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    It's Wednesday

    3 more sleeps and 3 working days left. Can you tell I am getting excited? I am thankful that we are able to travel to the east coast. I was looking at the fire map for BC. Where we would be going, there are wild fires all around and evacuations. My heart goes out to all affected by wild fires. It's a scary time for sure.

    I will drop hubby off at this buddy's this morning. They are having a mini golf vacation, they will be back tomorrow.

    As for me, work work work. Well not so much work but I am making progress on the hand quilting.

    Tomorrow my boss and I have a lunch date. The curtains worked beautifully in her room.

    That's it for me today. Wishing you all a great day. Be kind, be safe and stay healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Monique. I must have missed a day or two. You have changed vacation plans? Where are you going now?
    Yesterday we fished a little...I think I told you all that. Today looks to be another hot one. THe rains have stopped for a few days. I kind of like the overcast misty days. They are pleasant to be out in.
    The grass must have grown overnight. I think It can wait until tomorrow to be tended to but the flower bed does need attention. Crab grass seems to run rampant into them.
    I'm going to take down the hummingbird feeders. They are attracting ants and bees and I have plenty of red flowers to keep them around.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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      Terry ~ They got passes so they can go to Prince Edward Island.

    • Monique
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      Thanks Joy. Yes we are headed East instead, it is a much shorter traveling distance than going West, one day as opposed to 5.

    Good Morning..It’s going to be a scorcher today. The starters in both of our mowers broke yesterday but after making a trip to Houston for parts Jeff got one of them working like new. I suspect he will mow all day.

    Last night was the last time to put medicine on my face. Now the healing can begin. I have to be very careful about staying out of the sun.

    I spent some happy time in the sewing room yesterday. I cleaned my machine the best I could. As soon as I can wear my glasses I will sew like crazy for a while. Still no word from my quilter. If I don’t hear from her I will call her Friday. She has a lot of family things going on right now.

    Jeff’s brother came through his hip surgery okay. He may get to go home tomorrow. Thank you to all who prayed for him.

    I guess I should drink my tea and start the day.

    Have a super day everyone. 🌺🐝

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      Great news about Jeff's brother. Hope you heal well, Barb!

    • ktdid
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      I am so happy for you Barb, it does make the skin so tender and raw, do you ever wear a sun hat? it took me a couple weeks to finally have it healed and done with! My thoughts are with you! Lots of hugs!!

    Good morning
    A cold front went through last evening & dropped the temperature to 10c this morning. The last few days have been so hot & humid! We had smoke haze in the air from the western & northern Ontario fires. The storms have cleared that for now. We just got a short period of storms but some areas were much harder hit.

    Didn’t accomplish a lot yesterday. I got the washing caught up. Looked at the UFO that I was going to take apart & decided it wasn’t as ugly as I thought so I have decided to quilt it out. All I got done was pressing the sheet that I am going to use for the back. Maybe today I will get it loaded.

    Have a great day & stay safe.


      Good morning! We are getting excited for you Monique, anticipating your vacation! After the months of lockdown, your trip is a wonderful reward! I hear Canada is going to relax their border closings to the US with many caveats.

      I presented my ladies at the Thread Head group with the 15 quilts I quilted up for them. We ended up completing exactly 1 quilt being bound, one that I finished. Each lady worked on their own quilt to bind. I was afraid my least experienced ladies’ quilts would be a disaster. They actually did quite well, one was nearly finished with hers and it looked great. I told them they needed to keep at least one of their quilts, since for many of them, these were their first quilts. They were appreciative of that!

      After my 2 hours at the car dealership getting my tires, and the Thread Heads meeting, I came home beat! Took a little nap and saw that I had messages on my answering machine. Whoohoo! My quilts that I had professionally longarmed are ready for pickup! It’s a trek to pick them up, but I have time today, so I will go over to Illinois to pick them up. Can’t wait to see them finished!

      I hope you all have a wonderful day!


      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        Yes, the borders will open for fully vaccinated individuals, 14 days after 2nd dose. I think Aug 21st? I thought it was earlier but it was pushed back. Don't know if people will have to do a rapid test. Things changing quickly.

