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    Good morning all. We are back home. There was a lot of planting done over the weekend with Johnny and Rob. There is a lot of property around the house and Rob set up a nice seating area in one section with one of those outdoor tents. He also got a propane fire pit and we all had a nice time Saturday evening sitting around it just chatting and listening to music. It was a nice end to a day of planting shrubs and flowers. On Sunday we finished planting and then worked on some planters on Johnny's deck. They were both very happy with the way everything turned out.

    Johnny was feeling pretty good after his week of being sick but still was having some pain in his jaw. He had an appointment with the dentist yesterday afternoon after we left. Turned out they needed to extract a wisdom tooth that never really came in and the tooth next to it. I am glad I brought up that chicken soup for him. He took it right out of the freezer when he got home figuring he will be a bit sore today and wouldn't want to be doing a lot of chewing. Both he and Rob have appointments for their second covid shot within the week. I am hoping neither one has a big reaction to it.

    Looks like I have a bit of catching up to do here. Sewing room makeovers and great uncles possibly being pardoned by FDR. Yup, I've got some reading to do.

    Be safe all who are in the paths of the spring storms. We had rain overnight which I heard but if there was thunder and lightning, I slept through that. Have a good day everyone.
    Ginny B


      Good morning everyone,
      I slept like a baby -- an earthquake could not have woken me up as I was so exhausted from previous restless night. I did wake up around 6 with the craziest of dreams, almost nightmares -- dreamt I was at a board meeting in Newfoundland. But it wasn't the Newfoundland i remembered. Very weird. DH is still sleeping, not sure how many times he got up. He thinks about the family safety and all the rising numbers -- I think I need to curb his reading /watching of news. He did agree to cut out snacks for a week -- so far so good.

      Yesterday I had a wonderful massage, and thought I would relax afterwards. Instead, I picked up fabric from LQS I ordered, ran errands to the bank, food stores and got gas. My oh my -- it was $1.25 / litre for regular and $1.47 for premium. This was down a bit from weekend, which is why I gassed up. I hope we aren't going to be gouged this summer -- not that we are using much gas these days. I put ribs in the oven before I left, and by the time I got back, which took longer than expected -- they were almost over done. Salad and rice and easy supper.

      I need to get dressed, as we are having our windows cleaned outside at 10am. I'm glad that the rain is holding off until after lunch. After that, I really hope I make it to the sewing room. I broke my rule and got today's DD. There are few in the family that are Star Wars fans.

      Enjoy your day -- stay warm, dry or cool as the temp dictates in your area.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Good morning!

        I'm running a little behind schedule. I overslept and have been trying to get caught up since. Then my internet went out and I had to reset it. I think it is past time for a new router. My internet service provider has been sending me emails about upgrading my internet, I wonder if that includes a router? I have been putting it off because I didn't feel comfortable having strangers in the house in the age of Covid. I can relax a bit now that I've had my second shot.

        We had some rain overnight, and there is more in the forecast for today. I was surprised to see they are predicting a high around 70, I thought it was going to be colder. I have to run up to the store to buy bunny's greens this morning. She was a good little bunny and ate her spring mix last night. She is persnickety when it comes to spring mix, sometimes she will eat it and sometimes she won't.

        Work was very quiet yesterday. I was alone in the office for most of the day. The work day seems to go a lot faster when I work from home. Probably because there are other things to do if it's a slow day.

        Have a wonderful day!


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          We got fiber installed in our neighborhood several years ago and they were “selling” the upgrade. My original router was giving me issues, so I got the new router with the fiber upgrade. So far, so good!

        Good morning all,

        I wish we would get some of that rain most of you are talking about. I'd even take thunderstorms! We've been so dry this spring. The grass doesn't even want to turn green.

        I'm continuing work on the "new" sewing room. I'm organizing, purging, and putting away, so it's taking a lot of time. I'm labeling most things so I don't forget how I organized them!! That happens quite often.


          Very sad about all the shredded butterflies in my yard after the storm.
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            Oh my, that is so sad….. 🦋

          Happy Tuesday. Late getting on. Had a dr. appt in Casper, (2 hours) but was also able to go to Hobby Lobby, Good Will and a sewing store. I had a 100.00 credit at the sewing store and I wanted to use it. I bought a Kimberbell set -- machine embroidery. I love both Kimberbell and machine embroidery.

          While we were gone it looks like there was a really nice rain. woohoo. We have been so dry.

          I hope tomorrow will be a sewing day.



            The storms have been crazy here and they will continue through tomorrow. We had wind, rain, lightning and a severe storm warning during high school dismissal time. Storm affected all four high schools in the area. Student buses were delayed so my son's bus (special needs) got home at 6P instead of 5P.

            I'm not complaining because we lose loved ones everyday to things outside of our control. But I can't help but wonder why they didn't have early dismissal when they knew the storm was moving in. 🤷‍♀️

            Ah well, all children are safe and sound so that's good. Hope you all stay safe!!


              Hello everyone. I haven't been posting lately because I'm usually exhausted by the time I get here. Work has been busy, but I do my best and limit the hours to 40 per week. Last weekend I was working on quilting some charity quilts. I have 5 to do. I volunteered for this to give me practice with the nesting process on the longarm. First two were great. On the 3rd one, my thread kept breaking constantly. It was a new needle, but I finally gave up and changed it anyway. That solved the problems. I should have done that at 10 am and saved myself a lot of headache. LOL. 2 more left. Maybe I'll load another this week. Been also reading a bunch. Other than that, just living life. Hope you all had a great day,


              • JCY
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                Sometimes even with a new needle, there can be a burr in the eye or some other defect. A needle change often fixes it. The main thing to sure about it that the eye of the needle is perfectly straight. If it's the least bit off, it can shred the thread.

              They let schools out here early also because of the storm. Yesterday was Dub's birthday he would have been 72. Amanda and I took flowers . It has been almost 4 years but its still so hard . We try to always remember his birthday.

              They are coming to check out the air conditioning in the morning. It will be so nice to get it working then maybe I can sleep at night.


                We were in the middle of the storms from about 9 last night till close to noon today. There were bands of rain, mostly heavy and they just kept coming. Thankfully no tornados, but lots of lightning. I think we had about 4 inches. Some flooding, but nothing really serious. After a little sleep, I started moving stuff and taking down pictures. We're having the inside of the house painted in 2weeks. I move pretty slow these days, but have plenty of time. The boys will help just before the big day. I think it will take a week. I moved the Singer 301 to the bonus room. Pfaff will join it, and I'm putting the Brother and cutting table on the screened porch. I can still sew, so might accomplish something.


                  Something is going on behind the house on the ramp from 295 to Merrill Rd. Traffic is backed up and every once in a while there's wrecker noises. I think someone must have rolled over going around the cloverleaf.

                  I checked the traffic map, the ramp bright red, never a good sign.

                  I'll see if anything is on the news.

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