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Welcome to a much cooler Thursday

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    Welcome to a much cooler Thursday

    Good morning dear friends. Yes much cooler, so cool that I put on a bathrobe this morning. What a difference a day makes. It's 10C today as compared to 20C yesterday.

    I FINALLY got all the quilting done on the wolf quilt. So today's job is to trim and sew the binding on. WOOHOO!! Can't wait to be done this one. I have been binge watching The Curse of Oak Island. I download the whole season and then watch it. One of my favorite shows.

    Not sure what today will bring, other than quilting. I was thinking of sneaking across the border to get some groceries. The choices there are much better than here, more bang for my buck. We shall see a little later on.

    I am waiting on 2 orders to come in, one from Connecting Threads and the other from Keepsake Quilting. I had to call Keepsake yesterday as their tracking # gives me nothing. Apparently it was shipped May 27 so surely it should be here soon. The other should be here no later than Monday.

    And so my friends, that is it for me. Not much going on these days. We do advance to the yellow zone on Monday, more restrictions lifted. Ontario is a little slower than Quebec is. As of tomorrow, we can book our second shots, wish me luck getting an appointment.

    Have a great day friends. Be kind, be safe and stay healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique and all y’all ☀️

    Monique, so happy you’ve finished the quilting on the Wolf quilt. Can’t wait to see it finished. Maizyn is going to be sooooo happy 💕
    Not much cooler here. Still in the high 80’s, with high humidity. What the guessers guessed at, never happened. They were guessing at rain all week. Poof! No rain this week until Saturday….maybe. Next week there guessing at one day in the high 70’s…..mmmm ……this am we have fog, which seems kinda strange this time of year.

    Hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful day 🌼 Prayers for many. Hugs for all 💕💕💕
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      Good morning Monique and all to follow. Summer has arrived here in Texas, with the Temps in the 90s. Good thing we have AC. Today is my happy day, since DS flys in for a 4 day visit this evening. I will work today, the I will be off until next Wednesday. Looking forward to the change in pace. I hope you all have a great day.


        Good Morning All,

        Everyone has been so productive. I'm just staying cool. The tinting on the sliding glass doors certainly has made a difference in the way the great room feels during the day!

        Jim's frustrated with the folks working on the van, which is making him want to trade it in even more now. The shop finally got the part yesterday afternoon, so hopefully, they'll have it finished today. It's been hard on him loading up the kids, taking Morgan to work, then going back to get her 12 hours later. She doesn't get to leave on the dot, so there are nights they have to wait on her, which puts them after 11 getting home. So it's been rough on the kids, too.

        Not sure what we'll be getting into today. Gabby's vet appt is 11:30. Mike's off so not sure what he wants to get done.

        Have a great day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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          I got my son to put on tinting stuff on two of my patio window panes and may go ahead and do the other two. I don't open the curtains wide enough to expose all 4 on any given day. And it does make such a difference in how the room feels. So glad you shared this idea in the forum a few weeks ago. The doors are off my living room, so keeping the room cooler is definitely a plus.

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          Oh how I remember toting kids around. Not fun! Lol

        Good morning! Yes, it is hot here also. But my sewing room is nice and cool! I did get my two neighbors kids quilts bordered, and the backing for one loaded on the longarm. But that’s as far as I got on that!

        I got my paperwork for titling my vehicle yesterday. So today I will go to the license office to pay my sales taxes and get it officially licensed. Never a fun event!

        I bought a small table for one of my ladies at the sewing group. I need to deliver it to her. The highway between my house and the facility where she lives is being worked on and there are many road closures and detours all over. It is almost like we are blocked from almost all angles from getting anywhere! I will be really glad when this is finished!

        Did anyone see the solar eclipse this morning? It was visible in the eastern US right after sunrise.

        Hope you all have a great day!


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          How did I miss that. I was up!! I hate the news media. That seems like somthing they could have alerted me to

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's supposed to be another hot day. We had 97 yest. At least it cooled off quicker in the eve. It was a good sleeping night.

        First thing yest., I cleaned the shower. Always a major job. After I scrubbed the shower bench, I put it outside in the sun to thoroughly dry. Mopped the floor. I used to do that on my hands & knees. Instead I found a long handle & swished the damp rag around with it. Bum knees are a nuisance. I worked on snail mail.

        The mowers did the lawn. Since I fertilized it, it's really looking green & lush. I need to find something to spray that bare area for sod web worm.

        Tues. eve. I spaced out our quilt guild mtg. on Zoom. I missed the special speaker during the first hour, but I tuned in for the business mtg. We are going to resume meeting in person in July. Fall retreat plans are in progress, as are plans for our annual quilt show, which will be in person this year. With the pandemic, we've made a lot of charity quilts. Our fund raiser will be another on line auction.

        No set plans for today. I hope to do some sewing.


          Good morning, all! It’s dark out this morning. Rain coming again. We have been lucky this week and mostly just had sprinkles. The ground is very wet though. After tomorrow the sun will shine for a few days.

          I won’t have my GGS the next 2 days since I will be going to visitation and funeral for my dear friend’s husband out of town. I will miss him. He’s my little buddy. I will be sewing and working in flowers while he’s not here.

          I’m off to do a little house cleaning then head to the quilting room. Have a great day!


            Good morning,

            Clear and sunny hot this morning. I have a hair appointment later this morning and some errands. Remember the juice pops are on sale.

            The candle mat just needs the middle circle to complete it. I'll stitch it this morning since my attention span wasn't good last night. I had to fix a small oops along a seam that opened. First, I stuffed small pieces of misty fuse between the batting and the fabric with tweezers. Ironed it in place to close the opening. I managed to get it in the hoop again and line up the decorative stitches. It looks pretty good now and you can't really tell it ever happened.

