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    Tuesday Greetings

    Good Morning Everyone. I’ve been awake for hours listening to the storms passing through our area. We had some serious lightning and some of the worst rolling thunder I can remember. Everything in the whole house rattled. I got up twice to check on the Jadeite dishes that are on open shelves. I took some down but I can’t reach them all without climbing. For now we are getting the heavy rain and the special effects are taking a break.

    I’m working on the sashing on the Prairie Flower quilt. I should have it ready to take for quilting in a few days. I will be gifting this one.

    In case you missed my note, the “missing” D9P quilt was found in our guest room closet. Jeff asked how I even knew it was missing and I told him they are like kids, you just know when you haven’t seen one of them for a while. Maybe pulling out the runner made from the leftover blocks jogged my brain that I hadn’t seen the quilt for a long while.

    We are supposed to have rain all day, so Jeff won’t be hunting. Sugar has to go to the vet this afternoon. I’m trying a new shampoo for pups with troubled skin on Sugar, Skout’s Honor. So far so good. If you use this product on your pet will you share how it worked for you.

    The Girls are still sleeping so I think I will try to catch a little nap before this day begins. This was the first night in two weeks they let us sleep all night without having to make a trip outside.

    Have a wonderful day everyone. 🌸
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    Scottie Mom Barb

    Good morning all 💦

    Barb, the storms sounds intense. Nope you bet some sleep and the storms subside.

    We too have rain and from the guessers it sounds like we won’t see sun until Saturday and then only briefly 😭 Ah well, what can you do….sew maybe!

    I finished the pain in the tuckas quilt❣️❣️❣️‼️‼️‼️ So very happy. Now that’s it’s done, it looks pretty good. I’ll post when I can take a pic….when there’s some sun ☀️

    I’m going to make a few masks and then onto a couple quilts that need 🤪 making 🧵My sewing room got a real good cleaning after I finished the quilt. I used Maywood Studio fabric and I’ve never had any fabric unravel as much as this fabric…..what a mess. I cleaned some every day when making this quilt. Has anyone ever had this experience with Maywood Studio fabric? Perhaps it was me….

    Well off to do house work, breakfast, laundry….not necessity in that order…

    Hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful day 🌻🌺🌸🌼
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


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      I agree with you, Cathy. Kona really unravels.

    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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      I haven't but the lines I used were about 4-5 years old. Maybe the quality has changed, that's too bad.

    • Bubby
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      Anita, Can’t wait to see your “pain” quilt! I’m sure it’s gorgeous!

    Good morning! We had rain overnight, but no loud storms! Guess we’ll have rain all day.

    My costume buddy and I got pretty far along on our project of the green dance costumes. They are a sort of skater’s dress with sequin skirt and an attached leotard. We just need to attach a few more leotards to the dress and she will fit them on the girls tonight.

    I have some masks to make for a friend, I will sneak those in around the costume building.

    I’m working through my dirty costumes to get them washed up. Got several loads done last night.

    That’s all from here! Hope you have a great day!


      Good Morning All,

      It was another weird night. My brain wouldn't shut off. Around 3 I cut the light off and finally got some sleep, until quarter 'til 7, that is. I woke up stuffed up. I'll take my flonase and that should take care of that. If not, I'll take a sudafed later.

      The children's minster is coming this morning. They're having a father/ son, mother/ daughter event, the guys will be building and the girls will have a tea party. She's coming to raid the china cabinet. I have several teapots, cake stands, serving stuff that would be cute. Anyway, she'll take what she needs. Too bad, we got rid of a bunch of table cloths and stuff like that before we moved. I had pretty crystal party sets with plates with matching punch cups that were wedding gifts to Mom and Dad. Oh well, I couldn't move it all, plus there would be no place to store it here.

      Since Leslie will be here around 9, after that I'm free. I think I'm going to start working on a few water colors for some baby showers. They make nice gift cards where I can write a message on the back.

      That's about it from around here. I need to eat and get dressed before company comes. Have a wonderful day! Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Thanks Barb for starting us off this morning. I was having issues with my computer but I figured out how to fix it myself. I took a break yesterday as my back was telling me to quit. I slept much better last night but I did take a muscle relaxer. My back is much better this morning. You will laugh, but I was sawing wood in the kitchen. I needed 2 small pieces to level my sewing table. My room is not level. Well I got it about as level as I can, LOL!!

        The 'cleaning/organizing' continues today. I need to move stuff out of the bedroom in case hubby comes home today, possibly tomorrow. I am making great progress. I have a quilt rack that was purchased in Intercourse, PA many years ago. I have no room for it, so I sold it on Facebook within 10 minutes of posting it. Lady put a down payment on it until the weekend. I have heavy fabric that I will probably never use, so I debating putting it up for sale. I also have tubes of paint for liquid embroidery, does anyone do that anymore? I need to get my sewing machine table organized and ready for sewing. My 'new' room will be more efficient. I will take pictures once I am done.

