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    Hello Tuesday

    Good morning friends. Well my canning is done for the year (I think). I made 9 jars of apple jelly and 6 large jars of plums in a light syrup yesterday, 48 jars salsa and 11 of just tomatoes last week. I think I am good for the year, lol! And then I helped hubby cut Doug's grass, I do the walking lawnmower part.

    I am working today at the post office closest to me. It was an emergency call. This morning I will be putting meat and veggies in the slow cooker so that we will have a nice hot supper when I get home.

    SO no sewing today.

    Have a great day everyone. Remember to be kind, safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning….Monique, congratulations on getting your canning done. I love that feeling. When the new crop of apples come in I need to make some applesauce for the freezer. This is one of my favorite things to do and we enjoy eating it so much. I also need to make zucchini bread but I’ve been dragging my feet.

    I see that another hurricane is heading toward us. It seems like this year it’s one right after the other. We may get some rain from Nicholas.

    Our weather is supposed to cool off for a couple of days but get really hot again for the weekend.

    I have a lot to get done in the house today so I need to get moving. Have a great day everyone. 🌸

    Scottie Mom Barb


    • Mary Lynn
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      I too make applesauce & freeze it. My favourite apple variety is Courtland. I usually get a full bushel of apples.

    • Bubby
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      Mary Lynn, I have been using Fuji apples the last few years. We don"t have many varieties to choose from here. I buy a bushel, too. It makes a LOT of applesauce!

    Good morning! It looks like you have had a busy summer, Monique! It will be nice opening those jars this winter. I used to can vegetables and make jams and jelly when my kids were growing up, but I don’t do that anymore. I had a little garden this year for the first time in several years. I picked it as it came in and shared what I couldn’t use with the family. My kids and grandkids all like fresh garden produce.

    Today I will pick up my GGS and keep him. We will spend a good day mostly outside. It’s supposed to rain the next few days so we will have to play inside. We will enjoy the day.

    I visited my doctor for my yearly physical yesterday. All my bloodwork showed that I am in very good health but my sugar level. It wasn’t too bad but something I need to work on. I know the cause. I have slipped back into drinking soft drinks again, been eating ice cream, and sweet creamer in my coffee. I will cut out the ice cream and soft drinks and cut back on the coffee creamer. All in all it was a good report for the year. I’m pleased.


    • Bubby
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      A good report is a relief. Soda is really loaded with sugar. Ice cream is my favorite treat but I really have to watch how much and how often I indulge.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's supposed to be cooler today & tomorrow. I just checked the extended forecast. I saw a night time low of 40 deg. one morning next week. I have appts. made to winterize the swamp cooler & have our furnace cleaned & checked. It's time to think about spreading winterizer fertilizer on the lawn. So much to do to get ready for colder weather.

    I haven't done any quilting for a couple days. I'm letting my wrist recover.

    My gr. dau. from TX called yest.; we had a good hour's long chat. Ollie (4) is over COVID & back to his usual energy level. Still has a slight occas. lingering cough. He also was (+) for RSV. She's having a busy week; she doing the decorations for a friend's wedding, which is Fri. this week. Her husb. is best man. He needed a new suit, which they found at Men's Warehouse.

    Today I have my annual wellness check. Labs will be done & A1C checked. They do that now with a finger stick on a hand-held tester. I've noticed my early morning, fasting blood sugars are down from ~140 to 125. I think the Flexcycle is helping with that. DH feels like it is strengthening his legs; he notices a difference going up/down the stairs. He did 30 min. on it yest. in 2 sessions. So far I haven't done >10 min.

    After my dr.'s appt., I need to get groc.


      Good morning everyone. We are in for a few hot days again. With humidity it will feel above 30 C. I am glad of the warmth.

      Today we are going to order stones to place at two entrances of new house. The front door step at present is 10” high which is too much for old knees. The outside basement step is just made out of wood & is too narrow. Our son has volunteered to help set these stones before we move in. We also decided we will order garden wall stone, to edge the planting beds. We will have it delivered at the same time to cut delivery costs & work at it when we are settled. I hope it is a good long fall so we have time to do it before winter weather.

      Enjoy your day & stay safe.
      Mary Lynn Ontario Canada


        Good morning! Today my dear friends from WAY BACK are getting together for lunch! We ain’t getting any younger, so need to keep in touch as often as possible! Last time was a mask delivery inMay 2020. Patti and I have known each other since 3rd grade, and Al and my husband were work friends in their college years at a summer job. We all met at a church youth group. It will be good to catch up with them about grandkids and life in general.