      Morning all,

      Looks to be another hot day here. Yesterday I spent part of the day preparing and blanching green beans for the freezer. My husband picked quite a bit of them from the garden and still have more to be picked. We will have enough again this year to last us all winter.

      Yesterday I sent a quilt off to my longarmer and quite excited to see what she does with this one. I also ordered the backing fabric from M* for the next one I 'll be sending her. They are both Christmas gifts so it will nice to have them finished early. I am waiting for some fabric and then going to start some Halloween placemats. I' ve been in the mood to sew a few things for Halloween.

      Monique, enjoy your well deserved vacation!
      Barb, glad your treatment is coming to an end.
      Terry, trying to stay ahead of the weeds in the garden is a challenge I 'm not winning!

      Time for coffee, so I' ll wish everyone a good day!
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      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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        Morning friends!

        It was pretty warm here yesterday, but the humidity wasn't nearly as high as it had been. I think the medicine is having an effect on Patsy. She seems sluggish and slow. The vet said the pain medication could do that, but I will keep an eye on her just to make sure it doesn't get too bad.

        I actually did some work in the sewing room yesterday! I put the inner border on the disappearing nine patch I had been working on and got one of the exterior borders on. I noticed that the seam was bigger than 1/4 inch, so I said something to Cheryl, since she had used my machine last. Turns out she had taken the 1/4 inch foot off and didn't put it back on.

        She started to take the Morningstar quilt apart. It's going to take her a while to finish because she admitted that she rushed through putting it together so it would be done. She doesn't want to have to do it again.

        In spite of working in the sewing room yesterday, overall it wasn't very productive. I fell back asleep after Cheryl left for work and didn't get up until about 10:30. Then later in the afternoon Patsy wanted to sit on my lap, and I must have been more tired than I thought because I took another nap. Needless to say I didn't fall asleep right away last night.

        I think tonight will be Smoked Cheddar Soup again. I had wanted to grill out last night, but when it came time to do so I had lost my grilling mojo. Maybe I can do it Friday, weather permitting.

        I also need to call the pain management clinic and set up an appointment. I hope it works, because the Prednisone is over and I have a feeling my doctor won't refill them any more. Really irks me that something that works well is not something I can take as long as needed. I understand why she is doing that, but I get the feeling that sometimes doctors don't take complaints of pain as seriously as they should.

        Not much else to report today. Hope everyone has a great day!


        So rather than practice makes perfect, I encourage you to think practice makes better.
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        • srgreene
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          Sorry youre still in pain. Ever consider acupuncture? My whole family has used it for various pain relief (headache, shoulder injury, plantar facsiatis). I dont function well with pain killers and Hubs has reactions to the drugs so for us its been great.

        • Hillbillyhike
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          Sorry to hear you are still in pain, Rob. Hope you find some permanent relief soon. Chronic pain is so wearing on a person and you are still young.

        • Maria Sews
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          So sorry to hear about your back pain. Has your doctor suggested cortisone injections? They may or may not be appropriate for your particular issue.
          I had a very severe back problem in September of 2001, in my case it turned out to be a herniated disc. I was on pain killers for months. After two injections, I was finally able to be virtually pain free. I was scheduled for a third but did not need to have it. Unless I do something stupid to irritate my back, I still have little to no pain now. Again, it all depends on what is causing your pain for this to be considered the right treatment.

        Good morning!

        It is going to be a pleasant day today -- with a high around 73. Once the showers clear out this morning it should be a nice day.

        I'm working remote today after working on site for two days. We we will be on site four days a week starting in August, with one day remote. I was out last week and missed the announcement about which day was our remote day. Turns out, we get to pick the day. Technically, we pick two days, and our supervisor sets the schedule and decides which one is our remote day. I was hoping for Mondays or Fridays, just to limit hauling my work laptop back and forth.

        Our employer will be having a six month trial period with flexible work schedules, starting in September. I had a very nice chat with my boss about it yesterday. My job is perfectly suited to remote work. I will have to put in a request for the remote work option. She gave me lots of tips to help make my case. I took notes and tucked them away in a safe place. I love the remote work and hope I can continue it for at least a couple days a week.