        Have a great day everyone. Be kind, be safe and stay healthy.

        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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          For a minute there, I thought you dreamt you were cutting wood in your kitchen. Then I thought you were snoring loudly. Heavens, my brain isn't processing too well this morning. It's good you sold the quilt rack. I have about 10 in the house, and probably need to sell a few that aren't being used.

        Sitting in lanai enjoying morning air. We are finally getting our sofa delivered this morning which was ordered in January. Still waiting for 2 chairs that are supposed to come in 2 weeks. This is the third delivery the company has made to get our little living dining room furnished. Very frustrating but we are learning just to smile & go with the flow.

        I had the misfortune to fall last Monday while walking home. Woke up in ambulance with no recollection of fall. Severe concussion with brain bleed, so ended up in hospital for 4 days. I look rather gruesome with bump on head & bruises from top of head to base of neck. Starting to feel better yesterday, headaches are subsiding.

        Activities are limited for another week or so. Highlight of my day is a short walk with husband & dog. Take care & stay safe.


        • Star lover
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          Oh my Mary, so scary. Hope you’ll be 100% soon. Rest and take care of yourself. Love and hugs 💗💗

        • nativetexan
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          Oh goodness gracious, that must have been a very bad fall. Bruises will go away but the hurt from the fall will take awhile. Don't over do too soon. Just be glad to be here!

        • Cokie
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          So happy to hear you are feeling better. Take care of yourself and let your body heal.

        Morning all,

        Been up for quite a while, sitting quietly with my coffee till my husband gets up. Last night we had rain but it looks like the sun is trying to make it's presence known this morning, we'll see.

        Thought my pillow making was done for a bit but the two I just finished sold immediately. So I will do a few more to put away for my open house. I stitched out a few kitchen towels yesterday and then spent some time looking for some new ideas for items that might be good sellers.

        Today I need to do a grocery run as the cupboards are looking bare. It's been a few weeks since my last food shopping. Not my favorite chore.

        Well, I hear my husband moving around so time to get a move on. Wishing everyone a good day!
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

        Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


        • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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          I am not surprised your pillows sold quickly. You probably could raise the price by 1/4 to 1/2 more and find they would still sell. They are works of art.

        Morning friends!

        Rain here as well, but nothing severe so far. Sleep was at a premium last night. It was just too warm. After the front goes through we should be much cooler for the rest of the week. Rain is forecast for part of the week, especially this weekend. I imagine it's possible some sewing will get done.

        I'm beginning to think that the story about my great uncle getting a pardon from FDR is just a story. I don't remember where I first heard about it, but my source at the National Archives said their computer only shows his inmate file and nothing else. I will still contact the Archives in College Park MD to see if they show anything, but I don't expect much. I've turned my focus on his state conviction for stealing a car that he used in the hold up. What one finds while searching the family records!

        Nothing else to report this morning. Hope all have a great day!

        If you like a fabric, buy a yard. If you LOVE a fabric, buy three!
        Anna Bates
        "Quilt Roadies"


          Yesterday was a rest day for me. I worked so hard outside on the weekend that I was too sore to move my arms. They are better today. I will do my house cleaning this morning and be ready for my great grandson this afternoon. We had loud storms all night and they are still going strong. It was lots of rain, thunder, lightening and wind. The weather channel alarms kept going off and my dogs were both coughing. Not much sleep going on. I’m thankful I got a lot of rest yesterday. I need to get in my sewing room and do some organizing like some of you are doing. I’m working on finishing several quilts and I have misplaced the bindings and backings for them. I get so mad at myself! When I finish cleaning this morning I will locate them.

          Have a nice day and stay safe in all this stormy weather.


            Good Morning, Everyone ~ What a sleepless night you had, Barb. We can get bad thunderstorms here. Years ago, our neighbor's house was struck by lightning & set it on fire. I remember one really bad storm when I was growing up in Mich. It was during the night. I was scared enough to go into my parents' BR. The lightning knocked out our phone. We lived in the country & had a party line.

            We had rain all day yest. It never got >48 deg. Today we're supposed to have 60. I'm glad there's no rain this a.m. DH has a dental appt. at 9 to seat the latest crown. He still has more dental work to be done.

            I had time yest. p.m. to sew for almost 90 min. I'm assembling the scrappy star quilt. I'm putting a narrow strip of sashing with cornerstones between the blocks to add more color. Finished, it's only 1" -- the narrowest sashing I've made. I have some multicolored striped fabric I plan to use for the backing.

            After the dental appt., I'll bring DH home, then run over to Safeway. They have Breyer's ice cream on sale this week. I won't buy it at the regular price, which is ridiculous. The news says we can expect the prices of everything to go up.

