cold weather. But I'm thankful all our winterizing got done in a timely fashion. I bet some folks are scrambling this week to get their sprinkler systems blown out.

                Well, here I sit in S.W. Florida where the temp was in the 90's today. While I don't think I'd like temps in the 20's ( from Ill), I surely would like some cooler weather,as the heat has been horrendous this year.