        I ordered a pair of shoes for work and they arrived the other day. I took the packing out of the shoes, tried them on, and thought they were horrible! They were too tight and so stiff they hurt to walk in. I was very disappointed, I have bought several pairs of shoes by this brand and they always fit perfectly. Then I double-checked the shoes and discovered I had missed the cardboard inserts! LOL! Once I took those out, the shoes were perfect!

        Time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


        • nativetexan
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          He, he, he. You got me with that one. yep cardboard isn't comfortable!! Oh so funny!

        • Hillbillyhike
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          Too funny!

        • KarenC
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          Funny story there.

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It was 101 deg. yest., so it was a warm night. I was able to sleep okay with the fans moving the air. More hazy skies. The paper this a.m. says we can expect this haze all summer until wildfire season is over. I went out yest. eve. to do the hand watering. I wait until the temp. cools off a bit, but it still was in the upper 80's. I don't like to go out too late because the mosquitoes are worse. West Nile Virus still is a concern. Many years ago, when I still was working, I did get bit by a mosquito & got WNV. I had the fever, rash, & extreme fatigue. Others were much sicker, even in ICU & had perm. side effects.

        Yest. a.m. I mixed up my turkey patties & did 1 load of laundry. I called the dentist's office to schedule more appts. for DH for the remainder of the work he needs done. He'll have appts. clear until the end of Oct. At least ins. will cover part of the cost of the fillings.

        Update on Christopher: He has multiple surgeries scheduled in the coming days. Pray for adequate pain relief, successful surgeries, wisdom for his on-going care. Also, today is my friend's brain surgery. Her last surgery lasted 7 hrs.! She's been through so much.

        Monique ~ I know you're getting excited about your vacation to PEI. I hope you have a wonderful time.

        Carol ~ The weeds keep winning here, too. Between the hot weather & my poor knees, I can't keep up either. The daisies I transplanted a while back are starting to perk up. They were wilty looking for a while.

        The orchid I received for my birthday still is beautiful. The first bloom petals are starting to drop. The other 5 buds have opened. I watered it just a little bit this morning for the first time since I got it 2 wks. ago. We've really been enjoying it.


        • Cathy F
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          Joy, I have a few orchid plants they bloom twice a year and the stalk of orchids lasts for about 2 months. I've had them about three years now. Somehow I thought they would be high maintence but they actually require very little care.

        Good morning,
        I will catch up on threads later. I'm off to my daughter to chop vegetables and then for a haircut and color. Woohoo.

        I posted about my vintage wedding ring quilt find at thrift store in a separate post. Training at mom's residence went well. I will receive my access badge Friday. There was severe storm warning, and it started while I was there. Visited mom for a bit, and then braved a run to the car. I was a drowned rat when I got home. Changed in comfy pj's and had a glass of wine to warm up. We certainly got lots of rain, thunder and I hear some power outages. I think today will be sunny and overcast at times.

        Catch up later.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Good morning. It's hazy again here today with the smoke from the western fires having reached us here in the east coast. Last night the moon had a reddish orange hue to it because of the smoke. They are predicting storms to roll through later today which should clear it out.

          Of course the rain would be coming through during the time hubby will be driving back from Staten Island from a lunch with his old neighborhood buddies. They used to get together every 3-4 months for lunch but because of covid, it has been about a year and a half. And weirdly enough, tonight is my first happy hour get together with some former co workers too. We are both looking forward to our outings.

          Hubby will leave here about 10:30 to pick up one of his friends and they will ride together to the lunch. So I will have pretty much the whole day to myself until I need to get ready to head out around 5:15. Depending on what kind of traffic dh hits on the way home, we may see each other for a short time this afternoon. I only have to drive about a mile so. I hope neither of us encounter too much rain in our travels.

          Have a good day everyone. It's time for me to decide what I want to do today.
          Ginny B


            Good morning,

            It will be a hot day here with temps in the 90's today. We will stay inside most of the day to keep cool. Today is one of my pick-up days for Little Man. Then we'll visit a friend to share some books for her DGSon. The local library has a section of .25 books for sale. Fun to find something new to read to the little ones. I'll plan something for dinner with DD and Little man this evening.