        I got more done on my Convex Illusion quilt. It needs one more border to finish it as the original pattern suggests. I will decide then if it is going to be a throw or get enlarged to be a bed quilt. It is turning out rather pretty.

        Met my cast for my third show last night, Most of the cast is guys, pants, shirts, suspenders, dress shoes. One policeman, he’s a big guy! Then the two ladies. All 20s style clothing. One costume per character. I can do that!

        Monique, your canning work will pay off in winter. It is something I did as a stay at home mom, but not anymore. But it was sure nice to have those delicious foods all winter long!

        Tomorrow and Thursday I am heading out early for a HandiQuilter hands on workshop. I am contemplating stepping up to a long arm with a robot, HandiQuilter would probably be my choice. I want to learn more about ProStitcher and how it works.

        Hope you all have a great day.


          Good morning Tuesday!

          It's a rainy morning here. I took my machine into the LQS for the cleaning yesterday. It should be ready today or tomorrow. I like a quick turn around. The monthly meeting went well. It's so nice to see sewing friends each month. The sale was tempting but only 4 yards came home with me plus a package of 70/30 batting. It was recommended to use in embroidery machine projects. I can't wait to try it!

          I was busy in the kitchen last night until almost 8 pm. First, I made our favorite chicken dish for dinner. Then made stuffed peppers and a meatloaf so we have some meals for the week.

          Hope your day is a great one!

          A bucket of sunshine from the East Coast FL!
          Like sands through the hour glass-sew are the days of our lives!


            Good morning everyone,
            Its another beautiful sunny & cool day -- my kind of weather. Yesterday I dropped by mom's place, but she was fast asleep in bed, so I arranged her closet - took out some fall sweaters/pants and put away summer ones. I let the nurse know (and to write it down) that mom has a hair appt this morning, and to make sure that she is not in bed. We shall see. Then I ran a few errands, looking for small mouth jar lids and screw tops. None to be had at the stores I went to. I might be out of luck. I have some wide-mouth jars/lids but really wanted to use the other jars. Oh well. Monique -- you & I will be set for salsa, pickles and jams. I want to make some pickled beets, but I am set for those. Maybe later this week. Then I squared the photo quilt, made the binding and attached it. It's ready to be picked up. DH has commented and asked if I was quilting for others -- generally no, but this one was a favour I said I would do. Turned out to be much larger quilt than originally said. I worked on the native quilt, I'm in the last phases of designing -- changes as I go-- maybe not at the end yet. I was hoping to have it done by "Reconciliation Day" - Sept 30 has been designated here for all the indigenous missing women & residential school children found in unmarked graves.

            Today -- nothing on agenda, except for guild zoom meeting tonight. I can't forget. I got an email from another LQS about an hour away that is closing end of month. She has been in business only 5 years, having bought the shop from previous owner. She is selling all her fabrics $8/metre. That is really good as usual prices here range from $18-25 / metre for quality fabrics. My gf and I are going on a road trip tomorrow. I might do some cleaning and sewing today.

            Enjoy your day. Stay safe and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature is sending your way.
            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.


            • Monique
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              Suzanne, try Dollarama. They have them there or Giant Tiger. Nosey, what other store is closing now?

            • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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              Quilt Bees in VanKleek Hill. Headed there this morning.
              Sew for It also has bankers' boxes $50 filled with strips from 3" to 9", also remaining fabric is 65% off. Both are closing at the end of the month.

            • Monique
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              Maybe just as well that I won't be going, lol!!

            Good morning. Just a quick pop in to say hi and see how everyone is doing.

            I saw that Hurricane Nicholas hit Texas. I haven't seen damage reports yet. Prayers for all in its path..

            The weather here has been pretty good.. Sunday seemed to be the hottest so far.. Yesterday we went to Ana's dad's house to take the kids swimming in his pool. It was a nice time. There has been a lot of craft time with Zeke. He loves crafting. Lots of snuggles with Geo. He is such a happy little guy. And Aviendha has been fun to play with. She is a chatterbox, as Zeke is too and with the happy sounds Geo makes as he is testing out his voice, the house is quite the blend of sounds.

            Charlie is on his way here this morning. His flight will be arriving in a couple of hours. I am sure Zeke will give him the tour of his new house (they moved into a larger unit since we were here in April) and his new bigger room. There is also cookie baking on the agenda today. We head to Hawaii on Thursday morning.

            That's it from sunny California today. I hope all of you are having a good week. Be safe. Stay well.

            Ginny B
            Levittown, NY