            The lawn service will start mowing this week. I'll have to get out there & dig the grass out from around all the sprinklers heads.


              Good morning! It's a rainy day here, too. We may be getting a severe storm this afternoon so I have to get out to a couple places early today.
              I finally got one portion of Valley Blossoms border applique done yesterday. One section out of eight is done. There is a lot of sticky back stabilizer to remove from it. It's supposed to come off with water but I haven't tried that yet. There are also a lot of lines to remove that were used for placement. Those come off easily with just a few drops of water.
              Mike is starting a part time job today. He needed something to do so he took a job for no more than 3 days a week at the state store. He knows a lot about the wines and other alcohols from when he was the purchasing manager at the country club where he worked for 25 years. I hope he's happy with the job and with working. I haven't decided if I like him working. I'll see how he does after a couple days on the job. At 70 years old he's still in good physical shape for any lifting he may need to do but he does tire easily. He said he wouldn't take the job if I didn't want him to work but I left it up to him.
              This year for Mothers Day my two daughters and I are going out for dinner. We're going on Saturday since one daughter has to work on Sunday. I made reservations at a restaurant that uses all local products- meats, cheeses, vegetables, etc. I've always loved whatever I've eaten there. It will be so nice to spend time with my daughters!
              Well, I better get myself moving here. Have a happy day!
              ~ Carol from PA


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                Have a wonderful day Carol!!

              Good morning!! My first day at my new job went fantastic yesterday. I'm going to love it.

              After work I have to hit up a couple stores. Walgreens for Abby's pictures for her graduation favors. Dollar General for some more stuff. I'm ready for this months events to be done lol I feel like thats all I've been doing!!

              I need another cup of coffee before my day starts! Have a wonderful day. Here are a couple pics of my proud.

              20210430_065237.jpg 20210430_053631.jpg


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                Love the pictures. She's adorable and looks so happy.

              • Maria Sews
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                Congratulations, Abby!!

              Congratulations, Abby!

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Good morning,

                I slept in a little while this morning. Leg cramps kept creeping in last night. First, one leg and then the other. I will increase my fluids for the day. DH has already borrowed my vehicle to run an errand. He'll be back in plenty of time for me to start my day.

                The county contractors started early this morning for the sewer connection work. Progress finally. The line goes through the front planter area. I've been waiting for them to do their work before the re-planting and mulch goes in. It's already hot here with temps around 94 degrees every day. I may call in the neighbor helper to assist me with everything.

                Still limited with the sewing projects. I'm sure they will come along in the next week or so. My hand feels better every day.

                Happy stitching!
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                  Glad you're getting stronger.

                Good Morning all,

                No rain here at all. We had expected to see some late afternoon yesterday but it never appeared. There is no rain in the forecast either for several days. Yesterday did get a little warmer than they thought it would, it got to around 68. I've never done very good with bad storms, always make me jumpy but since we moved here to this house I'm a lot better. May have something to do with living in a mobile home for so long but my fear started back when I was only about 18 months old when lightening struck near the house and my mom dropped a coffee pot and scared the crap out of me. At least that is what my mom told me. I've always tried to deal with it but sometimes it gets to be too much. Here in the house I just plain feel safe. Maybe it has something to do with it being my grandparents house?? That may be stretching it though.

                This morning I am giving thanks that my knee is getting better every day. Sunday I was very concerned because I thought something was very wrong. Icing and taking the ibuprofen/tylenol combo just a few times has made a huge improvement. I only took the tylenol last night and did not have any abnormal pain during the night. However, for some dumb reason I just couldn't get to sleep. Normally I have absolutely no problems. Dave thinks that subconsciously I am just too excited about my trip. Could be. Now my knee is a little better than what it was before I got the injections. Both knees are improving daily for which I am very thankful.

                I have a bunch of things to do today to get ready to leave tomorrow. My normal laundry day is Wednesday but moved that up a day to get it done otherwise Dave is likely to run out of socks, although he also knows how to do laundry and does it quite well. When we lived in Owatonna he had Monday and Tuesday off and would always do the laundry instead of me having to do it. Was such a big help. I also have to run to the store today because last night while getting ready for bed my hairbrush decided to break. The handle completely snapped off. No fixing that so I will need to get a new one today and pick up any other last minute items to take along on the trip.

                Dave wants to get the tomatoes planted today so if I can get the time I'll help on that. I also want to get the refrigerator cleaned out so there is nothing left in it that will go bad while I'm gone. I need to get the majority of my packing done, too. Sounds like I will hopping all day long.

                Best get going. Need to take a quick shower and get to my chores. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I hope to pop in from time to time while gone but not sure when or if I'll be able to.


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                  Happy anniversary.

                • Star lover
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                  Happy Anniversary 💕 Hope it’s as wonderful as y’all are 💗🌻

                • Rhonda K
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                  Happy Anniversary!