            Lanterns, candles and new sheets all arrived yesterday. Time to decorate this weekend.

            Happy Stitches!


              Good morning everyone. A day with no where that I have to be....YEAH! Probably mow the lawn, tinker some with house cleaning and try and get some sewing in sometime today. Yesterday the winds were horrible so hopefully today will be better.

              As I raise my coffee cup... Cheers and here's to a good day for all of us!


                Good Morning. It’s already quite hot and humid. This is typical Midwest weather yet I never have gotten used to it. Jeff is mowing already and the Girls taking their pre-breakfast nap. It takes a lot of energy to eat you know!

                We had our last appointment with our doctor yesterday. It ended in hugs and a promise to get together for dinner some time soon. We will be changing over to a woman doctor. I saw her once at the walk-in clinic for a brown recluse spider bite. I’m not real thrilled but our options are quite limited here. My medical history so far has been very routine visits or emergency issues for the ER and very little in between.

                Sugar was more spunky this morning. She came in with a muddy face, so she must have had some fun. I’m posting a picture of her napping with her favorite pillow.

                Have a 3736686E-FC5B-4137-9FC6-6481FB56C04B.jpeg great day everyone. 🌸


                Scottie Mom Barb


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                  That sounds like really great news about Sugar.

                • CarlieBlilie
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                  Sugar is so cute. Our Milka likes to sleep under my pillow or she used to. Things have changed with her quite a bit since Augie passed. Maybe she does miss him.

                • KPH
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                  She's adorable. Toffee used to crawl under the blankets. Gabby, on the other hand doesn't want anything on top of her, unless it's really cold. She's a little hot box all by herself!

                Morning friends!

                I found out yesterday that sitting with Patsy on my lap for several months was not the best preparation for going back to work where I am on my feet all day. I'm definitely feeling it this morning. It wasn't a good sign that on my first day back I was scheduled as cashier, which I truly hate. Before the great purge I was head cashier for over four years after my lying manager told me the only way I would be able to stay full time would be to take the head cashier's job. I hated every minute of it. So yesterday was a full-on reminder of that great time.

                Fortunately the new manager seems to be OK. She actually started at that store when it first opened before moving to her job near Indy. I started there a few years after she left so I never knew her. If yesterday was any indication she should be OK.

                Last night we officially joined the local guild. The meeting was a dinner meeting and installation of the new officers. Cheryl and I won the door prize which included fabric, patterns and some notions. They served BBQ which is never a bad thing.

                Well, better go as I need to get out the door. Hope everyone has a great day!

                So rather than practice makes perfect, I encourage you to think practice makes better.
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                  Glad you made it through your first day. It will be an adjustment having to be on your feet most of the day. Your new boss sounds promising…at least better than the previous one. Congrats on winning the door prize and joining the guild.

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                  I often wonder how much work i could do after a year of forced CoVid restrictions. I know my stint at the non profit makes my feet hurt. Glad your new boss seems ok. Hopefully will ease your transition.

                Well, yesterday it was hot and rainy and muggy and so inside I stayed and decided that the scrap bucket (my idea of scraps...not yours ladies) was getting full and what if I went ahead and just made some chaos blocks to keep them I began. It it so addicting. I made 22 ten inch blocks yesterday and 8 more this morning. DD is driving here today and will be here in an hour or less so I cleaned up my mess and went to the grocery store, got some gas and cut a watermellon for the Grand boys. I think I'll get pizza for dinner for them. I LIKE pizza and DH isn't that fond of it. DH left this morning for the mountains to fix the pool and start the cleaning. It hasnt been open for two years so its a mess and the pump won't come on.
                I'll probably leave early next week to go help. I was so hoping to hear something about my sewing machine. You would think someone could call me back.
                I love all of you. Peace be with you.
                Oh yes, the weather today....rain and low 70's
                Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                  Another hot day today in Wyoming. Sew glad that my studio is cool. It is in the basement sew it is nice. We did put our little window air conditioner in this morning, but haven't turned it on yet. Normally it doesn't go in until the middle of July.

                  Basically have spent the rest of the day cross stitching. Have to take our vehicle to the "glass doctor". DH got a bad chip on the way home yesterday.

                  Hope everyone is having a great day.



                    Very hot and humid here today. We started out around 65. I ran a couple of errands after lunch and the temp got to 103 with the dewpoint in the lower 70’s. That was 4 hours ago and the temp is still at 98 and still very humid. We may possibly get some rain tonight.

                    Our pups at 11 weeks old today. I can’t see that they’ve grown that much but I’m sure they have. They are really developing their personalities too. Beau is going to be a sweetie and is always looking for me. Bella is to but seems to be a little more comfortable when I’m not around.

                    No sewing done yet but maybe tomorrow. I will be going to get groceries too as they have the buy $60 and you get 30 cents off gas. Comes in handy.

                    Hope everyone had a great day!


                      Finally getting here today. It has been a busy couple of days getting ready for Tim snd Carrie's arrival tomorrow morning, including finishing the summer weight quilt for the guest bedroom. 20210610_174618.jpg

                      I also had to get Henry after school today too. Hubby did the food shopping while I did the last of the housework before heading out to get Henry. Carrie has never been to NY so she has a list of foods she wants to try. First thing on the list will be some bagels when we get home from the airport.

                      I will probably not be here much over the next 5 days or so. We will be heading up to Rob and Johns on Saturday and we will be there until Tim and Carrie fly home on Wednesday. I plan on enjoying as much time with my youngest as I can . It has been way too long since I've seen him. And I just love seeing my boys together. I wish all 4 could be together but we did get to spend time with Steve and family in January and again when Geo was born.

                      Have a good weekend everyone. I'll catch up with you all next week. Monique, be careful sneaking across that border. Stay well everyone. Be safe.
                      Ginny B