            I unpacked the smaller lantern yesterday. There is one pane with a piece of cracked glass. It will have to be returned for an exchange. A downfall of on-line orders is the possibility of returns. That is on the list for today also.

            Hope your day is great!


              Good morning everyone!

              I had a good visit with Dad yesterday. We looked at family photos in his room. We would get to his brother's and his niece and I would say that's his brother's daughter. He then would ask..."Do I have a daughter?" I would say..."Yes, right here!" and point to myself. " I adopted you". He would get so excited and hug me and tell me how wonderful I was and how happy he was. It was very sweet. He would forget and we went through this several times, lol. Every time we got to his niece's picture. It was a fun visit.

              I managed to pull some weeds yesterday. I'll do some more today. Hubby and I will visit Mama this afternoon. We harvested some carrots, purple beans and snap peas yesterday and made a thai yellow curry with rice for supper. Yum! Leftovers tonight. It's lovely and warm here...not too hot. Not smoky yet either. Perfect summer weather this week! It's terrible in the interior of the province. We have several family members and friends we are keeping tabs on. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, dear friends!

              I have some appointments this next few weeks. I'm trying to get things done before going back to work. My summer is almost half over already. Time flies.

              Have a wonderful day everyone! Stay happy, healthy and safe!
              Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


                Good Morning all,

                Our days have been very hot and humid. Yesterday was particularly uncomfortable with temps near 90 and dewpoint into the mid 70’s, very sticky. Today is supposed to be the same plus we have air quality alerts because if the wildfires. It has been hazy but now they are not recommending elderly and children to be outside. I’m certainly fine with that with the way it is outside.

                I think we are finally seeing results with the potty training. Beau sits by the door almost every time he needs to go. Bella usually barks but doesn’t always let us know. We have some days without potty on the patio so that is progress.

                Dave and I went to Hime Depot yesterday and bought some MDF boards, 2x4’s and insulation. We have decided to fix the floor on the patio. It is going to be a big job. My grandfather made it as a garage so the floor is not level. We will level it as best we can and then we will be installing luxury vinyl that looks similar to the bamboo flooring we have in the living room. We have bought enough of the LVP to replace the laminate in the kitchen and dining room as well but that project will wait until we finish the patio. It will be done in stages. Flooring and walls first. The patio enclosed the area between the house and workshop so you can see the outside walls of both. Then next year we will work on the ceiling and new cabinets for storage. With the insulation in the floor and the ceiling once it is done should help with the heating and cooling.

                That’s about all for me today. Prayers for those in need. I hope everyone has an awesome day.


                  Good Morning All,

                  Late start here, Melinda and Russell are on their way back to Charlotte. I miss her already. She left with a 20x20x20 box filled with fabric. She bought fabric at 3 stores on this trip, then she went through my stash. What ever she wanted, I gave it to her. I know she'll scrap it up and make something beautiful. We started a quilt while she was here, lol, she also left with a bunch of my new magic pins! Oh well, I'd found them on sale and bought several boxes. My bowl is still fairly full.

                  It's mighty quiet around here. Mike has truck day duties today. He'll be home around 4. I need to make a grocery list. It's hard to get motivated to make it out. I hate going to the grocery store. This is going to be a restock from Walmart type trip. Oh boy!

                  Well, I bought a jelly roll on my trip, and two jelly rolls that I'd bought from M* arrived while I was gone. I'll start on the lap quilts for Howard's aunts sometime this week. First I need to sweep and dust, get all of the linens folded and put away. Then I'll be ready to finish getting the table under light in the right place again. I think the sofa and recliners are pretty close to where they belong. We have to move a lot of stuff to have room for the sofa bed to open up.

                  Have a wonderful day.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  • Monique
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                    Magic pins, are they the forked ones? I had to look them up.

                  • KPH
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                    Monique, just the plain silicon tipped quilting pins. I have the forked pins, too, but she didn't use those.

                  • Monique
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                    Thanks for clarifying that for me.